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Finance Secretary Purisima positions 13 men to Bureau of Customs’ influential positions

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nov 16, 2013
Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima has recently ordered a detail of thirteen officials from finance department to head various key and influential positions in the Bureau of Customs.
Sec. Purisima issued Department Order No. 062-2013 dated November 8, 2013, detailing officials from the Revenue Agency Modernization (ORAM) under the Dept of Finance (DoF) to influential posts of district collectors in various ports such as the Manila International Container Port, and the ports of Subic, Cebu, and Batangas.
The same order covered the airport of Clark, and various posts in key divisions and groups such as the enforcement, security and legal services, prosecution and litigation, customs police and intelligence divisions, and finance-handling services and groups in BOC.
The secretary based his order pursuant to DoF Executive Order No. 140- 2013, creating the Customs Policy Research Office (CPRO), which was earlier questioned in court last October by 15 customs collectors whom Purisima and BOC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon sought to be transferred as part of BOC’s ongoing reforms.
The affected customs collectors, to stop their transfer citing violation of their security of tenure, first got a three-day temporary restraining order from a  Manila court, and had it extended for 17 days before the petition for permanent TRO was later on junked by the court.
The 13 ORAM officials to head BOC’s various posts are Willie Tolentino as Director III of Enforcement Security Service, Atty. Alexis Medina as Director III of Legal Service, Arnulfo Gambayan and Atty. Lionel Gramata to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Mario Mendoza as Collector of Customs VI of the Port of Manila, Atty. Emer Aceron as Collector of Customs V of NAIA Customshouse, Elmir De La Cruz as Collector of Customs VI of Manila International Container Port, Ernesto Benitez, Jr. as Collector V of the Port of Batangas, Arnulfo Marcos as Collector of Customs VI of the Port of Subic, Esteban Castro as Collector of Customs VI of the Port of Clark International Airport, Charo Logarta Lagamon as Chief Administrative Officer of the Public Information and Assistance Division, Roberto Almadin as Collector of Customs VI of the Port of Cebu, and Esteban Castro as Collector of Customs VI of the Port of Clark International Airport.
Earlier, last Oct. 31, Purisima through Assistant Secretary (Asec) Ephyro Amatong asked Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes for an exemption of the election ban on the hiring, transfer and detail of 20 BOC officials sought to be detailed to CPRO.
A day before Purisima’s order, on Nov 7, Biazon and Purisima issued Customs Personnel Order No. B-240-2013 detailing 10 BOC officials to CPRO.
Detailed were Deputy Commissioner of Customs Ericson Alcovendaz, Remedios Espinosa, who was the Collector of Customs of the Manila International Container Port, three officials with rank Directors III, and five other officials in customs police, intelligence and pubic information divisions in BOC’s Manila office.
The 10 newly detailed officials are apart from the 27 customs collectors ranked V and VI whom Purisma and Biazon ordered last September to be detailed to CPRO, which caused for 15 of them to file the TRO case. Reports said that several of the 27 affected customs collectors had resigned or went on leave from the Bureau out of disgust and dismay, while some 12 had reported to CPRO.
However, last Monday, Nov. 11, Purisima and Biazon issued CPO B-241-2013 amending their Nov. 7 CPO, which obviously corrected the statement of facts in the positions of Alcovendaz and Espinosa, but it replaced the name of Cesar Rubio Albano, who has the position of Special Police Lieutenant of the Customs Police Division with the name of Eric Garalde Albano, who has the position of Intelligence Officer IV of the Intelligence Division.
A BOC Davao insider said that the Albano retained in BOC is a close friend of DoF Asec Amatong. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)