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OPINION: Beware of Takasan’s green ordinance

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By Cha Monforte

jan 11

Compostela Valley candidates have really to be aware of Takasan’s green ordinance. That Provincial Ordinance No. 05, series of 2009, authored by Boardmember Moran Takasan has a political logic: It levels the electoral playing field among candidates, poor and rich alike.

It was two elections ago that I was bedazzled by the propaganda materials massively put up in trees along Comval’s District 1 roads and highways by a rich candidate for boardmember. The material made of sack and painted red with the name of the candidate obviously resulted to a good name recall for the candidate. Because he has a fleet of trucks and an army of campaigners, it was easy for him to mount his propa materials even in high trees that could not be reached by the oplan langkat of rival candidates. Because of such feat, he landed one of the top in the boardmembers’ race even if it was only his first time of running districtwide, and to think that he was by and large an unknown politician who came from a hinterland (but please, don’t count yet his thousands of kabos and liners during that 2004 election).

What now with the Takasan’s green ordinance? What’s in store for the candidates in Comval in so far as their posters are concerned? Takasan’s green ordinance reinforces Comelec laws and rules on outdoor propaganda materials. But then, there are other places where candidates can run around with such Comelec rules on common posting areas especially now that we’re not yet in the local campaign period and there are these blurred, gray areas until this time following the Supreme Court’s reversal on early campaigning that virtually allows candidates to run berserk in their early campaigning including the mounting of outdoor propaganda materials.

There are the electric posts, the walls without “post no bill” warning, walls of empty, closed stores, various posts, residential fences and the like that are open targets of poster-conscious candidates. The controversial ex-police officer Cesar Mancao, for one, had made his message clear- of violating, when he massively put up his greetings poster just days before the last Christmas beating to the draw his congressional rivals Atty. Jun Lopoz of the Liberal Party and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD party.

But as they say, it’s still OK and you don’t have to worry over being disqualified for premature campaigning for as long as you don’t have to put the word VOTE in your greetings posters or tarpaulins. Give Cesar his due. But the problem is Cesar’s greetings poster (with his name and face who looks like either a poster boy or General Echeverri or so) really looks like an ordinary election campaign poster during the era when there was yet no such concept of Comelec common posting area.

C’mon Comelec give us also a break. Time to issue now a Comelec circular on posting of posters even as most of the local candidates are still largely making a “wait and see” on the posting of propaganda materials. But time’s up to issue now a provincial order to Cesar to remove his posters hanged and nailed in trees at his own cost. But whew, P5,000 fine is such a peanuts, but maybe imprisonment will do good again for Cesar. We knew that Boardmember Apsay has already informed Governor Chiongkee Uy of the violations. We’ll wait then for the governor’s action, and know how many of the Cesar’s posters have been hanged and nailed in trees and thus violated the Takasan’s green ordinance. As the author says, “unsay sala sa kahoy nga imong gilansangan?”. Relevantly in this electoral season and at this time of global warming, Takasan’s green ordinance is worthy to be replicated in all provinces.

BLOGS AND BITS: Maybe most local politicians are afraid yet to mount their posters, while national politicians have all the gall to mount theirs, as the former are afraid to be disqualified and become losers of politicking for a living…. Boardmember Moran Takasan said he’s not afraid to lose “kay wa nako pakasli ang politika”. Politicians should be like him…. Politicians who don’t believe on propaganda are condemned to lose and repeat running in the next election. A déjà vu message for the running pildidos in towns…. Tagum City Councilor Nickel Suaybaguio Jr is shying away from local media invitations. He’s “you see me don’t, you see me don’t now”, said one media hack. Err ….Guess, who’s this mayoral candidate who has la affairs with many women in the province? (e-mail: