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OPINION: Dreamers in our provinces

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By Cha Monforte

aug 3

As of this moment, there seems to be silence in the political front in the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley. This, as time and again trumpeters of former Vice Governor Anthony del Rosario (AGR) floated in the media that soonest he would be back in the arms of the Davao del Norte Capitol reporting that he has already been healed from stage 3 hodgskin lymphoma cancer after undergoing series of chemotherapy treatments. And in the Comval front- the burying of the hatchet between Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay after their jockeying on who should be the administration’s standard bearer for the the District 1 congressional post comes 2010. Yes, we are re-stating these two potential flashpoint areas in these provinces as these could make or unmake political configurations of the dominant power blocs led by governors.

What if AGR could not really sustain his presence until November’s filing of certificate of candidacy, given his doctors’ advice about his presumably weakened immune system and the high-risk of contracting diseases from third party (read: the masa electorate) if he would expose himself to them during the campaign period? Surely, it would trigger sipsipan over who should be the kingpin governor’s choice for the Davnor District 1 congressional post, and then we’re coming for a new circle in Davnor politics.

If the present Ramil-Maricar silence is taken for good, the more we’ll fear for a divisive scenario as an adage says “still water runs deep”. The more the Comval provincial administration bury this issue and keep their silent brickbrats to themselves even if they continuously sing hosannah to the purported “Comval unity” under the “Uswag Comval” banner, the more the Comval public wonder and ask about what the hell is Comval politics going without the usual fanfare spawned by competing political rivals, for as they say “election is fiesta in the Philippines”. Without the opposition, this province will sink from its usual democratic tradition, nay for having so much democracy shown by competing protagonists even only during elections.

Those who insist that political unity in our provinces is shown by the absence of political opposition and critics or even dreamers of public posts vying against municipal and provincial administration’s power stalkers are giving great disservice to our democracy and to the sacred power of the people to elect whom they want to serve them. This isn’t only a downright hypocritical political slogan, advocacy or doctrine- in whatever degree it may have already crept in our barangays now, but a self-serving declaration that only they have the right to rule over ourselves. “Ano sila sineswerte?” quipped one lawyer who would really dare to run against BM Maricar if really VG Ramil would chicken out from his prior plan and BM Maricar would really have no opponent by May 2010 polls and hence, the spectre of giving the pork- and perks-blessed congressional post in a silver platter to her. Our people should really be given a choice than wait lying down for victors if we want democracy to be alive and to flourish in our provinces.

The insidious characteristic of this creeping political doctrine in our time is the way a privileged few now command to put themselves and their political heirs, associates and allies in power, and agree among themselves on when to transfer and swap high public posts after reaching the limits of their terms.

But this cannot go on indefinitely without a challenge. True, election is really costly and treacheries rule in political realm while daring money politics had been boldly introduced in the recent elections. It’s the realpolitik in these provinces when kingpins dictate and strongly influence. In the end, we we’ll get nothing in this political culture except bad politics that has to be handed down to the next generations, in so costlier and costliest form in future elections after elections that in the end elected leaders would be forced to corrupt the public coffers to recoup their election expenses.

We’re only imagining a dreamland in Isabela and Pampanga electoral experiences with the upset electoral victories of the Padaca and Panlilio over well-entrenched and moneyed political clans and families. But this isn’t unreachable if we believe in the inert capacity of our people to change institutions, leaders and rulers. But always change starts from a dream, and dreamers spring eternal from the ranks of the youths. I recall the late lawyer Florante Garcia of Compostela who stood and fought against blandishments and isolations made by political titans and traitors in traditional politics, and for such he showed the youth’s energy and zest for change in peaceful means. I’m no pessimist. And for this, there are always youthful sons and daughters in our provinces who would spring out to dream and work for reforms and change. (For reactions, txt 09199748945, or email:

NEWS: VG says: “It was definitely not an easy decision on my part”

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Ramil issues statement on his backing out from Cong’s bid

april 29

Compostela Valley Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya issued his formal media statement Monday evening stating the grounds why he opted to seek reelection and to no longer run for the congressional post in District 1 that is also being eyed by Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay, daughter of last-termer Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora.
In text messages sent to this reporter, Gentugaya’s statement read as follows: “There were talks that I had plans to pursue a congressional post in the 2010 elections. All these were true. This scenario would have been divisive to our party since Board Member Maricar Apsay, daughter of Congressman Way Kurat expressed the same intention, as well.”
“However, recently I had a very long talk with Governor Chiongkee and he personally requested and convinced me to continue to work with him in the province, which would require me to run for the same post as vice governor in 2010.  At the same time, I got an urgent call from Congressman Way Kurat himself earnestly appealing to me to give way to his daughter’s bid.”
“After giving it much thought and after countless consultations with my family and relatives I have finally arrived at a vital decision not to pursue my bid to run for Congress in 2010. It was definitely not an easy decision on my part. But I am willing to rise above my personal ambition and interest to preserve the unity of our party. More importantly, I do not want to disrupt the unity of the province that took quite a long time to achieve. We can prosper only to the extent that we dedicate ourselves for the common good.”
“It must be remembered that at the start of my second term last 2007, I together with Honorable Prospero Amatong, Governor Uy, Congressman Rommel Amatong, Congressman Way Kurat took a conscientious effort to unite the officials of the province.”
Earlier, Apsay pledged she would also be issuing her own statement after the vice governor would have his saying she did not want to preempt him. (Cha Monforte/ Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Ramil not on atras-abante mode on Comval Cong bid

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By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

april 7

Compostela Valley Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya has denied report that he has been swirling lately to be either stepping up or stepping back from his longstanding plan of taking a crack to the congressional post of District 1.
vice gov ramil gentugaya
“As before I have the same stand to run for Congress if I get the (Lakas) party’s endorsement,” he said in vernacular in text message.
Word is up from sources from Lakas party in the province that unlike in Gentugaya’s active seal to run for the post in last year he has been observed to be already entertaining to put on hold his congressional ambition and just seek for reelection in his current post amid the stepped up party call to preserve the much-hypped up “Comval Unity”.
This as his closest possible contender Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay, daughter of last-termer Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, remained to be often declarative and vocal and not hiding her desire to run for Congress in many public gatherings.
Late last year, Cong Zamora claimed that his daughter was groomed by the Lakas party national directorate for her eventual making as the party standar bearer for Congress due her participation to several leadership trainings sponsored and funded by the Lakas national directorate headquarter.
But early this year in a meeting of Uswag Comval, a provincial political aggrupation composed of the same Lakas partymates headed by Governor Arturo Uy, Gentugaya was once egged out by former District 2 Cong. Prospero Amatong not to chicken from his congressional plan after Cong. Zamora introduced Boardmember Apsay as the upcoming congresswoman in his district.
Apsay and Gentugaya have still one term for reeelection in their respective present posts.
The choice between Gentugaya and Apsay has been seen as a potential leading cause of division and possible break up of the Lakas party in the province.
The choice of congressional standard bearer was said to be decided by the Lakas provincial directorate composed of Uy, Zamora, District 2 Cong. Rommel Amatong and his father Prospero as voting member emeritus, Gentugaya, Apsay and four other municipal mayors, who are all party committee chairmen.
Observers said that both Gentugaya and Apsay race closely for a tie of votes of the voting members of the provincial directorate, and what remains crucial is the vote of the presiding chair Gov. Uy, who will break the tie in such case.
Last year, pundits supportive to Gentugaya claimed that he was the most senior party man for the position being the vice governor, but the camp of Zamora-Apsay rebutted that the District 2 congressional post by 2010 elections is considered to be vacant and that the Lakas rule on equity of the incumbent is not applicable since it has no incumbent reeelectionist.
But meanwhile, unconfirmed reports said that Uy and Zamora were supporting the bid of Senator Manny Villar to run for the country’s President.
Though Villar could possibly be the Palace choice if his Nacionalista Party could coalesce with the dominant administration’s Lakas party and he could manage to outbid the administration’s current leading Lakas presidential contenders Noli de Castro and National Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr, Uy and Zamora as Villar supporters could be facing a problem sustaining the drummed up unity of political leaders in the province if Villar is thrown out to be still with the opposition.
Uy earlier said that the Uswag Comval was formed so they could have a free hand in choosing whom to support as the next country’s President.
He was reported last year to have not liked the scenario of having Vice President Noli de Castro as the Lakas presidential standard bearer. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: The three-corner fight for Comval gov scenario

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By Cha Monforte

It’s likely that the national opposition will have again a split with the reported plan of Erap to run for President in tandem with Senator Loren Legarda for Vice President. If Erap does,  Senator Manny Villar and Senator Roxas will most likely do the same, being also today’s front-running presidential bets from the opposition.  Just like Davao del Norte Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel and Comval Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya, “it’s now or never” for them not to vie for President (for congressman for Dangpanan and Ramil).

Local politicians know well that if three or more parties tangle in elections in the national level, provincial and municipal levels take similar if not the same political transfigurations. Lakas party in Comval despite its much-ballyhoed unity as far as its drum-beaters are concerned is still standing on so fragile grounds with the still unsettled Ramil-Maricar row over the standard-bearer issue for the post that last-termer Cong, Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora is finishing at present. Meantime, January is fast approaching when the Lakas-Comval honchos will announce who should be the choice between Way Kurat’s daughter Maricar and Ramil, son of known big businesswoman in Comval mainland.

With this potential opposition configuration of having at least 2 opposition wings against 1 Lakas candidate, there’s that earlier report that the province’s potential gubernatorial bets would be three- reelectionist incumbent Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy, Cong. Way Kurat and former Gov. Jose “Joecab” Caballero.

The report said that Cong. Way Kurat, for being a tested administration ally when he delivered over 13,000 votes’ margin to President Arroyo over Fernando Poe in his home district in 2004 polls and voted hell and water to contribute in killing the impeachment bids of the opposition could potentially get the Palace backing if he decides to run for governor. It said that when it comes to the protecting the Palace’s national interests, the GMA’s advisers would go for a tested ally who could deliver and secure the votes for the administration candidates. But that’s also if Ramil, a kin by the Chinese blood of the governor, gets the choice as standard-bearer for the Lakas District 1 congressional post. Naughty pundits now say that in that scenario it’s Way Kurat who’ll break the so-called Lakas unity.

We don’t wish for that to happen as it would open a floodgate for Joecab to run for governor. That’s self-explanatory: when Lakas political gods and fans are divided, Joecab might win.
Although really a three-corner gubernatorial fight is worth watching and most exciting given that Uy has logistical and administration advantages, Cong. Way Kurat is a most popular Comval politician now and gimmick-savvy, while Joecab is still a maverick, charismatic politician, this scenario is not likely to happen in the event that Cong Way Kurat will make true his earlier political gambit – of retiring from politics to concentrate as the Lakas provincial campaign manager. Well, there seems to be that Big If- that is if Maricar gets January’s choice of becoming the Lakas congressional standard-bearer. In this scenario, provincial elder-statesman Pros Amatong will most probably gravitate towards Cong. Way Kurat for governor, pundits say.

Meantime, the regional Lakas boss Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario, one tested Lakas partyman and Malacanang’s player, would also gravitate towards a Way Kurat gubernatorial candidacy if the home scene in Tagum City is spoiled on the scenario that City Mayor Rey Uy, the governor’s brother, has something in his cards for the good of his own city turf that won’t jibe with the cards of Gov. RDR.

Again, we don’t wish for this to happen as it’s easy for Lakas-Kampi local bets to win under a unified ticket, that is if a strong local opposition will not emerge from the boondocks out from the splintering of the national opposition. But this would never happen as there are really local opposition contenders, chief among them are the Lakas shoved-outs, jumpshippers and Kampi out campers who would have at least two opposition parties waiting for their ride. When people rue for victory of national opposition bets in 2010 egged out by the corruption scandals under the Arroyo administration, gee, there’s still that exciting political scenario in Davao del Norte and Comval by 2010. And we’re only 9 days to go before the electoral year 2009 sets in.

Happy Holidays! (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, e-mail:

NEWS: Ramil breaks silence, says his ambition remains

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Comval Congress 2010
“Roger Sarmiento will do a comeback”

nov 28

Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya yesterday broke his silence and said that his “ambition to run for Congress in 2010 remains”.

“However, being a member of the Lakas-CMD party, I will abide by the decision on however the party will endorse as the standard bearer, ” he said in a text message.

“At this point no one has been endorsed yet, thus the field is still open. Anything is possible,” he added.

It is about two weeks until yesterday that Gentugaya had been mum on the local press following the revelation of congressional wannabe Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay that she had participated in a leadership training at Tagbilaran City in Bohol sponsored by the Lakas-CMD nationale directorate.

Later this month she is slated to undergo another leadership training for women Lakas leaders in Manila. The same the Lakas national directorate will foot the bill for its Manila affair.

Observers said that the Lakas-CMD national directorate appears to be already grooming Apsay as its pick for standard bearer for the post that her father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” will be leaving by 2010.

But others see otherwise, saying it is the Lakas local leadership, the provincial directorate chaired by Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy which has the “greater voice” in the choice of  the standard bearer.

As this developed, a source said that former Cong. Roger “RMS” Sarmiento is already going for a comeback as he would reportedly run to vie against Gentugaya or Maricar, or both in a scenario of a three-corner fight over the District 1 congressional post.

Compostela Barangay Poblacion secretary Pepot Garcia said that he was approached recently by a Compostela resident and former manager of the Sarmientos who said that Roger Sarmiento is girding to run to reclaim the congressional post that he bequeathed to Cong. Zamora when he ran but lost as governor against former Gov. Jose “Joecab” Caballero in 2001 polls.

Provincial elder Prospero Amatong was also reportedly qouted as saying that Sarmiento would be running for the post, mediaman Rudy Calansingin said.
Amatong was interviewed by the local media inside the residence of former Davao del Norte Vice Gov. Anthony del Rosario during the last Tagum City fiesta. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Way K’s realpolitik

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By Cha Monforte

There are now signs and the inevitable came out: it was no other than Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay held at bay by a mix of persons in the media to talk about politics last Sunday amid the ongoing 58th birthday celebration of his father, Cong. Way Kurat at their known Octagon farm park in Monkayo.

“The equity of the incumbent applies only to the reelectionists of the same position,” she said in answering the earlier postulation that Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya is most senior among Lakas partymen to claim for the coveted title of becoming the administration standard bearer for the District 1 congressional post by 2010.

There were no ifs, nor buts for the BM Maricar on this issue. The post that sooner his father would be leaving is really an open one, vouched even by an earlier opinion of Lakas-CMD regional president, Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario.

So it’s the party that would really decide who from the front-running congressional wannabes- BM Maricar and VG Ramil would be picked up. There seems no more District 1 bidders for the post. Lito Brillantes, for one, is outsider, not incumbent. As of this writing, Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes, then with Liberal party (Atienza wing) is smoking a peace pipe with Way Kurat and Lakas-CMD when he took oath as a party member two weeks ago.

We heard from buzz that VG Ramil has stockpiled financial logistics when he became a married man last Oct 18. “If it’s Maricar, he (Ramil) would either stay or go out from the party,” said Cong. Way Kurat in an imprompto presscon amid his birthday bash. “But if it’s Ramil… ah we will not talk about it as it will never happen anyway,” he added as he turned quizzical.

We’ve learned also that BM Maricar appears to be already groomed as the Lakas-CMD national directorate’s pick. She just joined in the Tagbilaran leadership training, all at the national party’s expense. There, BM Maricar along with 40 other Lakas-CMD potential standard bearers were accordingly trained on “how to’s” rudiments including how to win in the coming polls. By the end of this month, she’ll again join in another Lakas-CMD leadership training for women party leaders sponsored by the Lakas-CMD national directorate.

We’ve also learned that Cong. Way Kurat was just testing who his loyalists really are when he floated he would be running as Compostela mayor. “Atik ra to,” he announced before over a thousand of birthday well-wishers.

He said he is due to retire from politics two years from now to be the Lakas-CMD campaign manager, as Gob. Uy listened intently. In the presscon, he said he don’t want also to suffer the same fate of Caballeros and Palma Gils in Davao Oriental, who were all defeated for running simultaneously in two top positions. Well, we knew of ex-Gob. Joecab and ex-BM Kris.

Meantime, Konsehal Dolfo Ang of Compostela enthused that the election is still far and “many things would still happen”, when referred of the no Way Kurat for mayor scenario in his town. Ang was reported to be vying for mayoral post. But he just don’t believe yet of the scenario.

With these, we see that Way Kurat’s plan of becoming a Lakas-CMD campaign manager in the province is one big enigma. While it’s one caveat for ensure Maricar’s pick (for who else could not vote against a scene-stealing and stage-propa veteran politician becoming the admin campaign manager?), a realpolitik act, but the spectacle of seeing Way K become a plain citizen again after the May 2010 elections doesn’t sit well among his loyalists. Maybe he’ll also take a crack for the vice gubernatorial post, and bargain for it, too, or the much-touted Comval unity will come crashing down in smithereens. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, e-mail:, or

NEWS: Lakas-CMD nat’l directorate grooming Maricar for Congress?

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Way K to retire by 2010, says he’ll be prov’l Lakas campaign mgr

nov 17

It seems the powerful national directorate of the administration’s dominant Lakas-CMD party is already showing its body language of choosing Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay over contending Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya for the District 1 congressional post in Compostela Valley.
In an interview, Maricar, daughter of Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, said yesterday she was grateful that she had attended a leadership training sponsored by the Lakas-CMD national directorate last October 15 to 18 at Tagbilaran City in Bohol.
The last-termer congressman celebrated his 58th birthday yesterday at his sprawling Octagon farm park at Monkayo. 
Maricar said that the Tagbilaran training was attended by some 40 potential Lakas-CMD standard-bearers from across the country at the party’s expense.
Courses on the training included basic preparations for the elections and “how to’s” including how to win as a Lakas-CMD candidate, she said.
“This coming November 25 to 28, I’ll attend in the second phase of leadership training for Lakas women leaders,” she added.
She was invited by Lakas-CMD national executive director Rey Roquero, also a known party top national stalwart.
Asked on her own preparation for her congressional bid, she said she had already gone to the farthest barangay in District 1 at Cagan Valley up in New Bataan town.
“Ginatrabahoan pa gyud nako na,” she said.
But his father Cong. Zamora said that the Lakas-CMD directorate’s series of invitations to Maricar does not mean that she is already the standard-bearer for the district’s post.
He said that if Maricar would be chosen as the one, it would be up for Vice Gov. Gentugaya to decide whether to go out from the party or not.
But he said though in jest not to talk on the reverse situation saying that it would not happen anyway.
During his turn of acceptance speech as a birthday celebrant, Cong. Zamora surprised a thousand of well-wishers when he doused cold water to the running talk that he is running as mayor in Compostela town “is not true”, “atik lang to” adding that he just wanted to know who were loyal to his leadership.
As to the other talk that he is going around to barangays to run as governor, “bakak na” saying that he would never part ways with his kumpare, Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy, who was among yesterday’s leading well-wishers.
He said he does not want to suffer the same fate to Caballeros and Palma Gils in Davao Oriental of losing for running simultaneously in two top positions.
He also said that he will be the Lakas-CMD campaign manager in 2010 polls after he would retire from politics two years from now.
But he immediately tried to dispel fears to “my loyalist 98 barangay captains” saying that his daughter Maricar was born to carry on what he started.
Also among the thousand of well-wishers who trooped at Octagon farm park yesterday to greet the congressman were Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy, Maragusan Mayor Cesar Colina, New Bataan Mayor Lorenzo Balbin, Boardmember Neri Barte, and officials from various government agencies and sectors. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)