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NEWS: “I’ll wait and see” – Mayor Uy

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On political realignments

sept 15
In the wake of initial political stirrings in the province over the support of some politicians to Senator Nonoy’s bid to presidency, Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy has remained quite unperturbed saying “I’ll wait and see” on the political realignments in the national scene as well as relative to Nonoy’s recent emergence as an opposition’s top presidential contender.
“It’s his prerogative,” he commented to last week’s vocal declaration of support of the son of Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo Del Rosario, forrmer Vice Gov. Anthony Rafael, who earlier declared to run as independent candidate for the District 1 congressional post.
Already, the young Del Rosario’s expression of support last week has attracted a few of provincial politicians notably Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad while the governor has visibly remained mum on the political pronouncements of his son, who earlier went into seven-month leave as provincial sports coordinator to undergo series of chemotherapy treatments to recuperate from his stage 3 hodgkin lymphoma cancer. Last month, the former vice governor announced he was already healed from the disease.
Mayor Uy said he remained to be the city chairman of the Lakas-CMD party although it has been not clear whether the Lakas-CMD and Kampi parties have already been merged in the province while there was no provincewide assembly of Lakas and Kampi members that had happened purposely for it since the regional merger of Lakas and Kampi in June 2008 at Apo View Hotel in Davao City.
The governor though late last year said that as far as he was concerned the Lakas-CMD and Kampi parties were already merged.
This, as in the national scene, Lakas-CMD officials such as the Lakas originals represented by former President Fidel Ramos and former Speaker Jose De Venecia and Lakas-Kampi officials supportive to President Arroyo have been fighting it out at the Comelec on the issue of the accreditation of the merged Lakas-Kampi-CMD party, while other reports said that more Lakas-Kampi-CMD members in the provinces are entertaining to jump or have already jumped out from their party to the Liberal Party identified with the Senators Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas as claimed by De Venecia.
Uy, who commands the city with a big chunk of voting population in District 1, bolted from the administration to the opposition camp of opposition presidential candidate Joseph Estrada during the 2004 polls.
Uy though currently has been observed to be maintaining good relationship with Gov. Del Rosario, whom the son Anthony Rafael described in a local TV interview as a “loyal Lakas member”. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


NEWS: “I remain to be the Lakas city party chair”- VG Baby

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april 24

Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr said in an interview the other day that at present he still remains to be the city chairman of the administration’s Lakas party as Governor Rodolfo del Rosario has not yet called party shots.

“There’s still no formal turnover yet,” he said.

Asked further about the turnover, Suaybaguio said: “nobody yet asked me to give up” his being the party city chairman.

He was apparently referring to the governor’s continued mum on when to hold the party turnover rite and even big party gatherings like a caucus or assembly of party leaders and partymates.

Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy, being the one holding the highest position in the city, is reportedly supposed to be the party city chair under the Lakas bylaws.

A comebacking Tagum politician, former City Councilor Oscar “Doc Oca” Bermudez, MD told this reporter earlier that he happened to meet the mayor once in a gathering and asked Uy about the issue.

Uy had reportedly replied “sa ila na lang na ang city chairman, wa man ta nag-apas ana” at a time when the governor continued in not calling for the turnover of the post.

But Suaybaguio also said that “anytime the mayor can automatically assume the chairmanship” with Uy holding the top post in the city.

He said he can give up the post though in a formal turnover called by the governor, who is the Lakas regional and provincial party chairman.

He added he sacrificed much for the Lakas party and would always abide with its decisions.

Observers however said that Suaybaguio’s non-relinquishment of the chairmanship has already a precedent in the past when then Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza was not given the Lakas provincial chairmanship despite his being the incumbent governor.

Del Rosario, who was out from elected provincial office after running out of his three terms as governor in 2004 but serving as secretary on national government centers, held on being the Lakas provincial chairman in the ensuing years.

Del Rosario and Uy are travelling together by now in China along with other Davao del Norte mayors for a study tour.  (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum City Council suspends brgy captain for 90 days

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For sacking 3 purok chairmen

april 21

The Tagum City Council in exercising its quasi-judicial functions under the local government code yesterday handed down its verdict of suspending the barangay captain of San Isidro for ninety days without pay for alleged abuse of authority and misconduct in office stemming from three administrative cases filed January last year by three purok chairmen whom he sacked and replaced with his appointed ones.
City Mayor Rey Uy signed the order of suspension to San Isidro barangay captain Rodito Pielago basing from the decision of the Tagum Sangguniang Panlungsod which was signed by all 12 councilors and Vice Mayor Allan Rellon.
SP secretary Rey Buhion accompanied by a Dept. of Local Government city official served the order to Pielago who was not around in his barangay hall in the afternoon when it was served. A staffer of him instead received the order.
Complainants of the separate cases were George Galledo, Romeo Lubon and Cecilio Mejorada, purok chairmen who were elected in Puroks 4, 3 and 5, respectively in December 2005 during the time of former San Isidro barangay captain Venerando Tano, but whom the Pielago replaced in October 2008, after he won the barangay elections.
In their complaints, the three alleged that Pielago after appointing new purok chairmen Antonio Narbay Jr (replacing Galledo), Eleuterio Romanillos (for Lubon) and Henry Gabuyo (for Mejorada) withdrew the P6,000 honorarium from the city funds intended for the purok chairmen as peacekeepers.
They alleged that Pielago signed as the one who recevied the amount and later gave it to his appointees.
The three complaining purok chairmen lodged their respective complaints against Pielago January 7 this year to the City Council, which acting a quasi-judicial body subsequently caused Pielago and the complainants to comply with the processes and summons in administratively hearing the cases.
Pielago in his defense contended, among others, that  it was his legitimate act covered by a barangay resolution, his appointees were the ones legally entitled for the cash gift for the peacekeepers, and that the position of purok chairmen was coterminus to their appointing authority, citing a DILG memorandum circular and a legal opinion.
The City Council, however said in its decision that the grounds of Pielago in citing a legal opinion was misplaced it being premised with different facts.
The City Council also cited that Pielago disregarded the City Ordinance No. 156, s-2006, which defined the quasi-judicial powers of the City Council and prescribed the rules and procedures in the administration of complaints against elective barangay officials, and his action did not accordingly comform with the Municipal Ordinance No. 49, s-1989 on the organization of the puroks.
“Replacing the complainants as Purok Leaders through the mere execution of appointment papers in violation of Municipal Ordinance NO. 49 and withdrawing the cash gift intended for the complainants as peacekeepers and handing the same to other persons is a clear manifestation of the respondent’s abuse of his authority and misconduct in office. Such acts are plain disregard of the mandates of the said Ordinance and violation of the complainants’ constitutional right to due process,” the decision stated.
For the three cases lodged by the complainants, the City Council as a quasi-judicial body found Pielago guilty of the charges complained of, and imposed a penalty of suspension from office for a period of 90 days without pay.
The move was unprecedented during the City Council’s current term, although the previous council immediately preceeding it had accordingly separately suspended before two barangay captains facing administrative complaints.
At press time, Pielago could not be reached for comments. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Flexi-fare ordinance takes effect without SP confirmation

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Fare is already P8 starting yesterday

nov 19

The tricycle fare should already be P8 and not P10 starting yesterday in Tagum City based on the brackets in the approved flexi-fare ordinance.

Under it and at today’s reduced price of gasoline, the senior citizens and students would have to pay only P6 for the average ride.

City Land Transportation and Regulatory Board chairman  Atty. Roland Tumanda, also the city legal officer, clarified in an interview with Sidlak that even if the ordinance has not yet been confimed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, the city government has the legal basis and is empowered to enforce it to give urgent public welfare.

“But once it (the ordinance) is not confirmed by the SP, we will stop (the implementation),” he said.

Last Monday’s SP session, the flexi-fare ordinance was not yet even calendared while the SP secretary Dennis Dean Castillo confirmed that as of 5:00 PM that day he had not yet received the ordinance.

The ordinance was approved in last week’s session of the city council.

