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NEWS: BM Maricar thanks VG Ramil for giving way for her to Congress

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Says: “I will not forget that once upon a time I was your beneficiary”
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Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay of Compostela Valley has profusely thanked and gave early tribute to the “bravery and heroism” of Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya  for giving way for her to become the Lakas party’s standard-bearer for the District 1 congressional seat in the province.
In an e-mail sent to this reporter Friday, Apsay said: “The decision of Vice Governor Gentugaya favoring for the party’s unity thereby giving way to my congressional seat’s candidacy is a great opportunity as well as a challenge to prove that I am worthy of such sacrifice”.
“ I have already made an early pronouncement that I intend to run as congressman in the 2010 elections.  In fact, I made such declaration as early as right after 2007 elections”, she added.
Meanwhile, Maricar’s father, Congressman Manuel “ Way Kurat” Zamora also said: “ I do not doubt the capacity and integrity of Vice Ramil to unite our group.  He is one of my staunched political allies and a closest friend.  That is why I am so much elated with his decision.  He is a good gentleman who values honor, and his act of statesmanship is beyond reproach.  This favor given to our family by Vice Ramil will not be forgotten.  His act will be a principle that will underlay our party’s conduct, so that it will become a basis of any decision in the future”.
In the same statement, Apsay recalled that when she heard of the news that Gentugaya would no longer run for Congress, she immediately sent a text message to the vice governor thanking and lauding for his decision.
The full contents of the text message are as follows: “Vice, I got hold of your texts late last night.  I just want to reiterate this expression of gratitude to you and your entire family.  Your act of giving way in favoring the party especially me, manifests your bravery and heroism, and above all sincere humility.”
“It is without doubt that you had difficulty in coming up with your final decision considering what our constituency have expected.  Nonetheless, beyond all these, you stood up like King Solomon, so brave to decide against what is traditional and hypocritical divisiveness of our camp.
“This rare leadership that embodies the true meaning of sacrifice for the sake of unity is only beholden by those highly spirited and bravest generals in the field, which lead us to an unparalleled victory in the end.  These and all are clear acts of heroism.  An act worthy of praise and adulation, so that others may follow when times may call on the same sacrifice in the future.
“Your ability to become a symbol of unity by nurturing sacrifice and patience as remedy for all are virtues against adversary, which shows your greatness.  As a politician, I will take this a forever lesson, and I will not forget that once upon a time I was your beneficiary.  Me and my entire family will look from this day onwards a favor in return, in the future.  God bless you and your family”.
Earlier, Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy personally appealed to the Gentugaya to stay beside him as the vice governor saying that he needed the latter. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)