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Samal resort owners insistent not to pay LGU penalty on “illegal” structures over water

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may 8, 2014

Several beach resort owners in Samal Island are insistent of not paying the “oppressive” penalty imposed by the City Government even as they have secured already an injunction in court to stop the 2009 ordinance revived to charge penalty on illegal structures over water.

Araceli Ayuste, adviser of the Samal City Resort Association, Inc. (SCRAI), said that resort owners find the old City Ordinance 2009-150 as “very oppressive and (its penalty) too high to comply”.

“It’s not even applicable us as majority of the beach resort owners have been operating in the island since the 1970s. The Paradise Island resort started operating in 1972. The law should not be retroactive to us,” she said in an interview.

Ayuste is the owner of the Punta del Sol Beach Resort and is the president of both the Davao del Norte Tourism Council and Mindanao Tourism Council.

There are more than 70 beach resorts around the island, 36 of which are members of SCRAI. Sixteen members of SCRAI did not pay a single centavo for the imposed penalty.

According to Ayuste, the old ordinance was suddenly revived when they were about to renew their business permits early this year.

They were told they could not renew their business permits without paying the penalty.

Beach resort owners then have been hounded by a charge that they have been fencing off and putting up illegal over-water structures such as fences, jetties and breakwaters thus closing open access of the public to shorelines in the island.

Armando Tejano Jr., leader of Nagkahiusang Mananagat sa Babak District, said that developers and moneyed people have left nothing to Samal people of a free public beach to swim on and open shorelines as jump off and fish landing areas of small fisherfolks.

He said that city government through the years has been “forcibly relocating” thousands of families in coastal communities around the island to the mountains using the Urban Development Housing Act.

“When the shorelines are cleared of coastal communities, they then fenced the shorelines, and developers cornered these including the mangrove areas, and later ang pamumulot ng coral rocks bawal na,” he said.

Island Garden City of Samal Mayor Aniano Antalan was sought for interview to get the city government’s side but he begged off.

In earlier interview, now resigned city administrator Cleto Gales said that “it is very clear that in the foreshore lease agreements with resort owners they have to provide public access, they can’t say they are not aware.”

He said that the city government offered three options to pave the way for open access of the shorelines and to avoid the over-water structures from being demolished by the city crew.

The options he cited were voluntary demolition of structures, paying of penalty for the structures at P250 per cubic meter of the over-water structures introduced, and upgrading of investment from P30 million to P70 million, all of which were rejected by resort owners.

Ayuste said that last year she paid P80,000 for her renewal of the business permit, but the penalty leveled when she tried to renew her permit was P43,000 “which is not clear if it is yearly or one-time payment.”

Before the court injunction, unresisting beach resorts had paid of the required 10 percent downpayment for the penalty, resulting to a collection of more than P1 million going to the city coffers.

Last March 26 the Regional Trial Court Panabo City Judge Dax Gonzaga Xenos issued a prohibition mandamus injunction in favor to petitioning Samal City Resort Association.

“The court ordered for a status quo, which means they will not collect, we will not also pay,” she said.

City Vice Mayor Al David Uy, on the other hand, admitted that the 2009 ordinance “is a defective legislation, made without thorough consultation.”

He said the City Council is now on the process of revising the ordinance, stressing for the need of a “win-win solution as beach resorts are windows of the island.”

Gales, city administrator already for 16 years, resigned effective May 1 following reported pressure from Davao del Norte District 2 Congressman Anton Lagdameo over his alleged inaction in several projects and matters asked by the congressman for fast-tracking and resolution, among which was the brickbat over the penalty issue.

The congressman had reportedly gone into scolding and got mad at Gales who was no-show in the supposed meeting with him and the mayor only at City Hall, morning of last April 1.

Who met the congressman were department heads, some city councilors and the mayor without Gales, who could not even be contacted by phone, turning the good mood of the congressman to bad, City Hall insiders said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Cong. Lagdameo says he’s not transferring to Liberal Party

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AUG 19- AUG 25, 2010

Davao del Norte Congressman Anton Lagdameo (2nd District) said that he is sticking with Lakas-Kampi-CMD and that he is not transferring to the new ruling Liberal Party of President Noynoy Aquino III.

“But we’ll support the agenda of the President,” he added, also referring to other Lakas congressmen who shared the same stance with him.

When asked if he would call for the provincewide convening of all Lakas municipal and provincial winners of the last polls, Lagdameo instead said that they were meeting in his district only including those from the District 2 who wished to join with them in a “get together” meetings he called earlier.

As to the barangay election, Lagdameo said the people should be consulted over the proposals filed in Congress of postponing it.

Lagdameo is the provincial chairman of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD, party of former President Gloria Arroyo.

District 1 Congressman Anthony Rafael Del Rosario (AGR) and Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, Cong. Anton’s cousin and uncle, respectively, are provincial leaders of Liberal Party.

Cong. AGR is on leave and is currently in California undergoing chemotherapy treatment by the Stanford Cancer Center. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

OPINION: History in a hurry

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By Cha Monforte

oct 27

Journalism, someone said, “is history in a hurry”. The news that comes out now becomes accumulating details for summarizing history in the future. And so, at the hands of a journalist lies constantly developing stories, sans those news stories of one-shot, short shelf life. But whatever, such news might be later be a relevant part one day in history.

For this, especially in print daily, a journalist is faced everyday of beating the deadline. Always he sends his story immediately after it unfolds to his outlet on or before the deadline set by the editor as there are still series of works to do involving machines, working men and newsboys before the news gets to the hands of the readers the early morning after. Sidlak is one of these.

At the age of the Internet, there are now news outfits in the country that updates its news from time to time in a day in their websites. Just visit the good online sites of GMA TV, the Inquirer, or Philippine Star. Traditional media converging with net and cellphone technologies is today’s challenge in the country. Innovative print media or journalists in the provinces wanting to share their news and information to the world, outside the localities where their papers are in circulation, have now the free blogs to seize on. I’m doing this since June although in two days delayed to give exclusivity and justice to Sidlak which funds for my newsgathering.

Now thanks again to the web’s e-mail feature. Now, at least I have a lot or Internet cafes anywhere, in Tagum, in most of Comval towns, wherever I cover, to choose from to send my news stories since I have no laptop and purse to seize on the free WIFI like at Miko’s Brew, where coffee latte is not–of course- free. Sidlak has email address intentionally flashed daily right at its front page so readers and sources could send contributions, comments, reactions or sides from any party, aggrieved or not. This is the latest technology, and by e-mail’s speed in delivering messages in seconds, let’s avail it.

In freer Manila, journalists are better off. Besides the higher remuneration and abundant centers of news of journalists of the Big Club that come with the Imperial Manila as the center of everything and the national market and audience, most important is that they are situated in a freer milieu , in liberated zones where news sources aren’t afraid to be identified as news sources and often they are properly attributed in the news. In the provinces, there is a gulf of difference as often sources of news, which is “sensitive”, or that which may step on someone’s toes, have the tendency to beg not to be named or to speak only on the condition of anonymity to the Small Club journalists.

This is compounded by the tendency of public officials in the provinces to be mum, to tombstone or not to reply to media issues about them or reply to gut issues head on. The worst is they become onion-skinned. If this situation would have its way, then we’re left to have no public interest news at all, and PIA apologists would be happy churning out their always positive devcom news for the government. Press Sec. Jess Dureza should better be apprised on these difficulties than telling all and sundry, brimming last week on the caveat about “efforts of the press to get the side of Mr. So and So proved futile”. It’s easily said than done in countrysides newspapering- except perhaps to Cong. Anton Lagdameo, who is a stand out among the big Davnor and Comval politicians for always texting us his replies, even long, when we did ask for his statement on burning issues of the day. So he got for several times front-page treatment on the next day.

There are cases that since the information given by the source who spoke on anonymity is one issue of public interest, especially about one who occupies a public position (not private citizen), so the news of the source comes out on the news values  of immediacy and public interest, with us relying that the subject who cannot be immediately reached at a time near to the deadline can have all his reply on the next day or next immediate days.

