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NEA decides to re-publish vacant DANECO GM post; Laniba out

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Feb 10-16, 2011

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has recently given the go signal to the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) board of directors to re-publish the notice of vacancy for the general manager position.

The NEA’s recent decision to seek for new applicants for general manager nationwide is seen as its usual paying of respect to the independence in the decision-making of the Daneco’s board whose current majority dislike Daneco insider-employee Allan Laniba to become the regular GM.

Last January the Daneco board in a resolution recommended to the NEA to re-publish the notice of vacancy of the GM post rather than go for the option of confirming Laniba to become the regular GM.

NEA Administrator Editha Bueno gave an advisory last December to either re-publish the notice of vacancy for the GM post or confirm Laniba, for which the board opted for re-publication visibly thumbing down the prequalification of Laniba following his short-lived OIC GMship in 2009.

For over two years now NEA has been noted to be often throwing back Daneco boardroom’s contentious issues for ultimate decision of the board.
NEA’s rules however provide the board of power cooperative to have the final say on the choice of the regular GM although it is NEA which tests, preselects, shortlists GM post candidates and recommends to the board.

Daneco insiders interviewed said that with the NEA’s decision and with the strong sticking out of the Daneco’s majority led by board president Dean Briz to give no-confidence measure to Laniba’s managerial capacity, “he has no more face to insist to become our GM”.

Reports said earlier that in the 12-man board only one director is supporting Laniba.
Laniba is currently defending charges of mismanaging the small affairs of the recently abolished Barangay Power Associations (BAPAs) where several BAPA officers were accused of pocketing several millions of power bill collections, which they failed to remit to Daneco’s coffers.

Engr. Nelson Balangan has been acting as the Daneco OIC GM since April 2010.(cha monforte)