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Daneco-CDA files MR

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sept 12-18, 2013

Daneco- CDA stops collecting but keeps on operating

The Daneco-Cooperative Development Authority faction has stopped collecting but it keeps on operating as it filed Monday a motion for reconsideration against the Court of Appeals decision favouring Daneco-National Electrification Administration faction.
“There’s no case for cancellation of our CDA registration. There should be revocation first. We are continuing to operate, otherwise we would be sued by the general assembly,” Oliver Autor, Daneco-CDA information officer said in an interview Monday morning.
Autor is one of the Daneco-CDA officials who were cited for contempt for the fine of P10,000 each by the Court of Appeals in its 39-page decision promulgated last August 22, 2013 that ruled many things to favor Daneco-NEA.
The decision ruled that numerous acts of the involved officers of Daneco-CDA and their representatives that caused for the birth of Daneco-CDA and its registration with the CDA were allegedly without authority and illegal from the very beginning.
“We are not yet paying the P10,000 fine because the decision said it would be paid on finality,” Autor added.
He said many things have yet to be done like the reconciliation of accounts of those who have paid to Daneco-CDA.
At press time, there is a report on complaints and confusion among member-consumers trooping in Daneco-NEA offices and collection centers as the Daneco-NEA started launching massive power disconnection of delinquent members.
“At this moment we are prioritizing to disconnect those members who have taken advantage of the crisis , those who did not pay to Daneco-NEA or Daneco-CDA,” said OIC GM Benedicto Ongking of the Daneco-NEA during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan session Monday afternoon.
Ongking was invited by the SP to shed light of the daily rotating brownouts which have been hitting more frequently Daneco’s franchise area for a month now. Areas put under brownouts frequently last for as long as half-day duration.
He informed that the rotational brownouts are caused by varying deficits of power supply for Mindanao from Agus and Pulangi sources.
“Next year may rotational brownout gihapon, I’m sure dako ang curtailment level,” he warned.
On the CA decision, Ongking called on all those who have paid to Daneco-CDA to bring all their receipts in paying to Daneco-NEA “to be audited” vis-a-vis the latter’s billing figures.
“Nobody is winning in this case,” said Daneco-CDA official Nilo Lariosa in a chance interview Monday afternoon at the SP building.
Lariosa, a Tagum resident, is a former Energy Regulatory Commission official and has been reportedly acting as consultant of Daneco-CDA since the faction broke away from the main Daneco-CDA last year.
He said that they filed Monday the motion for reconsideration to Court of Appeals 23rd Division in Cagayan de Oro City by their legal counsel Glenn Blair Carnicer.
“It’s the Supreme Court which would decide on this,” Lariosa said, adding that while Daneco-CDA has stopped collecting but they would still continue operating, citing that the Daneco –CDA remains to be a legal entity despite the CA’s decision.
He bared that a memorandum of understanding between Daneco-CDA and Daneco-NEA is still to be finalized and that the confirmatory referendum has to be conducted on January 10, 2014 as agreed during the meeting with the Dept. of Energy Secretary and NEA board chairman Carlos Jericho Petilla at the Waterfront Hotel Davao last August 30.
A joint audit is currently being made in Daneco-CDA and in Daneco-NEA per agreement in that meeting.
Asked on what would happen to the collection that is already in Daneco-CDA, Lariosa said that it is only the collection function that stopped starting last September 5, and that Daneco-CDA is continuing the rest of the functions.
“It’s still status quo and it’s only the collection that is stopped,” he added.
He said he himself had his electric bill accounts reconciled by Daneco-NEA recently adding that it turned out that he still had excess payment.
He said that the Daneco-CDA had not included in its billing the surcharges only and that Daneco-CDA had used the basic electric rates the same as charged by Daneco-NEA.
Daneco-CDA had then been charged of underbilling to sway many member-consumers to its side.
On the other hand, Daneco-NEA officials interviewed said that the MOU sought by the Daneco-CDA is “dead as it would dilute the decision of the CA.”
Following the CA decision and DOE meeting, the MOU was sought by the Daneco-CDA with the reported refereeing of the Comnpostela Valley Gov. Arturo Uy and Vice Gov. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora.
But the MOU was not realized when the provincial legal counsel reportedly failed to draft the MOU when Daneco-NEA board officials and Daneco-CDA board officials met at Gov. Uy’s office at the Capitol, Nabunturan the other week.
It is not known if Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario is closely involving himself as also a top stakeholder in Daneco’s affairs following the CA decision.
The Valley & City Chronicle tried but failed to get a copy of the CA decision. The ruling was posted sometime in the Daneco-NEA’s official FaceBook account but at presstime it is already gone, deleted for unknown reason. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)