OPINION: TokHang for lawyers, et al

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July 17


By Cha Monforte

TokHang for lawyers, et al

Now I realize – after reading Baste Duterte’s opinion on being Mindanaoan stereotyped as a Moro when you are in Manila, and for all that Manilenyos’ supremacy-fueled hatred against Moro- the more Pres. Duterte comes home to Mindanao on weekend to rest, the more this historical bias against Mindanao will be hastened to be reversed.


I’m seeing that the cops’ Bato Dela Rosa will be the next Mindanaoan senator by May 2016. Jan. 21 before that he’ll have his mandatory age of retirement.


Hope is high that the graft issues vs. ex-Pres. Noy’s subalterns won’t cascade and prosper like the plunder case vs. Coloma and COA’s findings on unauthorized bonuses worth almost P1 B by PCSO’s execs as I would be tempted to say that Noy only indulged in seeing the macro and the big picture than the micro and ugly view on Bilibid.


Why: If someone is accused of worst corruption in our country he reasons out he’s been selling jewelries, like that narco general mayor.


For those who don’t hug with unwashed masa, when a Bisaya IDP (Illegal Drug Personality) says kaon, it means to take shabu. It was suyop, etc before. Kaon no more!


If you’re a Duterte hater and you have dreamed him as part of your dream scene, then: you actually love him which you deny while awake. You’re not a true blue Dutertard if you haven’t dreamed Pres. and you with others as characters of your dream scene.


We shall launch now Tuwid na Daan para sa Tunay na Pagbabago with PDP & LP coalition, after all the fist color is usually yellow in color.


I wish there would be discreet TokHang for lawyers, doctors, teachers, mediamen, and managers. But a netizen snapped back to this post, and she said: “include the politicians like councilors, vice mayors, mayors up to the highest level.” She was short of saying include the congressmen and governors.


OPINION: Malacanang of the South

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by Cha Monforte

The Malacanang of the South in Davao City is great proposal. After all it’s the President himself that is the source of power. He represents vox populi. The seat of power comes secondary. A coup ending in seizing up a palace without the top occupant is hollow. In a flat world of high-tech communications, the President is given the access to be omnipresent to the nation even if he chooses this city of the south as the new capital by holding office here in most of the days in a week.
So it’s doable pala eh for all TV networks and media headquartered in Imperial Manila to report news on our President-elect headquartered in Davao City without hitches and glitches. ABS-CBN showbiz reporter Mario Dumaual has just sent his superb report on excellent barong and gown designers in Davao City, Mindanao. Goosebumps appear at last over how the imperial media highlight now the affairs of the metropolitan city in the nation’s periphery, Mindanao, the backwater sub-region of PH. If PDut will always stay in city during his reign, expect his contemplated project of three major train lines across PH realized as practical Manilans wanting to see and talk with their President come here by trains due to excess air passengers. With the giving of importance to Davao City as like the country’s new Metro Manila, spatial decentralization is effected as by poetic justice is served to long neglected Land of Promise.
Strike while the iron is hot. The CPP-NDF-NPA should grab now the 4 departments (DAR, DENR, DOLE, DSWD) offered by PDut. Get the 4 depts while talking peace, arms’ disposition shortly later. The 4 are big depts. It’s like a tenth of the government chopped up for a partial coalition. What about this 1/10th coalition movement so that peace will reign forever in our country? The clamoured genuine agrarian reform will first be launched under Joma’s leadership as DAR-DENR-DOLE-DSWD consultant, before that nationalist industrialization you said. Slowly but surely there will be victory counted on few years and terms than the longest 4 decades you have.
The Philippine Consulate officials and employees in Dubai are accordingly a bunch of arrogant people! Filipinos asking much needed help from our Dubai consulate are shabbily treated and usually ignored. “Mga arrogante mga walang modo mura mi mga walay pulos,” riled one OFW who pm’d me on my Facebook. President-elect Duterte needs to shake the Dubai consulate up upon his assumption to office. Meantime, outgoing PNoy should know about this arrogance taking place in the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, baka pwede pang malinis pa nya ito.
It was maybe that PDut’s heart pulsates to be more a Moro in his linealogy that Borloloy, our ROTC corp commander 3 decades ago in Msu Marawi, has become to be the first MSU Rearguard who becomes the PNP Chief, and surely Sir Salimbangon (“drop like a log, look like a tiger”) and all those who ate there @ P180/month from Rajah Solaiman Hall are now having our best laugh. Congrats MSUan Borloloy, one star General Police Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa!
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Basalo declares to run for mayor

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(late upload oct 27, 2014 news)

Civil engineer and former Councilor of Montevista Cirilo “Jun” Basalo, Jr. declared to run again for mayor in his hometown in the coming 2016 polls.