The measure was enacted due to decreases of gasoline prices.

Earlier, Mayor Rey Uy asked for patience of commuting public in the city to wait for the eventual  approval of the ordinance amid calls for decrease of tricycle fare.
The ordinance has brackets of tricycle fares that would either increase or decrease depending on the current pump prices of gasoline.

Under the ordinance, the CTFRB is the one which will call for fare increase or fare decrease from time to time.

Uy pushed the flexi-fare ordinance a week after the ordinance on fare increase from P7 to P10 effected last September 19.

Tagum is a component city of Davao del Norte and under the New Local Government Code all city resolutions and ordinances are subject for review and confirmation by the SP. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum flexi-fare ordinance not yet at SP

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nov 18

The known flexi-fare ordinance of Tagum City Hall has not yet landed at the hall of the Davao del Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan as of yesterday.

Boardmember Larry Caminero said in text message that the legislation is not yet at level of the SP, which had its session yesterday afternoon.

SP secretary Dennis Dean Castillo confirmed that as of 5:00 PM yesterday he had not yet received the city’s flexi-fare ordinance.

The ordinance was approved in last week’s session of the city council.

The measure was enacted due to decreases of gasoline prices.

Earlier, Mayor Rey Uy asked for patience of commuting public in the city to wait for the eventual  approval of the ordinance amid calls for decrease of tricycle fare.

The ordinance has brackets of tricycle fares that would either increase or decrease depending on the current pump prices of gasoline.

Under the ordinance, the City Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board is the one which will call for fare increase or fare decrease from time to time.

The mayor himself reportedly pegged the price brackets in the ordinance drafted by City Legal Officer Atty. Roland Tumanda a week after the ordinance on fare increase from P7 to P10 effected last September 19. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: RDR: Tagum Lakas chair reserved for CO

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nov 13

Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario said yesterday that since Tagum Mayor Rey Uy was the standard bearer of the ruling administration Lakas-CMD, the party’s chairmanship in the last 2007 elections is thus reserved to the latter being the top incumbent official in the city, said a DXDN Radyo Ukay-Tagum report.

“As far as I know, he is still with Lakas,” said Del Rosario in apparent comment to the report that the mayor has been gravitating towards the opposition based on his statements on a few of national issues in the past.

“Hinid na kailangang galawin ito,” he said referring to the current leadership set-up on the administration party in the city.

Picking up from the recent Lakas-CMD unification in Compostela Valley, the governor said the Lakas-CMD in his province would also have its oathtaking and reaffirmation of membership before the year will end.

The Lakas-CMD in Comval is chaired by the city mayor’s elder brother Governor Arturo Uy. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Oyo: “I’m also eligible for Congress”

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nov 12

First-termer City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo”, son of Mayor Rey Uy, said when prodded in an interview that he is also eligible to run for the congressional post that would be considered by Lakas party as vacant once its holder last-termer Cong. Arrel Olano goes out from the office by 2010.

But he said that that for now “trabaho muna bago yang politika”.
Asked if the report was true on his close friendship with former Vice Gov. Anthony Rafael del Rosario, he smiled and said that it might be because they are both young.

The young Del Rosario has been reported to aspiring for Olano’s post, while Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel has been making louder noises on his congressional ambition over the airwaves through DXDN Radyo Ukay-Tagum where Israel anchors in an early morning program.

Mayor Uy, who recently said that he still has one more term to serve, has remained silent until press time on his son’s 2010 plan.

Observers said that there seems now a start-up guessing game as to what Councilor Oyo would take a crack on by 2010, which they say may include also the vice mayoral post considering that the Davao City’s tandem of Mayor Rody and his daughter Vice Mayor Sara had already been realized and made as precedent.

Asked on his stand on the City Hall’s tiff with the North Davao College Tagum Foundation Inc., he said that the city council had thoroughly studied and discussed all the issues and their ramifications and as collegial body they ended up approving the resolutions that censured the school officials.

He admitted though that the city council has no power to contempt, even as it has the power to declare persona non grata. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)