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COMMENTARY: The Vice Governor’s post

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oct 27-Nov 2, 2011

Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr is certainly no pushover in the political arena of Davao Del Norte. That there’s now a talk about someone wanting to take the place of the vice governor by 2013 despite that he has still one term for reelection is cheap talk knowing that there’s still a lot of political scenarios that will develop in the next months to come.

Maybe, Davao del Norte politics now is just infected by the start-up political heat that fumes up when the post of last-termer Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya is being targetted by many interested political leaders in Compostela Valley. There’s former Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora waiting on the wings.

Fact is, the present Comval vice governor is seen to be facing a pitiful political plight (and the saddest he would be seen by if he runs for boardmember by 2013 after completing his three terms) because he has no more other top posts to run to except the posts of the governor and of the congresman or of Congreswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay for that matter. Unfortunately, there’s no vacancy in these posts by 2013. That’s different to this: Earlier, Davao del Norte District 2 Boardmember Ely Dacalus  swore to high heavens that he would never go back running for councilor in Panabo as it would have him seen as to be having no other option than to continue making a livelihood out from being elected for a public office. At least, that’s amor propio.

However, this doesn’t ring true for Vice Gov. Gentugaya as he comes from a rich business gentry, and therefore his reported plan to slide down to a lower post is never for employment/ livelihood purposes but for sustenance of his political circulation. That’s what has been egged out by the political merons near to the Comval vice governor. They have been giving him unsolicited (ill) advices.

It’s already a feat of Vice Gov. Gentugaya that he ended up his third term after a series, backtracking to the earliest series starting when he became the SK federation representative to the provincial board. Pushing him to run for boardmember is obviously a bad advice if he wants to project a high-ending, shining political image after his historic saga of being elected starting from the SK. We heard that among     Comval boardmembers, it was often Boardmember Neri Barte who at this early egged out the idea of the vice gov running for the lower position of the boardmember.

As to Davao del Norte Vice Gov. Suaybaguio, he has still one term more to complete and for sure the ruling Liberal Party in the province knows the ultimate rule of the equity of the incumbent, and hence, nobody could replace him in the slate before the 2013 political season until the party cracks up wide and crashes down to smithereens because of new political configurations.  It’s pretty an ugly sight to the political veterans when all formidable leaders including the vice gov fight it out against each other when cost-wise they could just maintain the status quo in the alliance, by the rule of the incumbents’ equity and by reasoned negotiations than by surprising realignments than would only engender more costs and expenses for electoral winning. It’s pretty dignified, too, to stick to the party rules than to blood rules, similar to that foreseen dignified political forlough of the vice gov of Comval.

OPINION: Dreamers in our provinces

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By Cha Monforte

aug 3

As of this moment, there seems to be silence in the political front in the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley. This, as time and again trumpeters of former Vice Governor Anthony del Rosario (AGR) floated in the media that soonest he would be back in the arms of the Davao del Norte Capitol reporting that he has already been healed from stage 3 hodgskin lymphoma cancer after undergoing series of chemotherapy treatments. And in the Comval front- the burying of the hatchet between Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay after their jockeying on who should be the administration’s standard bearer for the the District 1 congressional post comes 2010. Yes, we are re-stating these two potential flashpoint areas in these provinces as these could make or unmake political configurations of the dominant power blocs led by governors.

What if AGR could not really sustain his presence until November’s filing of certificate of candidacy, given his doctors’ advice about his presumably weakened immune system and the high-risk of contracting diseases from third party (read: the masa electorate) if he would expose himself to them during the campaign period? Surely, it would trigger sipsipan over who should be the kingpin governor’s choice for the Davnor District 1 congressional post, and then we’re coming for a new circle in Davnor politics.