In an interview, his dream of bringing real changes and development in Montevista “remains as ever” and this time he said he would ally with gubernatorial wannabe Congressman Rommel “Bobong” Amatong.

Inline image 2

He would possibly take his former Vice Mayor and Councilor Jose Juario as his runningmate if the later accepts so.

As of now, Engr. Basalo said he has development vision for Montevista anchored on three platforms of government: good governance, sustainable development bias to the barangays, and investments attraction for jobs’ generation.

He said these platforms if aggressively pursued would polevault development to the long-underdeveloped town with its results and gains felt by the barangays.

Basalo is a civil engineer in profession and had served the town as councilor for three straight terms.

He is a businessman, concentrating on imports and exports.

His ties-up and connections, both domestic and international particularly BIMP-EAGA countries could spell difference to Montevista when attracted to invest in Montevista and partnered for economic and social development especially as the Asean Integration will already start next year, 2015.

In last 2013 election, Basalo ran independent against now Mayor Topoy Jaictin.

In that election, Basalo got sizable votes even if he lacked resources while Jaictin was aggressively backed up by the well-oiled machinery of the Uswag Comval, the administration’s provincial party.

“The gubernatorial bid of Congressman Amatong is a game-changer,” Engr. Basalo quipped.

Meanwhile, reports said that the Jauods are withdrawing their support to Jaictin, whom opposition pundits charged to have not made good performance during his first term as mayor.

A highly placed source said that Jaictin’s tandem Vice Mayor Roel Abucejo would be dropped for his reelection bid with Jaictin by the Uswag Comval as well-performing Councilor Boy Rabanos “is the favorite” of Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy.

“FVR did not endorse me”- Duterte . But just the same FVR wants a Mindanaoan President, and who else?

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(late upload oct 27, 2014 news)

Just the same former President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) wants a Mindanaoan President and who else is he referring to? Apparently, he is Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte.

There was literally one huge writing in the wall for Duterte to finally meet the push, prodding and thumbs-up of many people for him to run for President as when FVR personally added letter “s” with the use of pentel pen to the phrase “Atin to Pre” printed on the t-shirt he exchanged to wear during last Thursday’s opening of BIMP-EAGA & IMT-GT Trade Fair and Business Leaders’ Conference.

The changed slogan (Photo credit FB of Frank Villaroman)

The t- shirt has the word Digong! and under it a hand logo giving a thumbs-up before the changed “Atin to Pres.”

During the regular TV program of the mayor on Sunday, he said that FVR when he came here last Thursday both of them talked more about the BIMP-EAGA trade that FVR started and “talked politics for only less than 10 minutes.”

He said FVR asked him about his reported presidential plan and just the same he said he is not interested to run and has no money for it.

But FVR said “the next President should come from Mindanao as no Mindanaoan has yet become the country’s President,” the mayor recalled when prodded by his co-anchor Atty. Geraldine Chiu.

Duterte has been consistently declining to run for President citing variably at least three bones of contentions that include his non-interest, lack of money, and his age (he is now 69).

Despite his consistent thumbing down, more and more people keep onthe other hand keep on thumbing up for him to run for President.

The BIMP-EAGA event will ended yesterday, Sunday. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Pa assumes son’s councilorship in BE Dujali, Davao Norte

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(late upload oct 25, 2014 news)

The father of a councilor who is on jail due to alleged drug pushing has assumed the latter’s councilor’s post in Braulio E. Dujali town in Davao del Norte.
Romulo “Mulong” Esmino, Sr. assumed as regular councilor succeeding his son Romulo Jr  through a unanimous choice of the town’s and local party officials.
In an interview, Councilor Romulo Sr. vowed he would continue giving sincere and wholehearted services for the town’s constituents.
He thanked officials for giving confidence to him to serve the unserved term of his son who is still waiting for a grant of a bail bond after his arrest and imprisonment following a buy bust on illegal drug last Nov. 11, 2013.
He expressed optimism that his son would be released on bail.
The father took his oath of office last Aug. 4 and attended his first session in the Sangguniang Bayan on Aug. 7.
Romulo Jr had earlier tendered his voluntary resignation.
Kusog Baryohanon party stalwart Cong. Anton Lagdameo, Mayor Lolita Moral, Vice Mayor Samuel Pacres and town councilors were unanimous in choosing Mulong Sr to assume his son’s post. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Panabo police implements “no plate, no travel policy” without let up

