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“I’m no protector of the Bangayans” – IGACOS VM Al David Uy

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june 17, 2014

Island Garden City of Samal Vice Mayor Al David Uy has denied the charge that he is “a protector” of the Bangayans and that he is using his position to protect the Bangayans’ shipping business.
In an interview, he said that it is just that the Bangayans of Samal Island have been old family friends of Uys.

IGACOS Vice Mayor Al David Uy

IGACOS Vice Mayor Al David Uy

In fact, he added, Ronald Bangayan, owner of the Mae Wess ferries, is his baptismal godfather.
He said the family friendship between the Uys and Bangayans dated back to his grandfather who was a business partner with the father of Ronald Bangayan.
His lolo, a pure Chinese, arrived in so early date in the island and intermingled with the natives and later married a native lady whose family name is Manlapus, he said.
The vice mayor also said that his father Jimmy is no longer connected with the Mae Wess ferries after serving as the shipping manager of Ronald Bangayan.
As to the charge that he is not favoring the planned Samal Bridge so that Bangayan could monopolize the passengers’ and cargo shipping business in Samal-Davao City sea route, he said it is “not true” as he “favors for it, only that I have many questions” like its feasibility and particularly, the cost of bridge’s toll fee, “which might be higher than the ferry fare of P10 per passenger.”
He bared that Bangayan can transfer its shipping operation like in Tagpopongan that faces the roll-on, roll off (RORO) wharf in Pantukan, Compostela Valley whenever its RORO operation is no longer feasible if the bridge exists already.
Bangayan had already purchased seafront properties in Tagpopongan, he said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)