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NEWS: Investigation on alleged Sportivo overpricing scam in Davnor Capitol called on

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BM San Juan asked for parallel probe

Davao del Norte Boardmember Artemio San Juan called on for a “parallel investigation” by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on the alleged Sportivo overpricing scandal being circulated in malicious text messages from still unknown senders.

Showing previous copies of a local Tagum daily, Sidlak and of a local Visayan daily which reported last week the spread of said text messages to among local mediamen, San Juan, chair of the SP’s laws and justice committee, moved in Monday’s session to refer the matter to the committee on good government chaired by Demitrio Maligro for “proper investigation parallel” to the one pledged by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario during a press conference.

A few interpellations were heard on the floor to clarify San Juan’s motion.

Boardmember Ely Dacalus stood up and asked for copies of the previous issues of Sidlak and a Visayan daily saying that he had not yet read the news items.

San Juan then made supplementary motion directing the Office of the Secretary of the Sanggunian (OSS) to reproduce copies of the issues for the rest of the boardmembers.

Floorleader Gregorio Facula wrapped up San Juan’s motion following clarificatory queries from senior Boardmember Janet Gavina, who was still presiding over the provincial board yesterday in view of the continued absence of Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio.

There was no comment heard on the floor when Gavina asked for it before the motion was sent to Maligro’s committee.

Gov. Del Rosario Tuesday last week in the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo press forum at the Media Center in the Capitol compound pledged he would conduct his own inquiry-probe on overpricing allegations spread by text messages that tagged his provincial administrator Rufo Peligro and general services department head Sammy Sanchez.

He dared the unknown senders to come out in the open and bring out evidences to their allegations even as he swore on the integrity of the bidding processes at the Capitol.

The governor also decribed the text messages in one angle as political intrigue intended to sow disunity among political leaders adding that it came with 2009 being a political year already.

Menwhile, the vice governor is due to return office on February 2 after his over a month of vacation from the United States, said Nicandro “Nick” Suaybaguio Sr., brother of the vice governor.

He said that the vice governor also underwent medical checkup in the US for his minor arthritis ailment.

He said that the DILG provincial office made Tuesday a favorable legal opinion that the authorization of the vice governor to OIC Vice Gov. Gavina to sign papers as e-mailed last Friday is “valid in form and substance”.

“All’s well already so the SP casual employees could already have their salaries,” he said.

Reports said that casual employees in the SP have been already complaining last week over the delayed release of their salaries this month as their contracts have still to be renewed and signed by the vice governor.

However, staff members of the vice governor’s office told Sidlak that release of salaries for casual employees has always been rather delayed every contract renewal month of January and July citing the need to process working papers and requirements which would pass various departments in the Capitol. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)