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OPINION: Clarity in Davnor SP

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oct 9

Things are making clear for the Davao del Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan. There’s democracy at works in the legislative body as seen in the debates occurring in the session hall, whenever there are issues in need of contentious deliberations. There’s also particular vigilance that is a hallmark of the provincial board, as seen markedly whenever there are moments that need of collective rising up above from political considerations.

The cases of close scrutiny on budgetary matters rendered by the provincial board like its opposition to the Kapalong employees’ assertion on COLA (the Kulea case) that has reached the court whose judgment is yet to be rendered is proof of such profound vigilance, no matter what. Many other cases we monitored that the provincial board has minutely intruded, we dare say, onto technocracratic maze that for several counts it declared partial inoperativeness of the budgetary measures of municipal governments. Two sessions ago, it unmasked as but hollow the supposed particularity of Provincial Engineer Josie Jean Rabanoz when boardmembers having eye on details spotted an erroneous entry to Rabanos’ project design leading her to admit it and offer an alibi of having committed a typographical error.

When last Monday the provincial board rose above imaginary divisiveness under the same and similar party or political affiliation of what else but the administration’s and mustered unanimity against an initiative from the executive, although we still don’t know at the moment on whether Governor Rodolfo del Rosario had been apprised of the letter of his administrator Rufo Peligro before it landed to august hall of the legislative body, the SP’s message to return the letter to the executive in what could be seen as procedural snafu ring a bell of the body’s timely independence.

The other day the SP joint committee of organizations and laws backed up by the consensus of the collegial body following a caucus rendered the inevitable- in thumbing down the legally infirmed Purok Ordinance, that has already become a water under the bridge in all of the SP’s body languages. In the plenary by Monday, the motion to send the doomed Purok Ordinance back to its point of origin is but mere formal compliance. Most urgent now that needs order and sanity in the perception of things and resolute simplification of the already blown-up measure is the final resting of the legally infirmed Purok Ordinance, so the puroks in the city could already start moving, working and serving the people as usual than be constantly immobilized biting their feet in a limbo not of their making. The SP has long been bound to deliver its collective verdict to strike down this particular measure of the city government that has become a driving wedge between the City Hall and the Capitol.

For the SP’s many defining moments of decisions, whether on question of fact or on question of law, the Davao del Norte legislative department has kept on empowering itself. It warded off assaults of unquestioning councils bringing untenable argument that as reviewing body it could not question the wisdom of an LGU project or of the proponent LGU citing a ministerial case.

For all this legislative excellence, under diversity in unity, while the SP has not sprung up filibusters who could turn the august hall into an arena between an irresistible force and an immovable object, which is unproductive, shows only that its members are rolling up their sleeves in the tough spadework of legislation. Trabaho lang, walang personalan. Alas, when boardmembers rise up in unison regardless of politics they only want not to be put into precarious, questionable situations later and only want to protect the honor and integrity of their own turf, their mandates and the whole institution they serve including those at the helm of leadership. All of these show only one thing and that is, it is doing its work, and hence ought to be rewarded with much respect and magnanimity. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

Scuds for DavNor SP

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By Cha Monforte

It seems that the City Council has been sending scuds to the hall of Davao del Norte SP. Last month there was a city ordinance that Tagum’s old political turk Tony Lagunzad detonated for being “vague”.

It was about an NFA lot subjected to a spot zoning and reclassification from agricultural to residential land use. It triggered a verbal ruckus at the SP, and so sooner it blew over to the face of Lagunzad, who was left out in the cold as the inquisitive Boardmember Ely Dacalus abandoned him and joined with the rest present in approving the measure. In the end, Lagunzad abstained. He was so lonely- home alone.

Such verbal wrangling inside the SP of Lakas/Kampi partymates is a portent of things to come even while the Great Tug of War across all DavNor SPs and SBs was not yet evidently coming unlike now after the Cong. Anton’s little subterfuge in the 1st District last week. Maybe there’s already backroom talk in the DavNor SP that Gob. Dolfo and his “eyes and ears” inside the Capitol, chief of all is his politically nosey administrator, have to better watch out.

BM Roger Israel murmured during the verbal tussle between BM Larry Caminero and BM Pol Monteroso over BM “Joe” Federiso’s landmark ordinance on participatory governance three months ago that he was not joining in the fray “kay mahadlok ko makasala”, obviously referring to a political wrath of Gob. Dolfo. “Seguro sa 2009 na,” Israel, the non-Dick, muttered.

Now the scud of the Purok Ordinance stirred the SP anew after it was left to gather dust in one of the SP drawers when it was first quelled from detonating last February. It is over 7 months now when the measure is intentionally- obviously- left to sleep lying on the table. It was not really shelved after Atty. Pasamonte struck the Purok Ordinance down as “legally infirmed” and following the city council resolution asking for its reconsideration.

But after that, nothing was heard, until the SP’s committee of laws chaired by BM Artemio San Juan dropped it like a hot potato to the committee of government and non-government organizations chaired by BM Caminero.

