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NEWS: Ramil breaks silence, says his ambition remains

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Comval Congress 2010
“Roger Sarmiento will do a comeback”

nov 28

Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya yesterday broke his silence and said that his “ambition to run for Congress in 2010 remains”.

“However, being a member of the Lakas-CMD party, I will abide by the decision on however the party will endorse as the standard bearer, ” he said in a text message.

“At this point no one has been endorsed yet, thus the field is still open. Anything is possible,” he added.

It is about two weeks until yesterday that Gentugaya had been mum on the local press following the revelation of congressional wannabe Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay that she had participated in a leadership training at Tagbilaran City in Bohol sponsored by the Lakas-CMD nationale directorate.

Later this month she is slated to undergo another leadership training for women Lakas leaders in Manila. The same the Lakas national directorate will foot the bill for its Manila affair.

Observers said that the Lakas-CMD national directorate appears to be already grooming Apsay as its pick for standard bearer for the post that her father Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” will be leaving by 2010.

But others see otherwise, saying it is the Lakas local leadership, the provincial directorate chaired by Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy which has the “greater voice” in the choice of  the standard bearer.

As this developed, a source said that former Cong. Roger “RMS” Sarmiento is already going for a comeback as he would reportedly run to vie against Gentugaya or Maricar, or both in a scenario of a three-corner fight over the District 1 congressional post.

Compostela Barangay Poblacion secretary Pepot Garcia said that he was approached recently by a Compostela resident and former manager of the Sarmientos who said that Roger Sarmiento is girding to run to reclaim the congressional post that he bequeathed to Cong. Zamora when he ran but lost as governor against former Gov. Jose “Joecab” Caballero in 2001 polls.

Provincial elder Prospero Amatong was also reportedly qouted as saying that Sarmiento would be running for the post, mediaman Rudy Calansingin said.
Amatong was interviewed by the local media inside the residence of former Davao del Norte Vice Gov. Anthony del Rosario during the last Tagum City fiesta. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Way K’s realpolitik

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By Cha Monforte

There are now signs and the inevitable came out: it was no other than Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay held at bay by a mix of persons in the media to talk about politics last Sunday amid the ongoing 58th birthday celebration of his father, Cong. Way Kurat at their known Octagon farm park in Monkayo.

“The equity of the incumbent applies only to the reelectionists of the same position,” she said in answering the earlier postulation that Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya is most senior among Lakas partymen to claim for the coveted title of becoming the administration standard bearer for the District 1 congressional post by 2010.

There were no ifs, nor buts for the BM Maricar on this issue. The post that sooner his father would be leaving is really an open one, vouched even by an earlier opinion of Lakas-CMD regional president, Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario.

So it’s the party that would really decide who from the front-running congressional wannabes- BM Maricar and VG Ramil would be picked up. There seems no more District 1 bidders for the post. Lito Brillantes, for one, is outsider, not incumbent. As of this writing, Monkayo Mayor Manuel Brillantes, then with Liberal party (Atienza wing) is smoking a peace pipe with Way Kurat and Lakas-CMD when he took oath as a party member two weeks ago.

We heard from buzz that VG Ramil has stockpiled financial logistics when he became a married man last Oct 18. “If it’s Maricar, he (Ramil) would either stay or go out from the party,” said Cong. Way Kurat in an imprompto presscon amid his birthday bash. “But if it’s Ramil… ah we will not talk about it as it will never happen anyway,” he added as he turned quizzical.

We’ve learned also that BM Maricar appears to be already groomed as the Lakas-CMD national directorate’s pick. She just joined in the Tagbilaran leadership training, all at the national party’s expense. There, BM Maricar along with 40 other Lakas-CMD potential standard bearers were accordingly trained on “how to’s” rudiments including how to win in the coming polls. By the end of this month, she’ll again join in another Lakas-CMD leadership training for women party leaders sponsored by the Lakas-CMD national directorate.

We’ve also learned that Cong. Way Kurat was just testing who his loyalists really are when he floated he would be running as Compostela mayor. “Atik ra to,” he announced before over a thousand of birthday well-wishers.

He said he is due to retire from politics two years from now to be the Lakas-CMD campaign manager, as Gob. Uy listened intently. In the presscon, he said he don’t want also to suffer the same fate of Caballeros and Palma Gils in Davao Oriental, who were all defeated for running simultaneously in two top positions. Well, we knew of ex-Gob. Joecab and ex-BM Kris.

Meantime, Konsehal Dolfo Ang of Compostela enthused that the election is still far and “many things would still happen”, when referred of the no Way Kurat for mayor scenario in his town. Ang was reported to be vying for mayoral post. But he just don’t believe yet of the scenario.

With these, we see that Way Kurat’s plan of becoming a Lakas-CMD campaign manager in the province is one big enigma. While it’s one caveat for ensure Maricar’s pick (for who else could not vote against a scene-stealing and stage-propa veteran politician becoming the admin campaign manager?), a realpolitik act, but the spectacle of seeing Way K become a plain citizen again after the May 2010 elections doesn’t sit well among his loyalists. Maybe he’ll also take a crack for the vice gubernatorial post, and bargain for it, too, or the much-touted Comval unity will come crashing down in smithereens. (For online edition, visit my blog at:, for comments and reactions, e-mail:, or

NEWS: Silence on for Maricar-Ramil for Congress tiff for now til January

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nov 10

Silence would be observed for now by both camps of Compostela Valley Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya and Boardmember Maricar Zamora-Apsay on who of them is rightful to be standard-bearer for fielding by the unified Lakas-CMD party- but only until January.

In a report carried by a daily in Davao City, Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy said both of the congressional wannabes who earlier both declared to be running for the congressional post in the first district have agreed to abide with a party decision on who to field for the post.

The governor said that the Lakas-CMD party will make a formal announcement of its decision in January.

Also, a source close to Lakas-CMD provincial leaders said that both agreed not to talk to the media on the issue “so that energies would not be wasted by anyone of them.”.

The source said that the party will hold a caucus by December especially to resolve it and strike consensus and agreement so as not to divide the party in the first district.

Earlier, last-termer Cong. Manuel  “Way Kurat” Zamora said that he would be sticking to the agreement on July 1, 2007 forged by him, daughter Maricar, Uy and Gentugaya for Maricar vie for the congressional post while Ramil would seek for reelection in his current post by 2010.

The suggestion that in order for the party not to be divided in the first district Maricar would instead take the vice gubernatorial bid while Cong. Way Kurat take the mayoral bid in Compostela town was earlier thumbed down by the congressman, saying that the said agrement was already “a solution that has been there.”

Meanwhile, Boardmember Moran Takasan in an interview said that the second district runs smoothly without political quivering thus far as Cong. Rommel Amatong is not facing a challenger at this early from within the party.

Earlier, former Gov. Jose “Joecab” Caballero said that he would still be running “either-or” meaning either for a return bout for the congressional post or for gubernatorial bid. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)