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NEWS: VG Suaybaguio: “It’s water under the bridge” on issues between him and RDR

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april 24

“It’s water under the bridge” or something that is over and gone and so not worth thinking any more.

With that cliche, Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio Suaybaguio Jr said in an interview that the issues that somehow put him Governor Rodolfo del Rosario as estranged companions are already through. “Tapos na lahat ang mga isyu.”

“We’re OK na,” he added.

He described the episode as to be just like a part in the life of a couple when there misunderstandings, arguments or and quarrels occur at times between husband and wife.

The vice governor said though that the “issues that were not properly reported by the newspaper” were just indeed in papers that did not seriously bother both him and the governor as old friends.

He said that the bottomline of his continued partnership with the governor “is to deliver good public service, and that’s the essence of it”.

Controversies hounded the vice governor when allegedly the governor told the media that he did not know the whereabouts of Suaybaguio who made an extended stay in the United States for a vacation in late December to January.

A weekly publisher bannered a story about the missing vice governor in thousands of copies distributed in barangays.

The governor’s men working in the Capitol were suspected to have funded what they called as demolition job against Suaybaguio.

Suaybaguio in turn let loose old sentiments over the local media over the past decisions and maneuverings of the governor that politically sidelined him like his opportunity to get the congressional post instead of the current last-termer Arrel Olano.

Asked on what he could say on former Vice Gov. Anthony G. Rafael del Rosario (AGR), who is stricken with Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer, Suaybaguio, a congressional hopeful, said that he is also praying that the governor’s son could recover and continue what he wanted to be.

The young Del Rosario, also a congressional hopeful, was then widely believed to ultimately become the Lakas standard bearer in District 1 being the son of a kingmaker governor until cancer did the speculation in. This resulted to emergence of Suaybaguio as the party man to be the next in line.

But he said that if AGR could not really run for the post due to health reason then he is prepared to run for the post.

He added though that everything including the issue on the congressional standard bearer would be discussed properly in proper time within the Lakas party.

Suaybaguio also said that he has always been with the Floirendos-Del Rosarios in his over 20 years in politics and has remained loyal to the Lakas party (See related story).

“As a Lakas city chairman, there is no way for me to bolt from Lakas,” he added.

“I sacrificed much for the party. I’ll always follow the decision of the party. I always submit myself to the party. I’ve never been an opposition candidate except during President Aquino’s time after I was removed as the city vice mayor in 1988,” he said.

Reported to be also interested to gun for the congressional post that would be vacated by last-termer Cong. Olano were Boardmember Roger Israel, Mayor Rey Uy’s son City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy and Philippine Councilors League provincial president Larry Caminero.

All the congressional hopefuls except Boardmember Caminero, who ran and won under Kampi in his hometown Kapalong, belong to Kampi and since there is no reelectionist to the contested post the Lakas rule on the equity of the incumbent could not apply.

Practical political workings in the province pointed however to the governor, as an entrenched political kingmaker holding the purse and as Lakas regional and provincial chairman, as the one who has the much say in the picking up of party standard bearers even as he reportedly consults party leaders and entertains popularity surveys. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)