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PNOY asked to appoint RDR as mindanao energy czar

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april 23-29, 2012

Calls and endorsements have started to snowball that for Mindanaoans to secure their power needs and protect the hydropower systems that have made the power rates in the island to be affordable compared to the rest in the country, Mindanao needs someone who is qualified, competent and credible leader like Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario to become the island’s power czar who would elbow with President PNoy Aquino III.
Yamas Development Corporation board secretary Yul Yamas said that the governor is fitted to become the Mindanao power czar “as he has a quality of an excellent leader and widest experience.”
Yamas is not alone in the Tagum City’s business sector to endorse RDR for the post which power-weary businessmen said is “a must” to be created by the President as Cabinet-level position given his recent announcement of wanting to dialogue and consult further with Mindanao officials, civil society and consumer groups about the island’s power crisis.
The governor’s recent perspectives on the power crisis convey his comprehensive and expert views on the situation, observers  from business commented.
Alcarich Water entrepreneur Carlito Pellirin gave his strong endorsement to the governor saying he has no doubt about the governor’s capability and statemanship.  
The President has lately earned flaks for his  comments during the Mindanao energy summit  in Davao City the other week where he said that for Mindanaons to have continuous power supply they would have to brace and pay for higher power rates.
The President’s statements came amid the vocal opposition of various sectors in Mindanao including governors to the plan to privatize the Agus hydropower complex (Agus 1 to 7) in Lanao del Sur and Pulangi hydropower complex (Pulangi 1 to 4) in Maramag, Bukidnon per Electric Power Industry Reform Act (Epira).
During the summit, Gov. Del Rosario, being the president of the Mindanao confederation of governors, conveyed the governors’ stand to the President.
The President , during the summit, said that selling Agus and Pulangi plants was part of the solution to Mindanao’s power crisis.
Last week, the governors reiterated their opposition to the sale and insisted that amendments to Epira were among the ways out of the crisis.
The governors reiterated their position a day after the President said he was willing to dialogue further with Mindanao’s stakeholders on the power crisis.
“Let’s shatter the myth that the Napocor (National Power Corp.) and the Agus-Pulangi complex are a losing proposition,” Del Rosario said.
If it is any indication that generating power is not a losing venture for government, Del Rosario presented what he said was Napocor’s income last year—P36.9 billion in annual gross generation revenue and an average profit margin of P73.2 billion.
Surigao del Sur Gov. Johnny Pimentel said instead of selling the power plants, the government should rehabilitate these, which is what exactly government plans to do with Agus 6 and Pulangi which might cost P9 billion and take 30 months.
Agusan del Sur Gov. Eddiebong Plaza said selling the two hydropower plants could lead to unreasonable rates and monopoly.
Del Rosario said Napocor should rescind its Operational Management Agreement  with the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (PSALM), which required Napocor to remit all its earnings to PSALM, including those from the Agus and Pulangui hydropower plants.
“It is high time that Napocor rescind this contract and be allowed to run its affairs,” Del Rosario said.
He said Epira has been a bane to Mindanao for the last 11 years and should be reviewed by Congress.
He said selling the hydropower plants to the private sector would simply worsen the situation.
“It is bad enough as it is. It will be intolerable once it is surrendered to the private sector,” he said.
Del Rosario also called for the reclassification of power generation firms as “utilities” and place a cap on these firms’ profits. He said some independent power producers  earn up to 50-percent return on rate base, “which is too much.”
“Just a 1-centavo per kilowatt-hour increase imposed nationally translates into a P670-million annual income,” said the governor, adding it was time for Mr. Aquino to appoint a Mindanao consumer group representative to the Energy Regulatory Commission. (cm with PDI report)

“AGR would be back between May and June”, “hopefully, if nothing happens” – Gov. RDR

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jan 20-26, 2011

For 6X, guv utters padrinos of the old Capitol guards

 Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario said over the press forum at the Capitol the other Thursday that his son Congressman Anthony G. Del Rosario (AGR) would be back in the province “between May and June” this year, “hopefully, if nothing happens”

He said Cong. AGR has not returned yet, “although he is already completely healed”, as “he is still undergoing regular checkups” like CT scans and others after undergoing his stem cell transplant.

“The stem cell transplant is a new treatment for lymphoma. When he was in the St. Luke (Hospital), there was no stem cell for him,” the governor bared.

He added that April is Cong. AGR’s last check up in the doctors’ timetable.

On the new look of the AGR as shown in the governor’s Facebook account where AGR is seen to have thin hair, Gov. RDR said, “bagay naman sa kanya, bisag kalbo kasi bilog ang mukha niya.”

The governor said that he even joked AGR to maintain his new look as it suits him.

On the other hand, the governor had uttered for at least six times during his guesting of the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo media forum the word padrinos that he said had been associated with the old security personnel securing the Capitol. He had already replaced them with the guards of a private security firm, the Christian Investigation and Security Agency (CISA), which bagged the contract for the Capitol’s security services.