If the present Ramil-Maricar silence is taken for good, the more we’ll fear for a divisive scenario as an adage says “still water runs deep”. The more the Comval provincial administration bury this issue and keep their silent brickbrats to themselves even if they continuously sing hosannah to the purported “Comval unity” under the “Uswag Comval” banner, the more the Comval public wonder and ask about what the hell is Comval politics going without the usual fanfare spawned by competing political rivals, for as they say “election is fiesta in the Philippines”. Without the opposition, this province will sink from its usual democratic tradition, nay for having so much democracy shown by competing protagonists even only during elections.

Those who insist that political unity in our provinces is shown by the absence of political opposition and critics or even dreamers of public posts vying against municipal and provincial administration’s power stalkers are giving great disservice to our democracy and to the sacred power of the people to elect whom they want to serve them. This isn’t only a downright hypocritical political slogan, advocacy or doctrine- in whatever degree it may have already crept in our barangays now, but a self-serving declaration that only they have the right to rule over ourselves. “Ano sila sineswerte?” quipped one lawyer who would really dare to run against BM Maricar if really VG Ramil would chicken out from his prior plan and BM Maricar would really have no opponent by May 2010 polls and hence, the spectre of giving the pork- and perks-blessed congressional post in a silver platter to her. Our people should really be given a choice than wait lying down for victors if we want democracy to be alive and to flourish in our provinces.

The insidious characteristic of this creeping political doctrine in our time is the way a privileged few now command to put themselves and their political heirs, associates and allies in power, and agree among themselves on when to transfer and swap high public posts after reaching the limits of their terms.

But this cannot go on indefinitely without a challenge. True, election is really costly and treacheries rule in political realm while daring money politics had been boldly introduced in the recent elections. It’s the realpolitik in these provinces when kingpins dictate and strongly influence. In the end, we we’ll get nothing in this political culture except bad politics that has to be handed down to the next generations, in so costlier and costliest form in future elections after elections that in the end elected leaders would be forced to corrupt the public coffers to recoup their election expenses.

We’re only imagining a dreamland in Isabela and Pampanga electoral experiences with the upset electoral victories of the Padaca and Panlilio over well-entrenched and moneyed political clans and families. But this isn’t unreachable if we believe in the inert capacity of our people to change institutions, leaders and rulers. But always change starts from a dream, and dreamers spring eternal from the ranks of the youths. I recall the late lawyer Florante Garcia of Compostela who stood and fought against blandishments and isolations made by political titans and traitors in traditional politics, and for such he showed the youth’s energy and zest for change in peaceful means. I’m no pessimist. And for this, there are always youthful sons and daughters in our provinces who would spring out to dream and work for reforms and change. (For reactions, txt 09199748945, or email:

NEWS: BM Maricar thanks VG Ramil for giving way for her to Congress

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Says: “I will not forget that once upon a time I was your beneficiary”
may 4
Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay of Compostela Valley has profusely thanked and gave early tribute to the “bravery and heroism” of Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya  for giving way for her to become the Lakas party’s standard-bearer for the District 1 congressional seat in the province.
In an e-mail sent to this reporter Friday, Apsay said: “The decision of Vice Governor Gentugaya favoring for the party’s unity thereby giving way to my congressional seat’s candidacy is a great opportunity as well as a challenge to prove that I am worthy of such sacrifice”.
“ I have already made an early pronouncement that I intend to run as congressman in the 2010 elections.  In fact, I made such declaration as early as right after 2007 elections”, she added.
Meanwhile, Maricar’s father, Congressman Manuel “ Way Kurat” Zamora also said: “ I do not doubt the capacity and integrity of Vice Ramil to unite our group.  He is one of my staunched political allies and a closest friend.  That is why I am so much elated with his decision.  He is a good gentleman who values honor, and his act of statesmanship is beyond reproach.  This favor given to our family by Vice Ramil will not be forgotten.  His act will be a principle that will underlay our party’s conduct, so that it will become a basis of any decision in the future”.
In the same statement, Apsay recalled that when she heard of the news that Gentugaya would no longer run for Congress, she immediately sent a text message to the vice governor thanking and lauding for his decision.
The full contents of the text message are as follows: “Vice, I got hold of your texts late last night.  I just want to reiterate this expression of gratitude to you and your entire family.  Your act of giving way in favoring the party especially me, manifests your bravery and heroism, and above all sincere humility.”
“It is without doubt that you had difficulty in coming up with your final decision considering what our constituency have expected.  Nonetheless, beyond all these, you stood up like King Solomon, so brave to decide against what is traditional and hypocritical divisiveness of our camp.
“This rare leadership that embodies the true meaning of sacrifice for the sake of unity is only beholden by those highly spirited and bravest generals in the field, which lead us to an unparalleled victory in the end.  These and all are clear acts of heroism.  An act worthy of praise and adulation, so that others may follow when times may call on the same sacrifice in the future.
“Your ability to become a symbol of unity by nurturing sacrifice and patience as remedy for all are virtues against adversary, which shows your greatness.  As a politician, I will take this a forever lesson, and I will not forget that once upon a time I was your beneficiary.  Me and my entire family will look from this day onwards a favor in return, in the future.  God bless you and your family”.
Earlier, Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy personally appealed to the Gentugaya to stay beside him as the vice governor saying that he needed the latter. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Maricar plays coy to her unofficial anointment for Congress

