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Will it be Baby or Cee O for VG of Kuya Edwin? Suspense stirs up in DavNor

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Both are ex elected officials and Tagumenyos of the 1st District while the most endorsed gubernatorial bet of PDP-Laban Engr. “Kuya Edwin” Jubahib comes from Panabo City of the 2nd District.

So, any of the two- ex-Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr and ex-Tagum City Mayor Rey T. “Chiong Uy” Uy is good match to Jubahib.

At this writing, nobody has yet floated a name from PDP-Laban who will challenge for a party consensus or convention against Engr. Jubahib, who is the one anointed by ex-Speaker and 1st District Cong. Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez, although Uy had floated once to run for governor but most of the time he has been heard interested to run for vice governor either under PDP-Laban or the HNP. But he was apparently spurned already by HNP’s leaders in Davao del Norte – Gov. Anthony del Rosario and his father ex-Gov. Rodolfo “RDR” del Rosario.

First, Uy expressed his interest to run for vice governor under HNP early this year to the Del Rosarios but Uy said he was “less in priority” as the governor instead used other people to tell him to run instead for Tagum City mayor.

Suaybaguio, who took oath as PDP-Laban member last year before Cong. Bebot Alvarez inside his office Congress, on the other hand has been in fact invited to be in company in Alvarez-Jubahib sorties in barangays lately particularly in New Corella and San Isidro.

Suaybaguio is accordingly hopeful he would be Alvarez’ pick, and had said in earlier interview that how he wish he would not rival in vice governor race against Uy, whom he said is his ijado.

He had no answer to the query what post he would run to in the event that he would not be chosen as the Jubahib’s runningmate.

Both Suaybaguio and Uy are good match to Jubahib. Suaybaguio, 77 years old, had been the Tagum mayor for 3 terms and vice governor for 4 terms, while Uy, 63 years old, had been a city mayor for 4 terms (elected in 1998, 2004, 2007, 2010).

In his vice gubernatorial runs, Suaybaguio defeated his rivals each leaving them a deafening margin of over a hundred thousand votes.

In 2001 polls Suaybaguio defeated ex-Boardmember Virgilio Boiser with a margin of over 124,000 votes. He defeated rivals Boardmember Shirley Belen Aala in 2007 and ex-Boardmember Roger Israel in 2010 leaving them wide margins of over 101,000 votes and over 150,000 votes, respectively.

Truly a son of Tagum he won his first elective post as municipal councilor in 1980 and after a term he ran and won as the vice mayor before he completed his three straight terms as the municipal mayor from 1988 to 1998. Suaybaguio was the architect of the cityhood of Tagum as it was on his last term that he successfully labored to make Tagum a city worthy to be called as such for the 9 years of massive developments that the city had undergone under his leadership as shown in the market –terminal-slaughterhouse-road complex that he built and which bustles now in the inner northern frontier of the citywhich was once an wide agricultural, forested area.

For three terms he was the president of the mayors’ league of still undivided Davao del Norte.

In 1995 polls when Suaybaguio sought for his last term his complete slate- from mayoral and vice mayoral down to councilors’ candidates- was so unopposed with zero rival not even a nuisance independent candidate in sight, a record that is still unbroken until this date.

In May 2011 interview of this reporter, Uy, then outgoing last-termer city mayor, was coy to the prospect of running for governor by 2013 polls after his third term, but he maintained his earlier stance of running for the post “if there’s vacancy,” that was, if present second-termer and partymate Governor Rodolfo del Rosario would not seek reelection.

He recalled that throughout his long career as politician he never made “gatecrash” to a post that was still available for reelection bid by the current holder.

“Wala sa akong ugali ang mangilog. Ako hinoon ang ginakalaban bisag pang last term na. (it’s not in my character to wrest a post. It’s me who’s always being rivaled even if I’m already running for last term),” he said referring to the May 10 polls where he was rivaled by ex-Cong. Arrel Olano and ex-Gov. Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza.

He recalled that when he ran for vice gubernatorial post in 1992 in the undivided Davao del Norte the post was open and there was no reelectionist for it.

In that polls Mayor Uy, who was then a 36-year-old first-termer boardmember, dueled with political veteran Gementiza, who came from being the longest-reigning mayor of the then municipality of Tagum during Marcos time.

Uy after losing in the polls went into a term of political forlough. “I went into farming, planting durian trees,” he said.

By 1995 he went back to politics running for boardmember and won handily.