The governor said that the old security personnel became already so lax in securing the Capitol and have padrinos which resulted to their undisciplined conduct and the loosening of security in protecting the Capitol, its employees and those visiting it.

He said that he had personally seen some of the old security personnel sleeping in their post.

He added that he also heard about the problem of disciplining them as some of them would seek for protection from their padrinos.

“Dapat ako lang ang padrino dito,” the governor said.

“Noong una di (sila) matanggal, may mga padirno, may mga alalay. At least, you give this time to me,” he added.

The governor also dismissed the issue that there is existing threat to the Capitol saying that he could not take for granted whatever happens to the Capitol due to lax security as he is answerable to it.

Besides, he added, there is this problem of terrorism and reported bombings in other places and “let us not wait until something happens.

“Our security must be improved. We should be strict in our security services. That’s why I’m bringing in a private security to secure our facilities,” he said. (cha monforte)


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By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News


Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario has admitted that he is also having pressures despite being unopposed this election season as he has “to work harder for the winning of my candidates… if not all, then at least the majority of them”.

He added that as the leader of the Liberal Party he has to aspire more for the winning of LP candidates in three cities and seven municipalities of the province.

The LP in the province is strongly challenged by Lakas-Kampi-CMD particularly in the second district where Congressman Anton Lagdameo casts strong influence banking on the traditional Tadeco-towns bailiwick of the Floirendos.

Lagdameo, also unopposed, is actively supporting the presidential bid of Lakas-Kampi-CMD standard bearer Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr.

But latest report said that former Congressman Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr has been entertaining to junk survey-tailender Teodoro and support instead a leading presidential candidate.

The LP led by the governor and his son former vice governor Anthony Rafael del Rosario, who is running for congressman in District 1, have formed LP party slates in all municipalities and cities of the province to square off with the Lakas-Kampi-CMD slates of the Lagdameo-Floirendo camp.

Incumbents in District 1, recognized now as a home political turf of Del Rosarios, became LP candidates after the governor’s defection to the opposition camp November last year, while outsiders became the administration bets.

Incumbents in District 2, on the other hand, sought to troop under the Lakas-Kampi-CMD given that the district particularly the Tadeco-influenced towns and Panabo City are known to be the vote-rich, traditional bailiwick of the Tadecos since the Marcos time.

But the LP managed to set up slates in each electoral areas, a few of which are lacking one or so candidates for councilorship, to do battle against the Lagdameo-Floirendo-supported slates.

The vice gubernatorial post is vied by incumbent Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr (LP) and Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel (Lakas-Kampi-CMD), who has no gubernatorial candidate in tandem after the backing out of ex-Miss Universe Margie Moran, wife of Tonyboy Floirendo, late November 2010.

Guesting during last Thursday’s Kapihan sa Kapitolyo at the Capitol’s Media Center at Mankilam, Gov. Del Rosario also said that since he is running unopposed he wanted to be a “referee” to all candidates through the candidates’ forum that was launched on that day as a joint project of the provincial government, Philippine Information Agency and Commission on Elections- Davao del Norte provincial office.

He said that the candidates’ forum, which would be held every Thursday to temporarily replace the almost weekly Kapihan, would give a chance to all candidates especially those who are not yet known in public to promote their candidacies for free with the local media covering it.

The governor also thanked the people in the province for continuing to support his leadership.

Particularly, he also urged voters to be steadfast in learning the new automation process of the May 10 election even as he called on the people as well as the authorities to exert utmost efforts to make the incoming election peaceful, non-violent and credible one. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Political orphans

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By Cha Monforte

There are talks that Davao Del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario might do the thinkable: retire from politics as he’s already on his waning age- 76. Naughty pundits, nay those skeptics in the treacherous world of politics, now say that in perhaps seeing the present fate of his son heir-apparent Anthony Rafael, the good governor, like any father would react to a beloved son infirmed, may have been feeling distraught over a possible loss of his dream that someone from his children would take on his shoes and follow the footsteps that has led him to achieve a great and illustrious political career in a long timeline spanning three decades.

When he shed tears when son AGR ultimately announced in PDCC meeting that he is stricken with Hodgskin Lymphoma cancer in Stage 3 development, the governor’s act of wiping his eyes left a most vivid image most heart-shattering that added to the gloom of the most surprising news that reverberated so loudly beyond the halls of Capitol at Mankilam.

True, Gov. RDR has been there – in the ups and downs of the larger politics of this country and surely he’s one known political figure in Mindanao watched and tapped by various administrations. The apex of his politics was when he became the minister of environment department. At present, he remains a political force to reckon with despite the loss of his economic influence in the corporate boardroom of the mammoth Tadeco and Anflocor management. In this side of the country he is the regional boss of the party in power- Lakas. But the unexpected truth that stares at the great Davao del Norte leader is the possibility of losing a successor who comes from his own blood at a time when he’s on his waning age now.

