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NEWS: Duterte to formally announce when to retire soon

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Sara to serve as mayor before 2010 polls

dec 23

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has clarified yesterday on his earlier statement that he would hand in the reins of mayorship to his daughter Vice Mayor Sara Duterte before his current term will end.

He said that he would soon make a formal announcement on his planned retirement that would cut his current term citing that due to his age he wanted to rest.

In a talk with city’s members of the press yesterday, the mayor said that he would not just go out from the city in the days following his retirement.

But he added his plan of retiring is depending yet on the state of things in the city saying that he wanted that the peace and order situation in the city would remain to be fully secured before he would have Sara served as mayor to complete the rest of his current term, a radio report said.

The mayor’s statement though has fueled anew speculations that he is preparing Sara for her mayoral bid in 2010 polls.

Duterte is now on his last term.

Under a provision of the Local Government Code, current local elected officials would end their term on June 30, 2010 following the May 2010 polls. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)