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Brillantes lauds Ramil’s decision of not running vs. Maricar

april 28

Compostela Valley Boardmember Maria Carmen Zamora-Apsay is visibly playing coy to the unofficial anointment of Governor Arturo Uy supporting her longstanding congressional ambition of taking the place of her congressman father who is serving his last term in the province’s District 1 post.

Apsay said she would be issuing her official statement this week on the backtracking of Lakas partymate Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya from running against her in the 2010 polls if the latter would already have his official statement.

But as she is playing coy on the matte that has had become divisive to the unity of incumbent Lakas leaders in the province, Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes said a text message, “I appreciate the decision of the vice governor. That would seal the unity in Comval.”

For her part, she said in text message”: “I will issue my official statement after the official statement of the vice gov. I don’t want to preempt.”

But Gentugaya confirmed in reply text message sent to this reporter last Saturday: “Yup, vice gov pa rin, hangyo Gov. Chiongkee nga ubanan nako siya sa province (Yup, I’ll run for vice gov again as Gov. Chiongkee asked me to join with him in the province).”

Last Wednesday, the governor said that Gentugaya unofficially heeded him to go for his reelection and not run against Apsay, whom her father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora has long been rooting as his replacement.

This even while the 10-man Lakas provincial directorate that includes former District 2 Cong. Prospero Amatong and his son Cong. Rommel have still to meet and decide on the issue on who would be the party congressional standard bearer by second week of May.

The governor also said that Gentugaya would still issue his official statement on his decision the matter this week adding that the vice governor would still consult his family on his decision. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Ramil “unofficially heeded” not to run for Congress- Gov. Uy

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april 24

Compostela Valley Governor Arturo Uy said yesterday that Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya the other day “unofficially heeded” his call to seek reelection than run against Boardmember Maria Carmen Zamora-Apsay, who like Gentugaya has long been declaring her plan to run for the District 1 congressional post comes 2010.

In a phone interview, the governor bared that he talked with Gentugaya on Wednesday at the Capitol on the matter, and on the same day Apsay and Gentugaya also talked in separate venue and “they agreed”.

Uy said that Gentugaya “unofficially heeded” his call of not running against Apsay even as the Lakas provincial directorate has not yet convened to decide on who of the two congressional hopefuls would become the Lakas standard bearer.

Apsay is the daughter of last-termer Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora .

The governor said that he was asking Gentugaya for it saying that he “could not find someone who is fit to fill on his shoes as a good vice governor”.

Uy also said that he sent a text message to Gentugaya the other night on the latter’s plan after the agreement to which Gentugaya replied that he would be informing his family on the matter.

“The vice governor has yet to make his official press release or pronouncement next week,” Uy said.