The report that on few occasions the governor had hummed in to his political leaders that he might leave them might have been made only by their boss out of a slip or in jest, perhaps it was even cracked as a joke. But such unconfirmed report mirrored a possibility in human realm. But a mayor didn’t think so Gov. RDR would leave them to become political orphans, not at a time after his son AGR made a political exit, although this is being contested now by AGR’s name recently being carried in banners of provincial activities. Last week, an un-dated open letter was released by the Office of the Governor thanking for the prayers and various expressions of support given to AGR, who had already passed two chemotherapy treatments, the latest of which was February 5.

RDR’s retiring from politics even without AGR in his stead and place is also a thinkable option, the mayor I interviewed to opine acknowledged. But among other possible, thinkable options, the governor would not be leaving without leaving his post and other vital posts in the province under the care of the other members of his kapamilya- the politically active and emergent Floirendos and Lagdameos, and to his valuable political allies like Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio. The reported conflict between the Floirendos and Del Rosario would ultimately be resolved, especially now with the present fate of AGR. In the end, “blood is thicker than water”, the mayor said.

BLOG AND BUZZ: There’s also talk that RDR’s top hatchetmen managing the Capitol are so overprotective to their governor that their actions at times put those in the legislative department in angry mood to them or they put a distance to the governor and those in the legislative department. They should have made second thought before making a cordon to the governor, otherwise the cordon becomes tightrope on where the governor walks…. When the governor is walking in a tightrope, they should and could not afford to lose allies. Or the hatchetmen also become political orphans on the prospect that allies would desert their recognized leader by the rope of alienation they put in between …. Who’s this alderman who has la affair with another woman? He was seen before Valentines Day going out from the B.I. Maybe the man was just a look-alike (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for your comments and reactions, e-mail:, watch and listen – hourly newscast in “Tagum Newsbreak” over WTV 11 channel at Skycable Tagum, and broadcast over DXPA 103.1 FM , 11:00-11:30 AM, Mon-Fri)

NEWS: Luntiang Paraiso P530T budget – “It created doubts”- BM Lagunzad

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nov 4

Senior Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad in yesterday’s session of the Davao del Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan shot down the P530,0000-worth budget measure for various expenditure items for the provincial rehabilitation center of drug dependents, saying for umpteenth times that the budget has “created doubts”.

Lagunzad was following up the queries of Boardmember Ely Dacalus who interpellated the budget proponent Ms. Gabriela Logronio, executive director the Luntiang Paraiso Rehabilitation Center (LPRC)

LPRC is a rehabilitation facility of the provincial government that has been chosen by the Dangerous Drugs Board as a regional rehabilitation center of drug dependents. It is located in New Corella town.

After Dacalus had his several short queries answered by Logronio, Boardmember Lagunzad stood up, opined and commented on the Luntiang Paraiso measure, eating up a length of time in yesterday’s session that tackled more on piecemeal budgets of the Capitol and several municipalities in the province.

“It appears that the amount you are asking will create some doubts and suspicion,” said Lagunzad,  further asking why the P110,000 budget for water bill for March to December 2008, is greater than the P50,000 water bill budget that intends to pay for the November and December 2008.

“I will never approve this and want to be clarified on the expenses you incurred,” he added. “Let us put things in proper order.”

Logronio explained that she only requested a budget for the rehabilitation center to Governor Rodolfo del Rosario through the provincial administrator Rufo Peligro.

She said that the items questioned are only estimates citing that the monthly electric and water bills of the center run to about P7,000 and P10,500, respectively.

As to the P20,000 drinking bill, she added that the center is getting potable water from Dumoy at the price of P18 per gallon with the present number of dependent drinking 6 to 7 galloons per day.

It was also known that the measure has a P100,000 budget item for the yearly Anti-Drug Abuse Week celebration this month.

Further squeezed on, Logronio, obviously already in drawn-out voice, said that the center has already borrowed an amount from the governor’s office to pay its electric bill.

However, Boardmember Jane Gavina, the finance committee chairperson, wanted her colleagues to proceed approving the measure with the budget on a paid item treated as trust fund for the center, which she said could not anyway be used by the center without the SP approval.

But Lagunzad criticized the way the measure wanted to be approved in toto, saying that “it is not good accounting” to approve loose and unspecific budgets. “What is P200,000 should be P200,000 and not P500,000… I don’t want to set a precedent with this,” he added.

Boardmember Gregorio Facula tried to come into rescue of Logronio saying that the center’s payment to its electric bill through the a “borrowing” from the governor’s office should have allotment and budget and supporting documents as government accounting so requires and should be legal.

The Luntian budget in the provincial appropriation ordinance number 2008-005 was though not subjected to a third and final reading yesterday. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)