It was not in the dream of BM Caminero that one day he would be presiding a committee hearing attended by lawyers locking their horns over a measure suspected to be politically motivated like the Purok Ordinance and Suaybaguio’s Anti- Urban Poor Ordinance. Such first scud already landed hard on the lap of BM Caminero last Tuesday.

Now, the jaded political observers said that once the Purok Ordinance is enshrined, automatically Yayong Gementiza is emptied of his purok mass base, and if Suaybaguio’s ordinance becomes a reverse landmark piece of legislation, Cong. Arrel Olano, who has no other choice but to run for mayor for a dignified run or retirement, is also emptied of his urban poor mass base. These, while Mayor Rey “Cee O” Uy has his barangay mass base broadened by the mass bases of his most potential contenders in a three-corner mayoral figh by 2010. What a nosey guess of these jaded observers.

It would seem now that these scuds of what they say as “political legislations” are turning out to be seeds of discord between the City Hall and Capitol. The city council might be launching more scuds like rains before 2010, pundits just guess more.

BLOGBUZZ: No mea culpa. I used the word summon in ordinary way, most synonymous to call, and not within the legalese world and word. Well, Comval Boardmember Ruwel Peter Gonzaga last Wednesday delivered his privilege speech to clarify Sidlak’s banner news story on Tuesday about the SP’s plan of summoning (or calling) ex-Gob. Joecab to shed light on the ZTE deal in Diwalwal. He said Sidlak news and Joecab’s reactions were premature as the SP and its environment commitee would still act on the matter. But obvously, from our vantage point, there was already such agreement for a legislative probe, only that it was referred to a committee for final recommendation. The word summon I used was meant for the ordinary and not as a legal parlance… It should be UM Tagum College, and not UM Tagum City which I used in my series of reportage on the city’s own sex scandal. My mea culpa…. I went inside the campus the other day to coordinate for the Rural Urban News policy presentation and press forum next week. A lot of students said that the campus is now back to normal. Thanks. (For online edition, visit my blog at:

Federiso’s landmark ordinance

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sept 15

Rare is the legislator who thinks and reflects on to craft a legislative measure that requires much theorizing while lessons learned and best practices on the ground, are gathered, no matter what his colleagues may first say. But a legislation of this type was passed in Davao del Norte provincial board out from the labor of one who has not even graduated in high school.

Now Boardmember Jose Recarido Federiso shows it all that if a local legislator has a will and spirit to pursue and an honest heart to have him understood by his colleagues, he can have his measure passed than torpedoed by say a majority banking on their tyranny in numbers or by the filibustering minority. Nothing of that filibustering sort is yet seen in the provincial board or in Tagum city council, except that a few have been showing time and again their independence of the mind when it comes to a seriously flawed measure, like the yet to be submitted Nickel Suabaguio’s proposed ordinance that seeks to stop urban poor housing for five years. Comval SP, on the other hand, has only the triad LBC- Lopoz, Barte and Codilla, the known Three Mosquiteers boardmembers from Kampi and Liberal allied with Mayor Manuel Brillantes, now whetting up an appetite for semblance of democracy in Cabidianan Capitol.

But Federiso’s ordinance on the Provincial Sustainable Integrated Development Process (PSIAD) is a stand out now on the indicator that this is a unique legislation that outlines concrete and practical steps and mechanisms before government plans, programs and budgets are implemented on the ground.

It seeks to institutionalize barangay assemblies, taho sa barangay, purok meetings and consultations, people’s congresses, and the like as approaches of people participation, while it aims to realize people and grassroots participation in governance, transparency and integrated development approach.

Truly, executive agenda when submitted to these bottoms-top participatory and consultative processes and mechanisms become people’s agenda itself and institutionalizes real people governance. This is the overriding goal of Federiso ordinance, while it lays down specifics to start on in implementing the so-called RDR Wheels, which are more guiding program priorities and generic numenklatura of good intents of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: Tagum City P10 fare ordinance not yet at SP

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The Tagum City ordinance pegging the city-limit normal tricycle fare at P10 was not tackled on Monday’s regular session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Davao del Norte.

“We received the ordinance only last Friday and it did not reach the deadline to have it calendared,” said SP secretary Dennis Dean Castillo.
The City Ordinance No. 305 which increased the average tricycle by P3 from the present P7 was enacted unanimously on the first motion of Councilor Reynaldo Salve last July 28.

Boardmember Ely Dacalus, chair of the committee on utilities, reckoned that the provincial board would have the ordinance put on the first reading if it would be calendared in the business of the day on the next session.

The said ordinance was earlier sought by tricycle drivers and operators who are accordingly suffering losses and difficulties of sustaining their families as the price of gasoline had already more than doubled of its price since January this year.

They also complained of the unfair competition posed by the thousands of colorum habal single motorcycles which are swooping down their passengers like hawks in the city’s streets.

Under the ordinance, the students, senior citizens and differently-abled persons would however only pay P8 or an increase of P1 for a city-limit ride. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)