“The Lakas provincial directorate is scheduled to convene on the second week of May,” he said adding that Gentugaya could still pursue his aspiration for official action of the party directorate but with the agreement between the two parties the issue might have already become moot and academic.

Meanwhile, sources said that the former Congressman Roger M. Sarmiento (RMS) had called his former youth members under the YOURS organization for a meeting before the last Holy Week triggering speculations that RMS is running for a comeback for Congress.

“The knew them to be YOURS members as they happened to be my neighbors and I heard that they were called by RMS,” said New Bataan Councilor Billy Capuyan.

YOURS means Youth Organization United for Roger Sarmiento.

In 2001 elections Sarmiento picked Cong. Way Kurat Zamora to replace him after Sarmiento’s first- term as congressman as the latter ran but lost in the gubernatorial fight with former Gov. Jose Caballero, who was then running for his reelection for a second term.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: The agreement

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By Cha Monforte

Now it can be told that Compostela Valley Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya had earlier pledged not to run for Congress. I finally chanced upon Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora at his base in Compostela town the other day and I got what I’ve long wished from him – to interview him tete-a-tete. To me, it was one of the rarest so I threw questions or lose him again.

There I got news right from the horses’ mouth, and what struck me was his information that VG Ramil, Gov. Chiongkee Uy, Boardmember Maricar and Cong. Way Kurat had already forged a prior agreement to avoid wrangling in the future and this is for VG Ramil to seek for his reelection as vice gov and for BM Maricar to run for the congressional post that his father is finishing to serve until 2010.

“That was the day after we took our oath of office,” Cong. Way Kurat recalled. And “I’ll stick to that (agreement),” he added.

I surfed the net when was really that, and lo, the joint oathtaking of newly elected Comval officials was June 30, 2007 (the twilight sky on that festive day was so colorful compliments of the fireworks display heralding the new administration themed in by Uswag Comval slogan). And so, the Ramil-Maricar-Chiongkee-Way Kurat agreement must be July 1, 2007. (Sorry, in my rush of writing a so good news the other day at an internet café in the interior Compostela town I missed to include the date, especially that a paying time is running against me).

When I reached his base at Compostela, Comval’s most popular politician Way Kurat, for ostensibly putting the province in the country’s map by his down-to-earth, newsworthy scenes and brims, was there in shorts and shirts calling up the Singapore embassy chancellor in Manila to help a distressed Comvalenya from Barangay Ngan, Compostela who was earlier imprisoned there but who could no longer be contacted by her relatives. The Singaporean official Cong. Way Kurat called as “my friend” pledged to help.

Things are revealing now particularly when reports were heard for sometime  that the governor had confided to several Lakas partymates and allies about his difficulties in walking in a tightrope just to keep the Comval unity surging given that he had already a prior commitment to BM Maricar. Ostensibly, this must be the continuation of the Cong. Way Kurat’s revelation that the governor has already “said his piece” and “Maricar is his choice”.

Cong. Way Kurat must have been optimistic still that the fortified Lakas-CMD would remain united with a powerhouse unity slate and that for the present running tiff between VG Ramil and BM Maricar over his post to end.  “The solution was already made,” he said referring to that July 1, 2007 agreement. He quipped that after I offered a scenario of BM Maricar running for the vice governor’s post and him for Compostela mayoral post, to keep the peace. It’s no-no, but for a win-win, VG Ramil must stick to the agreement.

But verily, Cong. Way Kurat is quite confident that VG Ramil will honor the agreement. “He is a good gentleman who has a word of honor… as well as the governor.” He knew VG Ramil too much, “from a good boy to a good man ….to a good politician and good leader in the province.”

With modesty, the congressman said that he molded VG Ramil in his political career starting when he was still the SK federation honcho after BM Maricar’s SK stint in the erstwhile undivided Davao del Norte. No wonder that the VG in his 2004 inaugural speech at Nabunturan Compre gym singled out and paid tribute to Way K with words as “my idol, my mentor”. That was the time when Gob. CK was first elected as a BM allied with ex-Gob. Joecab who defeated a token gubernatorial bet Trino Tirol.

From that interview, I also learned that the congressman and Monkayo Mayor Manuel “Junjun” Brillantes have no running feud between them and that they are seeing eye to eye and with a twosome of them leveling off . And that’s a far cry compared to the vice governor talking to the mayor only with a group, he said. But maybe the congressman is referring to the Friday Club at Marco. BM Maricar, too, is accordingly in constant communication with the mayor’s brother Lito and sister Olaycon Kapitana, Diel. I stand too apprised and updated now, thanks, but for a couple of weeks or so, I’ll wait for VG’s statement after the honeymoon with his beauteous, intelligent, Unilab executive better half- Joanna Ang-Gentugaya.

BLOGBUZZ: We still have to hear news after the scheduled meeting of the provincial directorate of Lakas-CMD in  Comval. Its chair is the governor, being the provncial Lakas chairman, with the other officers: vice chair- District 2 Cong. Rommel “Bobong” Amatong, secretary- BM Maricar, treasurer- VG Ramil, and the chairmen of the 5 committees held by Cong. Way K, Compostela Mayor Rey Castillo, New Bataan Mayor Lorenzo “Boy” Balbin, Nabunturan Mayor Macario “Dodong” Humol,    and Laak Mayor Rey “Reynab” Navarro, and provincial elder Pros Amatong as a member emeritus with also 1 vote like the rest…. Heard from the rounds after the NBI raid on the suspected culprit establishment where the UM Tagum sex scandal was camcorded. A lass just informed me, “Kuya di man to sex toy penis sa sex scandal nga na-mention nimo sa imong series of news ato, but a plastic container of Her Bench lotion.” I thought that Bench is only known of selling branded shirts and polos. For that, Bench company should better review the forms of its product containers at the risk of selling unwanted objects that someone may hold dear. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, email:, or

NEWS: Ramil will not run for Congress

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“Ramil a good gentleman who has word of honor”- Way Kurat

oct 22

District 1 Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora said yesterday that Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya is a “good gentleman who has a word of honor” in not breaching his earlier word of not running against her daughter Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay for Congress by 2010.

In an interview, Cong. Zamora, who is currently in town for the recess in Congress, bared that Ramil had pledged not to run against Maricar at the presence of Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy.

He said that the four of them- he, the governor, Ramil and Maricar had already agreed that Ramil would run for his last term as vice governor while Maricar would run for Congress, which “Ramil conceded while Governor Uy endorsed.

“Ramil has a word of honor… as well as the governor, and I will stick to

that agreement,” the congressman said.

“Ramil also a good politician, a good leader of the province,” Cong. Zamora said on the vice governor who became his ijado when he became one of the honored ninongs of Ramil and Joanna Ang-Gentugaya in their grandest wedding last Saturday.

The third-termer congressman, who has ostensibly established quite a national prominence, said that there has been no problem in the first place on the Lakas-CMD party in view of the forthcoming 2010 election, particularly in his District “as the only solution is already made, and that’s for Ramil to continue serving as the vice governor, while the governor has already said his piece, with Maricar as his choice” in in apparent displeasure to the possible division that would erupt in the unified Lakas party in the province and to the much-touted Comval in case Ramil would proceed to run against Maricar.

He said he has known of Ramil, “from a good boy to a good man… I molded him as an SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) federation president after Maricar’s SK provincial leadership until he became one good leader”.

In the same interview, Cong. Zamora took exception of the earlier Sidlak report that he “could not see eye to eye” to Monkayo Manuel “Junjun” Brillantes.

He said that on the contrary he and Brillantes have “leveled off” of their minds and have been meeting in one-on-one twosome of them unknown to the public.

He bared that Maricar,too has been in constant communication with the mayor’s brother Lito and the mayor’s sister Diel, the barangay captain of Olaycon, Monkayo.

Cong. Zamora defeated Lito Brillantes of the Liberal Party (Atienza wing)in the last 2007 polls (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)