It wasn’t Friday (daily Sidlak has no issues on Saturdays and Sundays), but Monday last week when we did run the story about AGR’s alleged frequent stay in Manila. On the next day, his reply “Not true” did see another banner headline to give fairness to him, in equal space and prominence. I made sure I could interview him at Tahanan on the day Press Sec. Dureza came as the guest of NPC-Davnor-Comval Chapter oath-taking and opening of the provincial media center. Moreover, the story was proactive to him as it was about a source supportive to him and to his  congressional bid wanting for his visibility for sure winning by 2010.

Had it been published Friday (which we would not allow), it could have been unfair, kay we know bahaw na ang AGR reply by Monday. No malice about that, sir. As we seek solace on the right of journalists to protect their sources, we also are holding sacrosanct the right to reply of subject parties in the news as we did in our Tuesday’s issue. But unfortunately, the Provincial Legal Officer Jennifer Namoc for asking for Sidlak’s fairness and objectivity in her letter that reached Sidlak office by Wednesday obviously failed to read AGR’s reply in our banner story on Tuesday or get hold of the issue. She could have sent her protest via the email and not via the snail mail, so we could immediately publish it the next day. But maybe the good lawyer was not just apprised on our Tuesday’s issue by the politically nosey provincial administrator Rufo Peligro, who is also the ed in chief of Executive Report, PGO’s weekly news bulletin, or by his many info men. Otherwise, we’ll say it’s not our duty to always give you free complimentary copies of Sidlak. A newspaper is sold, not given.

BLOGBUZZ: Heard about that when it comes to the Davnor Capitol, the local media is being looked upon with divisive stare, either you’re a suspect to be with the Panabo-based weekly publisher who is a long-time biased drum-beater for the Floirendos, or with the docile ones (di makabasag pinggan), the kongko (always soliciting) media of dubious circulation or outlets. Sidlak is neither either-or of whom… Oh my gulay! that usual and bankrupt media parameter- that you need a big ad sponsor in order to survive. Of course, we need ads to have cash, but we’re banking  more on our burgeoning subscribers’ and readership base in order to survive…. We print replies as we really need them to be fair and objective. Again, we’re just striving to be your little real press. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, e-mail:, or

NEWS: Dawn Zulueta will be in Tagum tomorrow

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oct 24
TAGUM CITY- Celebrity actress Dawn Zulueta, also the better half of District 2 Congressman Anton Lagdameo, is expected to be here tomorrow to grace an art exhibit on indigenous peoples.

Ms. Alma Uy, wife of City Mayor Rey Uy, bared in an invitation that Dawn will be the guest of honor in the opening ceremony of the 2nd Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Art Exhibit sponsored by the Kalinawa Art Foundation in cooperation with the City Government and the City of Tagum Tourism Council.

The actress is expected to give her inspirational talk at 5:00 P.M. at the Beach Volleydrome in the Rotary Park at Pioneer Avenue.
Cong. Lagdameo is also expected to accompany Dawn.
The exhibit will culminate on October 30 after the public viewing and community sale of artworks. It has for its theme, “Lumadnong Dalit- Ikaduhang Hugna (Part 2)”

Yesterday, exhibit artist participants started with the registration of artworks and the uploading of art data and biographical data of the artists to the web.
Tomorrow, after the ceremonial ribbon cutting to open the gallery of artworks to be led by Dawn, Mayor Uy and city’s first lady Alma Uy, there will be musical perfomances by local chorale groups and bands and a press conference after the dinner.

The weeklong exhibit would put into public viewing artworks themed about the indigenous peoples while there will also be arts for tourism promotions and creativity workshop. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: For congress again by 2010- Cong. Anton

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“We’ll resolve our conflict inside the family” on running feud between Floirendos and Del Rosarios

Sept 13

Davao del Norte 2nd District Congressman Antonio Lagdameo said that if he is given another chance he will choose to run “as congressman” again than to any other positions in the province.

In an interview after the launching of his “Barangayanihan” TV program at Panabo Friday, Lagdameo said that since he still on his first term he has still a lot of things to do for his constituents and a lot of things to learn being a neophyte congressman.

Depending on the people while he will just concentrate serving his constituents but “afterwards I will run as congressman again,” said Lagdameo, who is apparently enjoying serving his first term in Congress.

He also said that as to the running family feud between the Floirendos and Gov. Rodolfo “Dolfo” del Rosario (RDR) “it is everybody’s concern in the family” adding that as much as possible they do not want that the feud would be brought further into the open to the public.

“We’ll resolve it inside the family,” he said.

Lagdameo’s statements on his reelection plan fuel speculations anew that former Cong. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr. is preparing grounds for the eventual fight with RDR, who had reportedly declared for his own reelection bid by 2010 during tha latter’s recent birthday instead of the running of his son former Vice Gov. Anthony G. Del Rosario (AGR).

This came a week before a lot of eyebrows were raised when Lagdameo and Floirendo made their presence felt in their non-bailiwick district, District 1 when Lagdameo appeared in a two-day forum with day care workers he sponsored in Tagum City.

The activity took place Monday last week during the visit of Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

Lagdameo, who was reported to be already in the city for the activity, was no-show in welcoming the Chief Justice.

District 2 of Davao del Norte has been known as the Floirendo Country for decades as politically represented by Gov. del Rosario, brother-in-law and erstwhile right hand man of Tadeco patriarch and banana tycoon Don Antonio O. “White Hair” Floirendo (AOF), and considered as one of the durable national political leaders tracing back to Con-Con days.

Political observers said that Lagdameo appears now to be enjoying serving in a coveted position of a congressman than if he were sitting in lower position as vice governor as has been bruited about by other reports, or at the latest for guvernorship which he shunted out saying there are more persons qualified for the position.

With the governor’s reelection declaration, AGR, on the other hand, has been reportedly positioned to run for the 1st district congressional post, of the last-termer Cong. Arrel Olano.

Olano earlier confirmed to be eyeing to run against reelectionist Mayor Rey “Chiong” Uy or against reelectionist Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, who is but reported to be interested to take a crack at the first district congressional post, that is, if AGR is instead positioned for governorship should the current governor would opt for retirement as what former Davao del Norte governor and former congressman Prospero Amatong of  Compostela Valley did before the May 2007 polls.

But it is a farfetched scenario as Del Rosario remains to be one of the country’s top guns in the Lakas-CMD-Kampi coalition and presidential adviser, unless he eyes anew of Cabinet position, pundits said.

The Floirendos and Del Rosario tangled in family feud and business split late last year stemming from May 2007 electoral wranglings which had RDR emerged as the governor and put Tonyboy in his current political vacuum.

RDR is Tito (uncle) of Tonyboy by marriage, while Tonyboy is Tito of Anton and cousin of AGR.

Tonyboy reportedly counts support from influential Tagum City Mayor Uy in the District 1.

Sources said that whatever Lagdameo does is always suspected to be under the direction of Tonyboy, his Tito and chief of staff.

Under the present scenario of throwing Lagdameo to bid for other positions difficult for winning against the Del Rosarios than his easy congressional reelection, he becomes the most vulnerable, if not disposable among politicians in the divided clan as a scenario of Tonyboy comebacking to easily reclaim his old post can have the neophyte and youngest Lagdameo shoved out and picked as a uncertain, loose cannon ball of the Floirendos against the Del Rosarios, pundits added. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: ON Cha-Cha for federalism: Cong. Anton wants to consult constituents first; Way Kurat evasive, Olaño, Amatong mum on the issue

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Davao del Norte 2nd District Congressman Anton Lagdameo wants to consult his constituents first for his official stand on the proposed charter change (Cha-Cha) via a constituent assembly (Con-Ass) that will be convened to adopt a federal system of government in the country.

But in his personal opinion and if the constitutional amendment will push through should the people so desire, it is best that this will be made through a constituent assembly that is speedy and inexpensive¸ Cong. Lagdameo stated in a text message reply to a text query posed by the press on Thursday.

Here is Lagdameo’s full text: “Bilang representante ng mga taga Davao del Norte sa Kongreso, kailangang konsultahin ko muna kung ano ang nasa puso nila sa usaping ito. Ngunit sa aking personal na opinyon, kung sakali mang matutuloy ang pag-amyenda sa Konstitusyon, ito ay pinakamainam na gawin sa pamamaraang constituent assembly. Ito ay upang mapabilis at maging matipid sa gastos.”

Third-termer 1st District Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, on the other hand, appears to be evasive into responding to the Con-Ass for federal issue replying only that he has already a position that he can write.

Similar text query was sent to Davao del Norte 1st District Cong. Arrel Olaño and Comval 2nd District Cong. Rommel “Bobong” Amatong but as of 6:00 P.M. Thursday did not receive a reply.

The charter change proposal sparked by Malacanang’s support for Senate Joint Resolution No. 10 has drawn mixed reactions from both the administration and opposition senators and congressmen even as several of them crossed party lines in giving similar reactions.

The resolution principally authored by Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel called for the creation of 11 federal states through a constituent assembly. It was signed in April by 12 senators

Talk of amending the Constitution emerged after the government secretly hammered out last month a Memorandum of Agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on ending four decades of fighting in Mindanao that has claimed more than 120,000 lives and displaced 2 million.

The Supreme Court put the brakes on the signing of the MoA in Malaysia on Aug. 5 after local executives got temporary restraining order in protest to the inclusion without consultations of their barangays (villages) in an expanded Bangsamoro homeland.

But the signatories in Senate are now re-thinking their position as most of the senators are opposed to change the Constitution before 2010. Senator Panfilo Lacson has so far withdrawn his support to Senate Resolution 10.

Presidentiables from the senators have all but slammed the Arroyo administration for its renewed bid for Charter change. They included Sen. Manny Villar (Nationalista Party), Sen. Manuel Roxas II (Liberal Party), Sen. Loren Legarda and Sen. Francis Escudero, both of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) and Sen. Richard Gordon. .

Even administration senators have crossed party lines to reject Malacañang’s insistence to put in place Cha-cha before the 2010 elections as they are unconvinced over claims that the sudden proposal by the Executive on the matter is aimed at bringing peace in Mindanao.

Palace allies in the upper chamber, Senators Juan Miguel Zubiri and Joker Arroyo, stood opposed to tinkering with the 1987 Constitution at this time, even if the Executive itself is calling for it.

In Davao City, Press Secretary Jesus Dureza dared yesterday the senators who signed the Senate resolution to defend the measure.

“They should stand firmly on their reform agenda on the creation of federal states,” he told the members of the Bishops Ulama Conference at a meeting Wednesday at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao.

“I was surprised by their (the senators’) reaction but at the same time I was also expecting it,” Dureza said of the senators’ displeasure at Mrs. Arroyo’s expression of support for the resolution.

“How can there be term extension when there is nothing in it that says about it?” he asked. “There is nothing in the resolution that says about term extension. So, how can that benefit the President?”

Saying it should be best left to the people to decide on whether the 1987 Constitution should be revised, amended or otherwise, Speaker Prospero Nograles said he will be issuing a directive to all members of the House of Representatives to get back to their respective districts next week and meet their constituents.

Nograles said that he will ask the lawmakers for an accurate report on whether or not the people want change in the Constitution.

“I want feedback on the ground…It is the people that should decide on the issue, not us the leaders,” Nograles said.

While results of an informal survey of the lawmakers in the House of Representatives showed that 118 out of 129 who signed the form are in favor of the Charter Change, Nograles said that the survey is just the view or opinion of the solons but not the people.

According to Nograles, the issue of Charter Change is very divisive as this requires intense debate in the Congress.

Nograles said he himself will go to his district, Davao City, to convene all the barangay leaders and ask them what is there feeling about the proposal. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News) with various reports

NEWS: Cong. Anton says SONA bares a pro-poor GMA

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july 29

Davao del Norte 2nd District Congressman Anton Lagdameo said the State of the Nation Address rendered by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo yesterday no less than bared a pro-poor President.

Asked through text about his reaction to the SONA, Cong. Lagdameo replied that it clearly cast a President “who is working hard to help alleviate hardship of the majority who are hungry and suffering from high costs. Her programs are pro-poor.”

He said that the “President has been addressing problems that started before her term and she is trying to make it easier for the next administration. She is pursuing an agenda which is unpopular but which will benefit everyone in the long run.”

“We are currently facing a crisis which was triggered by global factors and not by her administration. That is why I am very supportive of her programs because I believe that these programs lay down the economic fundamentals that will really benefit our nation as a whole and at the same time answer the immediate problems of our people,” replied Cong. Anton. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)