By 1998 polls after the creation of Compostela Valley from Davao del Norte and the conversion of Tagum as a city, Uy ran for mayor as the post was open while Suaybaguio was ending his last mayoral term. He was rivaled by ex-Cong. Baltazar Sator, who was also ending his last term as District 1 congressman. Then Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad, coming from being the Tagum vice mayor, also joined in that mayoral contest. Uy won in a closely fought three-corner race, along with Vice Mayor Gerardo R. Racho.

In his first reelection bid as city mayor in 2001 polls, he was opposed by Gementiza, who was then reigning as the vice governor of the smaller Davao del Norte. Uy lost again to Gementiza in the mayoral bout.

In 2004 Gementiza did not seek reelection as he ran for governor leaving the mayoral post available and open. Uy regained his mayoralty seat running to the open mayoral post, and winning in a close bout with a comebacking Suaybaguio.

(In that polls, meanwhile, Gementiza in tandem with then Cong. Anthony “AGR” del Rosario won as governor against then agriculture secretary Roberto Sebastian.

Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario did not seek reelection as he was appointed as secretary of New Government Centers, while Gementiza was supported by both the politically influential and then united Floirendo and Del Rosario camps in a reported modus vivendi that Gementiza’s governorship was meant for one term only and that by 2007 he would bequeath the post to then Vice Gov. AGR.)

The next 2007 local elections saw the reelectionist-tandem Mayor Uy and Vice Mayor Allan Rellon pitted against the opposition candidates Meliton D. Lemos and running-mate, Geterito T. Gementiza, with the Uy-Rellon tandem winning by a big margin of votes.

The 2010 general elections saw again the Uy-Rellon tandem against First District congressman Arrel Olaño and the tandem of Gementiza-Aventurado. Uy and Rellon won by a landslide.

From 2004 mayoral comeback of Uy, it would be pointed out that he won in series his second and third terms. He was always opposed by political somebodies in his two reelection bids.

In 2007 polls, Uy was opposed lightly opposed by third- termer Councilor and lawyer Meliton Lemos, who allied with Gementiza, who sought reelection for governor against Gov. Del Rosario.

(That polls started the political split between the Floirendos and Del Rosarios when the older Del Rosario ran for governor instead of his son AGR when former District 2 Cong. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr was bidding to run for governor withholding the bid of his nephew AGR. Their political split reportedly cost the governor to be shunted out from the mammoth Tadeco conglomerate and businesses. Reelectionist Gementiza lost to Del Rosario.)

In the last May 2010 polls Uy won handily by wide margins over two political veterans- outgoing Cong. Arrel Olano and ex-Gov. Gementiza.

In sum, Uy throughout his political career broke an unprecedented record of defeating one governor, two congressmen and one vice governor.

Comparatively, in terms of fighting veteran politicians the late stateman ex-Gov. and ex-Cong. Prospero Amatong and Gov. Del Rosario respectively defeated only one vice governor/ governor (Gementiza).

In the same May 2011 interview, then Mayor Uy bared that mayors and barangay captains were casually prodding him now to run for governor by 2013, but “with all due respect to him (Gov. Del Rosario)… kung di si gov modagan, di modagan ko (if gov will not run, then I’ll run).”

Against the said prodding, he said “let’s give Gov who is a last-termer by 2013 a graceful exit… respeto ba… hatagan pod nato siya nga way kalaban. Di parehas sa ato nga bisag for last termer na sa miaging eleksyon gihatagan gihapon ug kalaban.”

The mayor added that politicians should respect each other referring to the way of not opposing last termers and not to be selfish enough for one’s personal interest like those last termers who loudly made big reason on their last term and ran to other post even if it is not vacant or occupied by a friend or partymate.

He was giving thumbs up to the mayoral bid of his chosen political successor son senior city Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy in the 2013 polls against Rellon.

In that polls, Rellon trounced Oyo Uy by 21,964 votes’ margin. Rellon got 54,492 votes against Uy’s 32,528 votes.

In the last 2016 elections, it was time for Chiong Uy to fight against Rellon after resting for a term.

Rellon in that polls defeated Uy in what was billed as the tightest mayoral race in Tagum’s history with Rellon’s slim margin of over 2,000 votes only. (Mindanao Sun Chronicle/Cha Monforte)

OPINYON: Namangka sa duha ka sapa

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Ni Cha Monforte

Namangka sa duha ka sapa

Morag kinahanglan na gyud nga si kanhi Bise Gobernador Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR) sa Davao del Norte nga mo-resayn na isip empleyado sa Kapitolyo tungod kay lain tan-awon nga siya nagakampanya ug suporta kang Noynoy Aquino sa oposisyon samtang ang iyang papa nga si Governor Rodolfo del Rosario anaa sa administrasyon. Di ta moingon nga gidili na ang pagpagawas sa pagtoo sa politika sulod sa Kapitolyo bisag kontra pa kini sa dispensasyon. May tanang kagawasan si AGR sa pagbatbat sa iyang political belief bisan asa pa man ug bisan unsa pa man kay kita wala man gigaid sulod sa usa ka diktadura.
Unang-una, sa panan-aw man gud sa Malakanyang niani, kung mangagpas kita, morag balikwaot gayud kani nga sitwasyon ug dili angayan tagaan ug dakong kumpyansa si Gov. Del Rosario tungod kay iya man nga gipabiyaan ang iyang anak nga pangampanya ug suporta para sa kandidato sa oposisyon- karon nga sayo pa, ug mas posible nga gamit ang panahon ug rekursos sa probinsyal nga kagamhanan, samtang ang gobernador mangampanya usab ug suporta para sa kandidato sa administrasyon. Nah, matunga ang Kapitolyo ani, ug posible ang tan-aw na sa mga political operators sa Malakanyang karon: namamangka sa dalawang ilog si governor. Ang Malakanyang biya dili simple lang ug pangisip.
Makalibog pod ang panan-aw sa publiko nianing pagdeklarar ug kusganong suporta ni AGR kang Nonoy Aquino isip kandidato pagka-Presidente, samtang tataw gayud nga si Gov. Del Rosario maka-administrasyon pa gayud labi na nga naendorsar na isip standard bearer sa Lakas-Kampi-CMD si Gibo Teodoro kinsa gisuportaran sa ubay-ubay ka mga gobernador sa nasud. Pasabot ba kini nga tungaon na lang ni AGR ug Gov. RDR ang mga politikanhong pamuo, rekursos ug mga aktibidades sa Kapitolyo ug mag -iyahay sila sa pagpangulo niani kay dili man sila pwede mag-uban tungod lagi kay managlahi ang ilang kandidato sa pagka-Presidente?
Pwede pa gihapon sila mag-uban sa mga kalihukan sa Kapitolyo sama sa RDR on Wheels pero di lang sila mangestorya kung kinsa ang ilang kandidato sa pagka-Presidente. Apan lisud baya kani labi na kung nagsingabot na gayud ang piniliay o human sa deadline sa filing of certificate of candidacy karong Nobyembre 30, tungod kay karon man gani ang mga lideres nila nagsugod na pod ug kalibog kung asa sila mouban- sa anak ba o sa amahan? O ngadto sa Liberal party ni Noynoy o sa Lakas-Kampi-CMD? Apan di ba morag wa may problema ang duruha sa ilang pagdagan? Mas way problema ang amahan gawas lang kung kontrahon siya ni kanhi Kongresman Tonyboy Floirendo, o ni Kongresman Anton Lagdameo human magkabikil ang duruha ka pamilya (Floirendo ug Del Rosario) sulod ra pod sa ilang clan niadtong 2007 nga piniliay.
Morag wa poy problema si AGR sa iyang ambisyon nga mahimong kongresman sa Distrito 1 gawas lang kung may kalit nga may political realignment ug modagan si Bise Gobernador Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio kontra kang AGR. Matud pa ni kanhi Governor Yayong Gementiza wa siya nawad-an ug pagtoo nga di na gayud modagan si VG Baby. Una na man gud giingon ni Yayong nga modaug gayud si Baby batok kang AGR tungod kay mas nailhan ang mga Del Rosario sa Distrito 2 ug bag-o pa mipuyo sa Tagum si AGR samtang si Baby karaan nang damang sa politika. Usa pod, ang mga Suaybaguio usa sa mga pioneer nga pamilya sa Tagum.
Posible na nga si Comval Gov. Chiongkee Uy nga mosuporta sa kandidato sa administrasyon tungod kay si Gibo Teodoro man ang nahimong manok sa Lakas-Kampi-CMD. Sa iyang pag-organisar man gud sa Uswag Comval party giingon nga namarkahan siya sa Malakanyang nga posibleng moambakay ngadto sa oposisyon ug may estorya sa kanto nga mas gusto niya si Senador Manny Villar kaysa kang Noli de Castro. Kay si Gibo na man ug dili si Noli ang nahimong standard bearer sa administrasyon, di na mabutang sa delikado ang Comval unity nga maoy ilang kanunayng ginapasiatab.
Apan si kinsa kaha nila Gov. Chiongkee ug Kongresman Bobong Amatong ang kontrahon ni kanhi Gov. Joecab. “Either or pa rin” si Joecab matud pa sa usa ka magsisibya. Kung dili siya modagan pagka gobernador, pagka kongresman ang iyang daganan. Tungod kay bug-at pa gayud nga kandidato si Joecab hangtud karon, tataw nga makagasto gayud ug dako “either si Gov. Chiongkee or si Kong. Bobong” bisan pag tuod nga sa kaulahian mapildi ra gihapon si Joecab. Gibanabana nga kinahanglan nga mogasto ang makalaban ni Joecab ug di momenus sa P30 milyones aron si Joecab mapildi.
May kursunada na nga moparang kang Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay sa pagkakongresman sa Distrito 1 sa Comval- usa ka abugado. Mideklarar na siya sa miaging semana pa. Kanhing abugado sa Ombudsman for Mindanao, university professor, kanhing organisador sa mga labor unions ug mga komunidad, kanhing aktibista kay nahimo pa ganing overall chairman sa League of Filipino Students (LFS) sa tibouk Mindanao, ug nag private practice na pagkaabugado sobra 10 ka tuig na karon. Siya si Atty. Jaime Lopoz Jr, o si Atty Jun Lopoz. Tama ra pod ni kay may mapilian na ang Distrito 1 kaysa wala. Ang election piniliay gud. Dapat may pilion ta. Kung usa ra man man ang kandidato ug wa tay mapilian sama ra pod nga atong gihikawan ang katawhan sa ilang katungod sa pagpili ug lideres nga morepresentar kanila. Apan, matud pa, di modayon ug dagan ni Atty. Jun kung modagan pa man pagkakongresman si Bise Gobernador Ramil Gentugaya.
TINALIGSIK: Di gusto ni Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy nga mahimong full-pledged Daneco GM si OIC GM Allan Laniba. Way labad ni mayor kay andam pod daw si Laniba nga dili mahimong regular GM….. Way kamatuoran sa taho nga may pinalitay sa boto sa pagkahimong  Daneco Board of Directors president ni Dean Briz. Gama-gama lang kani sa mga tsismoso. Di ba sir Dean ug BOD member Kirbot sa Nabunturan? …… Hinoon, giingon nga may interbensyon sa mga political kingpin sa duha ka probinsya nga mao ra poy miendorso nga mahimo silang Daneco BOD member, kay sa katapusang pag-ihap sila man ang mipili kung kinsa ang ilang gusto nga mahimong Daneco BOD president. (e-mail:

OPINION: The admission

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By Cha Monforte
The admission of leading congressional aspirant Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR) that he is afflicted with Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer- Stage 3 is fatal to his political career and specifically to his plan of running for the District 1 post. Like it or not, even if he survives from the debilitating disease, people will talk about his health and physical capacity to handle the post.
We are forced to research online and found in the website of the National Cancer Institute of the United States that Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer in Stage 3 development has this state: The lymphoma cells are in lymph nodes above and below the diaphragm. Lymphoma also may be found in one part of a tissue or an organ (such as the liver, lung, or bone) near these lymph node groups. It may also be found in the spleen.” The treatment requires chemotherapy or radiation therapy or both, good nutrition, and a lot of rest.
Hodgkin Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system and its symptoms include the painless enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, or other immune tissue. Its symptoms include fever, weight loss, fatigue, or night sweats. The website tells of sure side effects of the treatment that include a weakened immune system “because chemotherapy and radiation therapy often damage healthy cells and tissues and the common side effects of cancer treatment are fatigue, pain, nausea, vomiting, decreased blood cell counts, hair loss, and mouth sores.”
Taking these literature, AGR’s cancer would really have an impact to his physique and gives great physical challenge to him in case he or his family still decides to still engage him in politics after his recovery from the treatment. We are 12 months ahead before a heightened electoral tempo of 2010, and if for the next 6 months his chemotheraphy is through and the next 6 months (July to January) he’s quite on track on rest and recovery, the early months of 2010 would all still be needed by him for mild physical activity considering that it is cancer and not a common disease that is afflicting him.
What Tagum pundits are saying that there is quite a doubt that he could withstand a bruising electoral campaign by March 2010 is thinkable speculation. As of this writing, we don’t hear yet that the Lakas leaders in Davao del Norte led by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario have convened purposely to tackle on who is the next in line after AGR for the congressional standard bearer although Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio is now much talked of as the logical choice for the post.
But the governor could not indefintely put the issue on his hand considering the wrangling of Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel and the need for certainty in the political realignment with the seeming political exit of AGR. Also, with Baby’s shift for the congressional post, the vice governor’s post will become an open, vacant post and we expect further wrangling over for this from other Lakas party wannabes. Dangpanan for the VG post? What about the last-termer Cong. Arrel Olano? This has to be decided in consideration to the possible moves of the other factors outside the provincial political boardroom- City Mayor Rey Uy, former Gov. Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza (who has said why not also in Congress? But he threw his indorsement to Baby), and as well as the Floirendos.
Things are just beginning to be both certain and messy with AGR’s political exit due to his health (For online edition, visit, ot, for comments and reactions, text 09069104553, or email, watch “Tagum Newsbreak” of WTV 11 channel over Skycable Tagum)

Yari na ang badyet!

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By Cha Monforte

Last Monday the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Davao del Norte enacted the P40.18-million third supplemental budget without much ado. Though the session that ended past the twilight was marred by a heavy pounding of a gavel at the hands of an obviously irked Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, the passage of the budget came in rather smooth and sweet fashion, to say the least.

We don’t know yet what made the vice governor obviously fuming mad, with an apparently reddened face, in the middle of the verbal tussle between PCL-Davao del Norte President Larry Caminero and Boardmember Leopoldo Monteroso Sr. over a rather trivial issue about correcting a committee report. In the end, the good ordinance on participatory governance being proposed by Boardmember Jose Recarido Federiso was stymied, and… see you next week folks, I should say. But I still believe on the adage: “When there’s smoke, there’s fire” even as we’re not yet seeing a Great Seesaw in the session hall. Maybe, that would come by 2009 as BM Roger Israel might have implied.

Was it the miniscule appropriation of only P150,000 for the governor’s office (oops, sorry we have a typo error in Tuesday’s sub-head as it was printed P90,000), while the position above him- of course as in any other executive budgets in other turfs- eats up so much of the SB No. 3 that made Suaybaguio ultimately furious over the verbal tussle of Caminero and Monteroso? Or he just wanted to rein in a questioning boardmember, who is still a mediaman by heart, and go straight for the approval of the budget. It seems the vice gov was not minding at all his saling pusa budget.

The budget approval came so hastily. The SP jumped over another one week session of approving a budget certified as urgent by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario last Friday, when the floor leader Boardmember Greg Facula got 2/3 of the 13-men body in session on suspended house rules and put the agenda back for the third and final reading. It was hastily approved. Is Facula now a gameplan maker?

There was breezing speed in the approval of the budget measure when there was already an uneasy, impatient mood in the session hall while several other boardmembers were either chatting with each other, reading papers or were just unperturbed (sleepy?). Obviously, there was already such eerie atmosphere in a long-drawn out session even as the Solo Maria, Boardmember Janet Gavina, the chair of the finance committee, made sitsit to nearby boardmembers to call their attention to listen to her while she was reading and making motions for approval of P40.18-million SB No. 3?

After the gavel was mildly banged this time by the presiding vice governor to declare for the approval of the budget, we saw for ourselves the SP secretary making a hand signal to a subordinate positioned at the door with his index finger moving like cutting through his neck. And we thought that the long session had to end, at last. But somebody interpreted the sec’s hand signal might mean to say yari na ang badyet. Hearing none, the budget is hereby approved!

BLOGBITS: Former Nabunturan Mayor Antonio Tulio died Monday after a lingering illness. We’ll pray for the soul of the once popular and great town leader to rest in final peace with his Creator. For today’s youths, Tulio was a byword in Nabunturan especially during the time of Marcos as he was a known friend of the President. For once having sizable logging concession, Tulio’s luster stretched beyond the narrow confines of Nabunturan and was known by erstwhile big guns of the undivided Davao del Norte like Desiderio Dalisay, Alcantaras… Tagum City is turning green. Not by the trees but by the colors of its trikes. Drivers and operators say they are shifting to green color as their franchise could not be renewed without it. The renewal fee has also increased form P200 plus to P600 plus. Changing color, they say, is an additional expense. That’s besides the bane of making tricycles all green. Now erring drivers can have a good time of sneaking and vanishing fast into the sea of green tricycles, say the tsokolate drinkers and puto maya eaters at Rizal St. (For online edition, visit my blog at: