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At 95 “My dad (Don Antonio Floirendo) is very healthy, walang sakit” – Vincent F

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march 10-16, 2011

He and AGR are texting to each other, “AGR is fine”

The youngest son of Tadeco’s owner Don Antonio Floirendo has bared that his Daddy is still very much in the pink of health at the age of 95.

In an interview, Liga ng Barangay provincial president Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo said that his father “is very healthy, walang sakit (no illness)” .

When asked of his father’s hearing capacity, “ayos pa rin (it’s well),” he said.

Asked on how his dad calls him, “Enteng if he is in a good mood, Vincent if he is in bad mood,” he said with chuckles.

Vincent, 42, is the youngest in Floirendo’s brood of three brothers and three sisters.

In the same interview, Boardmember Floirendo said that he and 1st District Congressman Anthony “AGR” del Rosario have been texting to each other while the latter is in the United States recuperating after his stem cell transplant and chemotherapy by the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California.

In their most recent texting, Floirendo said that he learned that the congressman has just a fine health after being healed of his Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, but “kailangan pa ng pahinga (he still needs further rest).”

He added that the congressman could have returned to the country already but his doctors are not taking any chance to expose Del Rosario to elements of diseases inside the airplane and the congressman is “medyo sensitive pa (appears to be sensitive)”.

He said that so far Cong. AGR “is already healed” and as such “he is on re-mission” after being given a “second chance to live”.

“Sa June ang balik niya,” Boardmember Floirendo said.

He admitted that he is “closer” to AGR although the latter is older by 4 years of him. “We played and grew up together.”

“Mas magkasundo kami although kaedad ko si Manny (AGR’s brother),”he added. (cha monforte)

NEWS: Margie Moran takes oath as new Lakas member, “excited” to run for gov in Davao del Norte

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nov 25

Miss Universe 1973 title holder Margarita “Margie” Moran-Floirendo has taken her oath Monday as new member of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD and declared before a crowd of political leaders in Davao del Norte that she is “presenting (herself) to help and be of service to the people in the whole province” by running for governor.

During the mass oathtaking of some 100 new members of the administration party chaired by Rep. Anton Lagdameo (2nd District) in Tagum City , the beauty queen said: “I am willing and excited to join with you in the coming campaign”.

Moran-Floirendo, 55, wife of former Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr, has reportedly the full backing of the Floirendo family including banana magnate Don Antonio Floirendo Sr., owner of the mammoth Tadeco banana exporting firm.

She would square off with reelectionist Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, who last week jumped ship to Liberal Party from the administration party, in what observers said to be a battle royale between strange clanmates. The governor,75, is an elder brother in law of Margie’s husband Tonyboy.

Both the influential Floirendo and Del Rosario families had been reported to have been in “family feud” that erupted beginning in the last 2007 polls when the governor, who was then the Secretary for the New Government Centers under the Arroyo administration, ran for governor when Tonyboy was supposed to be the pick of the Floirendo clan while the governor’s son Anthony Rafael, then the vice governor and his father’s choice for governorship, slid down not to run.

Del Rosario had been acknowledged as the right hand man of Don Antonio in developing Tadeco, the country’s biggest banana exporter.  Tadeco’s sprawling plantation straddles across numerous barangays in at least three towns in Davao del Norte and is recently reported to boost at least 25,000 votes from families dependent on the livelihood to Tadeco.

But Moran-Floirendo refused to be dragged on the issue of family feud saying: “It’s immaterial, (Gov. Del Rosario) is Tonyboy’s uncle. I have no pain in my heart to run against him. I’m not here as politician, and I want to present myself to the people to give time to serve. In democracy there’s always the opposition.”

She said that election to her is no strange thing saying that before the breaking up of the erstwhile undivided Davao del Norte into two provinces with Compostela Valley in 1998 she had been personally involved in campaigns supporting Del Rosario each time he ran for elective post.

She added that although her running for governor is her “first political experience” she said that she felt confident that given her long experience with the civil society and nongovernment organizations in wide range of advocacies and services such as on environment, gender, housing, peace and development could give her “good agenda for good governance”.

“The doors are just open and because there’s a vacancy in the governor’s position…the last thing I know after those civil society engagements that allowed me to reach to as far as Central Mindanao is how can I now help the province. I feel need to do something here,” Moran-Floirendo further said.

For his part, Rep. Lagdameo, who administered the oath for the new Lakas-Kampi-CMD members in the province’s District 2, said that Margie’s running has nothing to do with family feud, adding: “A family feud is a family feud between us, it should not be included in the affairs of the province”.

He said that since Del Rosario left for the opposition, “we have to complete our line up as the deadline (in the filing of certificates of candidacy) draws near and we have to put someone whom we know who can best run the province”.

Former Rep. Tonyboy in separate interview earlier said: “Mas magaling pa sa akin ‘yun. (She’s much better than me)” referring to her beauty queen. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

The gameplan

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Politics may do Tadeco in. It may break apart this vast plantation that is touted as one of the biggest banana exporters in Southeast Asia. Why not a possibility, when the only thing that is permanent is change. In the first place, politics in our country breaks apart relationships, friendships and families. Look what politics has done to the Osmenas in Cebu, for one. The Osmenas are in the stature of national capitalists than the regional stature of the Floirendos in Davao del Norte.

But there’s still a little threat on Tadeco’s chopping off as seen in its continued legal and physical stranglehold of the leased Dapecol’s land. That little threat hides off as soon as it gets started, although we still don’t really know whether there was that smear job launched by sinister politico elements to threaten the kingpin Don Antonio Sr., his siblings and kins via a CARP intrigue, and either way – fuel more fire in between Gov. Rodolfo Del Rosario and former Cong. Antonio Floirendo Jr., or rekindle valued memories to what the governor, being erstwhile right-hand man and manager of Don Antonio Sr., has done to protect Tadeco most importantly from the rampaging sequestration moves during Cory’s presidency, and by the protective political clout of the governor that envelops the banana empire in the subsequent national administrations up until this day.

But we still don’t buy the idea that the known Dolfo could just initiate and push real land reform program that would chop off an empire that in the first place raised him to become a national figure and political titan in the province starting since three decades ago.

We find that the CARPization issue of Tadeco isn’t a smear job at all. If it did not come from any of the potential ARBs (agrarian reform beneficiaries) coops or entities, or from those long claiming to have titles of Dapecol, it is a preliminary, one portent of things to come from a political gameplan of any among those who want to capture top political posts in Davao del Norte. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)