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(late upload oct 25, 2014 news)
Panabo PNP police chief PSupt.  Roderico Roy Jr is making special focus for his police force these days to be always in full alert in checking and taking right police actions against violators of traffic laws especially against owners and drivers of single motorcycles which have no plate number.
He is actively implementing a “no plate, no travel” policy, and without let since he assumed office last July.
Besides this violation, the city police is also making citations to violators for having no driver’s license, OR/CR , or only having expired ones, and others.
In fact, they have already turned over many apprehended vehicles to the Land Transportation Office in the province.
PSupt. Roy said this is one way in preventing crimes as single motorcycles have been often used by riding in tandems as their getaway vehicles.
Relatively, the police chief’s focus runs parallel with the “no plate, no travel” policy in neighboring Tagum City.
Meanwhile, LTO Davao del Norte provincial director Marietta Piccio bared in separate interview that beginning November 1 the LTO will implement in full weight the “no plate, no travel” policy.
“On that day dakop na, way pilion ang LTO (It’s apprehension time, we’ll not spare anybody,” Piccio declared saying there was a recent directive from LTO national office to that effect.
PSupt. Roy recently submitted his Anti Criminality Action Plan (ACAP) to City Mayor Atty. Jose Silvosa, Sr. in a city conference.
The ACAP he devised outlined his crime prevention and anti-criminality operational plans that aimed to address and contain crimes in the city such as thefts, holdups, crimes relating dangerous drugs and others.
He is also focused in keeping his police force on higher moral ascendancy as he engaged on “internal cleansing” of the city police force by purging misfits who used prohibited drugs.
Currently, Roy has 8 policemen who are undergoing criminal investigation course. He is launching also a “Isumbong Mo kay C.O.P” text/call hotline.- (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

Tagum mayor perplexed on what’s his political party

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(late upload oct 25, 2014 news)

Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon is perplexed over what is his political party now as in the last 2013 election he ran under the PDP Party but “without the PDP’s CONA (Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance)”.

“I’m PDP (candidate), but technically I’m independent, or I’m PDP independent,” he said.

That time the PDP party leadership was not yet wracked with division between Vice President Jejomar Binay and the Pimentels- former Senator Nene and Senator Koko.

In March this year Binay left PDP and is now leading the United Nationalist Alliance which he shared leadership with PMP party czar, former President Erap Estrada.

Rellon left the Liberal Party prior the 2013 polls as he was not endorsed the mayoral standard bearer.

Rellon explained: “I have strong reason to leave the LP. I went to Manila and sought refuge to Binay and he embraced me. I then ran under PDP. But we ran without the CONA. Technically, I’m independent. I don’t know. But I will really go for Binay. We’re closer to each other.”

Further, he said Binay visited him twice in Tagum City while he is already the mayor- during the rover scouting and the national jamboree activities. “Atty. Wendel Avisado (Binay’s top leader in the region) keeps on calling me. We’re closer to each other.”

He further recalled that when he left the LP, “OK ra pod kay I became free” as he ran virtually without a party, without money but with the people of the city backing him up for his victory.

He said that although he left the LP in the province, “but in reality” he always goes for Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, the provincial chair of the LP.

It appears now that Rellon. being “technically independent” is choosing with whom to ally: RDR and Baby of the LP, locally, and Binay of the opposition UNA, nationally.

He said he is willing to go back to the fold of the LP party.

But when it comes to the choice of who’s the standard bearer for mayor in 2016 election, and if it’s not him, he openly confided: “Ah, lahi na na! (It’s different matter).”

He added he is supporting all-out the gubernatorial bid of Vice Gov. Victorio Suaybaguio, Jr. in 2016 polls.

Suaybaguio has long not been hiding his interest to run for governor in 2016 saying he has long prepared for it while he has been serving as Gov. Del Rosario’s vice governor for four terms already. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)