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NEWS: Mayor Uy will not revoke business permit if payment is voluntary

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As NDC-Tagum appeals

nov 13

Tagum City Mayor Rey Chiong Uy will not be revoking the business permit of North Davao College Tagum Foundation Inc if the school will first make voluntary the payment of the fees for the nursing review and mock board examinations.

The mayor made bare his stand in a text message yesterday following Tuesday’s appeal of the censured officials and nursing students in lower years of the NDC-Tagum for the mayo not to revoke the school’s business permit.

In a DXDN Radyo Ukay-Tagum report yesterday, Dr. Roberto Palec, NDC-Tagum dean of nursing, pleaded to Uy to make more probe on the allegations against his school before making his final decision on whether to revoke the business permit of the school particularly for its nursing school program.

Dr. Palec said there is a process to follow before they could be penalized with revocation of business permit.

In another radio report, the NDC-Tagum nursing students in lower years especially those in the fourth year now also asked for non-revocation since they are already graduating by March next year.

On Monday the city council has censured the school with seven resolutions including the declaration of four top officials of the school as persona non grata and the revocation of the permit of the school’s nursing course program.

NDC president Anita Somoso, Palec and other officials went to the mayor’s office on Tuesday for the purpose but they were only met by City Administrator Raffy Abrenica and City Legal Officer Roland Tumanda.

Meanwhile, Councilor Francisco Remitar said that while the city council has declared persona non grata to several NDC-Tagum officials it can only declare as such and could not put the censured officials in contempt.

He advised complaining party of nursing graduates and parents to go first to the barangay and then to the court for due relief. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Oyo: “I’m also eligible for Congress”

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nov 12

First-termer City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo”, son of Mayor Rey Uy, said when prodded in an interview that he is also eligible to run for the congressional post that would be considered by Lakas party as vacant once its holder last-termer Cong. Arrel Olano goes out from the office by 2010.

But he said that that for now “trabaho muna bago yang politika”.
Asked if the report was true on his close friendship with former Vice Gov. Anthony Rafael del Rosario, he smiled and said that it might be because they are both young.

The young Del Rosario has been reported to aspiring for Olano’s post, while Boardmember Roger “Dangpanan” Israel has been making louder noises on his congressional ambition over the airwaves through DXDN Radyo Ukay-Tagum where Israel anchors in an early morning program.

Mayor Uy, who recently said that he still has one more term to serve, has remained silent until press time on his son’s 2010 plan.

Observers said that there seems now a start-up guessing game as to what Councilor Oyo would take a crack on by 2010, which they say may include also the vice mayoral post considering that the Davao City’s tandem of Mayor Rody and his daughter Vice Mayor Sara had already been realized and made as precedent.

Asked on his stand on the City Hall’s tiff with the North Davao College Tagum Foundation Inc., he said that the city council had thoroughly studied and discussed all the issues and their ramifications and as collegial body they ended up approving the resolutions that censured the school officials.

He admitted though that the city council has no power to contempt, even as it has the power to declare persona non grata. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS” NDC-Tagum execs declared persona non grata

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Because of controversy, NDC nursing grads cannot take Nov. 30 exam anymore

nov 11

Four top officials of the controversy-wracked North Davao College Tagum Foundation Inc. were declared by the Tagum City Council after a lengthy question hour portion attended by some school and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) officials in  yesterday’s sanggunian session.

Declared persona non grata in the city council’s Resolution No. 534 were Dr. Anita Somoso, NDC-Tagum school president, Dr. Roberto Palec, dean of college of nursing, nurse Ms. Rosie Jay Rom, assistant dean, and Lida Natavio, school administrator.

Somoso was not present in yesterday’s session.

Dr. Palec was largely unmoved though at times put in precarious situation in defending his school to the several allegations posed by lead proponent Councilor Joey Millan.

Palec debunked allegations that they were into money-making activities in collecting P10,000 review fee and P7,500 mock board examination fee from their nursing graduates before school credentials could be released to them.

But present councilors after hearing the side of several NDC-Tagum officials were still unconvinced and made true approving their last week’s seven resolutions censuring the school and its officials with only insignificant amendments.

Also approved by all members present were Resolution No. 535 demanding to NDC-Tagum to release the school credentials of the affected nursing graduates, Resolution No. 536 demanding for the refund of the collected sum from the P10,000 review fee and P7,500 mock board exam fee, Resolution No. 537 urging CHED to investigate the alleged 20-percent interest charged on late payments on financial obligations of the nursing graduates, Resolution No. 538 urging CHED for the non-renewal of the school’s permit to operate as nursing school, and Resolution No. 539 manifesting the city government’s stand never again to enter into contract of affiliation with NDC-Tagum.

The city council  amended to approve the last Resolution No. 540 urging the city mayor to revoke the NDC-Tagum’s business permit to operate a nursing  course only from a business to operate as an entire school following debate between Councilor Millan and Councilor Rey Salve.

Salve contended that it was still premature to censure the school entirely with the proposed resolution, citing that the lower year nursing students and other courses might be affected which would result to transfers to other schools or closure of the school.

Millan however contended that the resolution was only an expression of sentiment of the body following tedious five sessions of deliberating the issues. He subsequently agreed for amendment after Vice Mayor Allan Rellon called for on-recess caucus attended by him.

During the question hour where Dr. Palec was the one always grilled by Millan, the gallery was filled of nursing graduates and their parents and several faculty members of the school.

Millan reminded present school officials on the standing CHED Memorandum Circular No. 13, series of 2006 which prohibits schools to force their students to take up review classes to schools not of their own choice and to withhold credentials after being cleared of all academic and financial obligations.

Palec denied charges that they were forcing the graduates to take the in-house nursing review and the mock board exams and the withholding the graduates’ credentials saying that they have only school’s requirements and obligations to satisfy.

He denied forcing the graduates to take the in-house nursing review and mock board requirements which he said have been implemented in the school for three years now, drawing some heckles from the gallery.

But Palec immediately shot back to those in the gallery not to make disturbance during the question hour saying “it’s against the law”.

He added that they made the review in house with Kaplan Review Center as the school’s choice saying that “it somehow gives them the confidence in the school … that (the graduates) can pass the board exams”, adding that they also noted of the strict requirement of the Professional Regulation Commission of closing nursing schools based on the failing rate of graduates.

CHED OIC regional officer Eduard Aquino, on the other hand, said that his office has made efforts in negotiating with school officials to release the graduates’ credentials but the latter was insistent of enforcing their own school policies.

He informed that NDC-Tagum officials had “committed lapses” contrary to CHED policies.

Aquino though said that CHED lawyers would be coming this week to investigate the case and make “final word” on the matter.

Both Palec and the school human resource director Evelyn Dismas said respectively they made “shortcomings” and “lapses” in informing the graduates’ parents.

For the several allegations, Palec dared graduates to go to court to settle the issues.

On his parting shot, Palec said that they may release the graduates’ credentials with notation “for employment purposes” and not “for board exams” unless the fees for nursing review and mock board exams are paid.

He implied however that the school officials would still meet to study on whether to refund the fees or not.

Because of the controversy, at least 52 nursing graduates of the school are sure they could no longer take the slated Nov. 30 nursing board exams since their credentials were already withheld for not paying the said fees and as the deadline of application to take the board exam already lapsed a month ago.

It was learned that some 208 nursing students graduates from NDC-Tagum last March and unaccounted number of whom had resorted to executing promissory notes with the school for the contended fees in order to secure school credentials needed for the board exams.

Also present yesterday were Councilors Allan Zulueta, De Karlo “Oyo”, Nicandro “Nickel” Suaybaguio, Mylene Baura, Joedel Caasi, Vicente “Enting” Eliot Sr. and Robert “Tete” So. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum dads withhold persona non grata verdict to NDC-Tagum execs

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After three snubs

nov 4

Majority of the Tagum City councilors in their session yesterday morning have decided to give one more week for the officials of the controversy-wracked North Davao College-Tagum Foundation, Inc to refute and prove why they should not be declared persona non grata and their licenses and accreditations not revoked after snubbing for three times the city council invitations to appear on their sessions and hearing.

The NDC-Tagum officials led by the school’s dean of the college of nursing Dr. Roberto Palec were already present yesterday in the session hall but they were not called in during the question hour and remained seated until the session adjourned.

Also several complaining nursing graduates and their parents were present as reported in the live coverage of DXDN Radyo Ukay-Tagum City.

They have been up in arms against the NDC school administration for allegedly requiring nursing graduates to take first a P10,000-worth nursing review and P7,000-worth mock board examination at the school before their credentials could be issued to them.

Instead, the committee report of the committee whole was read to apprise the audience on the recommendation of passing seven proposed resolutions that ostensibly sanctions the school that could potentially lead to its closure.

The report narrated the grounds and failure of the school officials to respond to the invitations of the city council in their sessions and committee meetings and hearings.

It said that even the NDC’s reply letter with scarce reasons and signatories reached the City Hall already lapsed of the Oct. 28 deadline imposed by the city council.

Among the recommendations heard were the proposed resolutions declaring the school officials persona non grata in the city, urging the city mayor for the revocation of the school’s affiliation to the city, demanding for the refund of the collected P10,000 fees for nursing review and the P7,000 fees for the mock board examinations, recommending to the Center of Higher Education (Ched) for the non-renewal of the school’s accreditation in its nursing course, and demanding for the release of the school credentials to the complaining nursing graduates.

Councilor Joey Millan reiterated yesterday the committee of the whole’s recommendations.

The committee met last Thursday, Oct 30 at 5:00 P.M. at the vice mayor’s office. Present were

Councilors Millan, Mylene Baura, Vicente Eliot Sr, Joedel Caasi, Nicandro Suaybaguio, Francisco Remitar and ABC President Alfredo Pagdilao. Councilor Allan Zulueta was accordingly on official business at that time. Vice Mayor Allan Rellon signed the report.

Millan informed that with the “controlling facts and consistent with the committee report” the city council has already decided and deemed that the NDC officials “have waived their rights to air their side.”

But he said that the resolutions are not yet approved and bared that their consensus is to give seven days to the respondent officials “to refute and show proof” why the city council should not act on the said resolutions.

“The resolutions would still follow the three-reading principle,” he said even as he stressed on the need for due process on theb prodding of Councilor Rey Salve.

Millan then moved to calendar the resolutions in the unfinished business in the next Monday’s regular session. It was unanimously approved.

It also requested for the presence of Ched representatives and the complaining nursing graduates and parents (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)