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OPINION: Mixed, confusing signals

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By Cha Monforte

aug 7
Former Davao del Norte vice governor and now confirmed congressional aspirant Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR), on his first working day last Monday, has definitely let loose mixed and confusing signals from the influential politico-economic Del Rosario family. By now,  after his Monday’s statements hogged the headlines and aired wide over in the next day, political leaders and pundits in Davao del Norte are drawing and trading opinions and speculations that have either reinforced or changed the usual perception on the politics of his father Governor Rodolfo del Rosario (RDR).
Nevertheless, AGR’s statements have still to be connected to the politics of his father governor, who is considered a political kingpin in the province, whether or not the son consulted first the father on his plan of resigning from the administration Lakas-Kampi party and going independent in running for Congress by 2010. As has been through the years and decades, it would seem that RDR’s politics has been anchored on traditionalism and convenience linked to the national administration in power, and in previous cases where his presidential candidates lost in the polls he played to be consistent post-election turncoat in favor to the winning administration.
When AGR said that there’s no need actually for a party to win an election, we take that with grain of salt given the resources of his father or the Del Rosario family (including his mother who comes from the Floirendo family). The speculation is that AGR has crossed the rubicon or put the cart ahead of the horse in going independent in calculated deference to his father’s partymates, foremost to Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr who is most closest to RDR in terms of anointment without an AGR comeback from his stage 3 hodgkin lymphoma cancer. The resignation act is pretty respectful to partymates while it seems to be actually suggesting to ask for the slot from a distance, following AGR’s long absence due to cancer disease that “was already completely healed”.
But by this, two speculations cracked up: the first is that comes before the elections, the Lakas-Kampi party headed by RDR would have to adopt AGR as a guest congressional candidate without filling up the congressional bet in the province’s District 1, and the second- RDR would engage in political lobotomy in favor to his son with a token congressional Lakas-Kampi bet chosen, which is not only far-fetched and divisive, but also puts the governor in a politically treacherous and awkward position.
In terms of seniority under the rule of the Lakas-Kampi equity of the incumbent in selecting a congressional standard bearer, Vice Gov. Suaybaguio has the edge than AGR who is not elected official this time and is only a member, not an official of Lakas-Kampi party. In the light of his father’s pro-administration consistency, it is also far-fetched that the son would root for the opposition in a way that they could play one hydra with two heads, with each playing with two leading presidentiables comes 2010.
But then pundits ask who knows AGR is the forerunner of next events that could change the political landscape in the province like becoming the forward emissary to the opposition, although in his mixed, confusing statements he said he would be independent in his running, meaning neither an administration nor an opposition while still believing 100 percent on GMA up to this day, without minding that his father is the top gun of the administration party in the province.
By this, either he would remain 100-percent independent, or inevitably jump to the opposition ship with RDR if the latter continues to be visibly no longer enjoying the top of the creme in the blessings of the Palace (with AGR’s revelations that RDR at the recent was abruptly replaced as the regional boss and national treasurer of the Lakas-Kampi party). If they so jump ahead and not change horses in mid-stream only, the national opposition that is winning as shown in the unprecedented people’s outpouring in Cory’s funeral will gladly receive them. But by then RDR’s politics is changed. (For comments, reactions, txt 09069104553 or e-mail:

NEWS: “Baby will defeat AGR”- Yayong

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Despite AGR’s reported recovery from cancer

may 6

Former Davao del Norte Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza in an interview yesterday made his early electoral prediction that Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr will defeat the governor’s son Anthony Rafael del Rosario (AGR) once the two would decide to slug it out for the District 2 congressional post in 2010 polls.

Speaking in his sprawling residence cum copra warehouse in Apokon, Tagum City, Gementiza said that AGR, who was reported last week to have recovered from his Stage 3- Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer following chemotherapy treatments, could not win over Suaybaguio saying that “ay sus Tagum lang ang tan-awon (they could only glance it in Tagum) “given that Suaybaguio had served for 9 years as a mayor here”. “Modaug lagi si Baby!”

The former governor reiterated his earlier political remark that AGR is closely identified to have hailed from District 2 and not from District 1 despite than he has already established a residence in the city.

“But Baby is more popular than (Cong. Arrel) Olano, who defeated twice (Pantaleon) Bebot Alvarez due to the issue of non-residency,” Gementiza added.

Based on this result, he said that the people of Tagum will always ask, nasapawan man ta (somebody rises from outside of  them) and would not want it.

Gementiza also opined that if he were the father of a son politician who has recovered from cancer he would not allow him to be drafted to go through the rigors of electoral campaigns especially in a congressional race where it is a must that the candidate should really sweat it out to individually campaign to each and everyone.

“And how much more if you win. Trabaho gyud ang naa sa Congress (it’s all work in Congress),” he added.

Gementiza said that based on what his friend physicians have told him there is a “need for a five-year rest” to those who have survived from cancer.

He further said that given this AGR could have an option of running for governor if his father Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario (RDR) would opt to retire and “in this case RDR would take charge of the campaigning”.

Obviously giving unsolicited advice, he added: “And if AGR wins as governor he can still run the Capitol through his administrator and the vice governor.”

In the same interview, Gementiza also confirmed that he had already applied to RDR for him to go back to the Lakas fold, which has yet no action taken by the Lakas party in the province at press time. “Pero daghan ang mobabag ana (Many will block my application)”.

Asked on what post he would aspire by 2010, he shot back: “ayaw sa, wala sa (none yet)”.

In 2007 Gementiza made a jump ship from Lakas close before elections and subsequently ran but failed in his gubernatorial bid for reelection against the comebacking RDR. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)