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OPINION: Plataporma

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By Cha Monforte

jan 18 

Election if its right side is to be parameter can spring out something to chew on that’s good for governance. What’s good in the election and hence the running of candidates and so-called political parties is the process of producing their platform of government. Such calls for debate and discussion for search of alternatives and solutions to maladies of governance most especially in the case of challengers and rivals.

Otherwise, especially among rich and non-intellectual challenger candidates tap one politically driven member of the intelligentsia or veteran politicos or their knowledgeable political leader to come up with their plataporma de gobierno and have it debated and finalized in the discussion table of their slate.

Despite this surrogating stance, still the mere fact that a set of development visions and alternatives are discussed and debated before they become part of print materials like the handbills of candidates, the act serves the democratic character of election. 

            It’s completely different when plataporma de gobierno is made by one mind of a surrogate and immediately accepted by running politicos and printed just to render compliance of producing propaganda materials bearing their platform of government. They think: without it, the electorate might contemplate they’re weak and are only running for personal aggrandizement.

            As to the case of incumbent administration candidates, they are bound to produce propaganda materials frolicking on their accomplishment and the continuation of what they have started. There goes again such worn-out reelectionist slogan: Ipadayon ang Nasugdan!, Ipadayon ang Kalamboan!, Ipadayon ang Serbisyo! and the like.

            Innovative ones further come up with slogans and acronyms for name recall out from the lined-up and itemized programs, plans, services and projects the candidates want to realize if they take the reins of power or continue holding power after the polls.

            This paying of obeisance to having a plataporma may serve one’s candidacy best or none, depending on how one play it up. If coming out one’s plataporma is treated as mere compliance, without it being played it to the hilt as positive alternative against rivals, especially the reelectionists who have burned their chances to govern for more within the three-term limit, it is bound to fail to become a factor of electoral victory.     

            Candidates in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley are by now preparing their plataporma. We’ve heard one rich mayoral candidate in a town in Comval relying on his campaign manager to come for his own, and the rest of the slate following his directive. Well, he’s been through throwing all the goodness of him and surprisingly has now inched ahead of a long-serving politician in the recent survey results. He’s confident he can win. But the candidate doesn’t believe on the use of propaganda carrying well-thought out and well-consulted visions for good governance. He believes more on giveaways.

From my vantage point, the mayoral candidate will surely be losing votes for offering mediocre plataporma, and for casting disdain over propaganda delivered by the media, vis-a-vis the long years of being incumbent of his incumbent rival. But as to what extent of votes he’ll lose votes out of having mediocre plataporma and for not being a true-blue believer of a media-delivered propaganda, I mean the truth of his goodness, we’ll never know yet.

Let’s admit it: goodness of candidate is true propaganda. But it is shown only individually to people who deal and know with the good politician. The downer side of it is that the vast fence-sitters who are not running to politicians in times of personal and family crisis and exigencies have been much exposed of propaganda trumpeting projects and services of incumbents, and they know least, if not none of the accomplishments of propa-non-believing, and media-shy good politicians. Now we know why they also lose.

BLOGS AND BITS: Buzzwords again said recently that former Comval Governor Joecab Caballero, who is now running for congress, and unopposed Governor Chiongkee Uy are on the path of “true reconciliation”. They said the “political wounds” that the two both got prior the 2007 polls is lighter than the political wound inflicted to present governor in 1998 election when he ran for congress…. Davao del Norte Boardmember Roger Israel, who is running for vice governor belied a talk that he is also a Lakas-Kampi-CMD CONA (Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance)-less candidate. Cheap talk that projected him to be a victim of political lobotomy…. There’s this congressional candidate who gave 200 pieces of lechons last December to various partying organizations in Comval. The latest survey shows he’s in the last. Maybe he overkilled the lechons. (e-mail:

OPINYON: Red carpet treatment

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Ni Cha Monforte

Red carpet treatment

Tataw na gayud nga grabe ang suporta nga gihatag ni AGR – Anthony Rafael G. del Rosario (AGR) sa tandem ni Senador Noynoy Aquino ug Mar Roxas. Gitawag nga red carpet treatment ang gihatag sa Kapitolyo sa Mankilam, Tagum City niadtong Biyernes sa launching sa Noynoy Aquino for President Movement (NAPM) sa Davao del Norte. Matud pa, daghang mga politiko ang misugat kang Nonoy ug Mar, samtang init gayud ang pag-welcome sa kanila ni Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, ang amahan  ni AGR. Matud pa libre usab ang kaon sa mga misugat nga mga estudyante ug katawhan sa klase-klaseng sektor.
Seguro out of courtesy lang isip amahan sa probinsya nganong mihatag ug usa ka red carpet treatment si Gov. Del Rosario, nga taga Lakas-CMD Party, ngadto sa mga kandidato sa oposisyon. Una nang miingon ang gobernador nga di niya mapugngan ang iyang anak nga mo-oposisyon tungod kay iyang girespetuhan ang kagawasan sa iyang anak sa pagpili kung kinsa ang iyang suportaran pagka-Presidente ug pagka-Bise Presidente.
Human sa pagbisita nila Senador Noynoy ug Mar Roxas sa Liberal Party sa Tagum City, mibaniog dayon ang mga estorya nga nag-oposisyon na ang gobernador ug miuban na kani sa panaw sa politika sa iyang anak. Apan dili pa kani makonpirmar dayon ug gani may taho nga nag Lakas-Ramos wing ang gobernador. Kung mao kani ang posisyon sa gobernador, posible nga ang liderato sa na merged nga Lakas-Kampi-CMD o ang Lakas nga Malacanang wing makuha na sa mga Floirendos ug Lagdameo. Hangtud karon matud pa aduna gihapoy konplikto tali kanila ug sa Del Rosario.
Pagarpar sa politikang yellow si Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad kay matud pa nahimo kaning mayor sa Tagum tungod kang Presidente Cory Aquino. Morag nakapuntos ang bokal niadtong pag-abot nila Noynoy sa Tagum tungod sa kabaga sa mga tawong miapil sa NAPM. Tama na segurong mobulag na si Lagunzad sa Lakas ug mag Liberal na. Ang nakaapan man gud kaniya kay kusganon siyang maka yellow karon sa pagsuporta kang AGR apan dako pod nga makaadministrasyon kay sigeg deklarar nga dakong loyal lagi siya kang Gov. Dolfo. Consistent lang siya kay may alegasyon man gud nga balingbing ug doble kara na gayud ang politika ni Lagunzad sa una pa.
Mas maayo pa ang gibuhat ni AGR nga miresayn gayud sa Lakas sa iyang pagdeklar nga modagan sa Kongreso isip independente nga kandidato. Karon tataw na siyang oposisyong dako. Ang nakaapan lang pod kay wa pa miresayn siya isip empleyado (provincial sports coordinator) sa kagamhanang probinsyal samtang gigamit niya ang Kapitolyo sa paghatag ug suporta sa mga kandidato sa oposisyon.
Nakit-an usab si Compostela Valley Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy didto sa Kapitolyo sa Mankilam nga misugat usab kang Noynoy ug Mar. Apan sa iyang pamahayag sa usa ka text message kanako, miingon siya nga miadto lang siya tungod kay giimbitar siya ni AGR ug sa iyang igsoong Mayor Rey Uy sa Tagum, ug anaa pa gihapon siya sa Lakas. Pasabot nga wa pa miabak ang gobernador ngadto kang Senador Manny Villar nga modagan pod pagka-Presidente- hangtud niadtong Byernes.
TINALIGSIK: Formidable ang tandem ni Dr. Miller Alaba, ang kanhi mayor, ug Atty. Mario Sapilan, No. 1 councilor, sa Maco, Comval. Gikataho ang Alaba-Sapilan tandem nga moparang batok ni Mayor Voltaire Rimando ug Bise Mayor Charles Suelto. Puros Top  1 councilor ning si Alaba ug Sapilan…. Kanhi Gov. Joecab Caballero “either for governor or for congressman pa rin”. Ayaw na na dugaya uy kay daghan na naghinam-himan sa Uy-Joecab or Amatong-Joecab fight. Kinsa kaha sa duruha ang makagasto sa 2010?….. Mideklarar na nga modagan pagkamayor sa Tagum ang retiradong police investigator Cesar Cuntapay. Matud niya sa “Histoganay sa Onse” nga TV program sa Skycable-Tagum modagan siya aron paubsan ang taas nga mehurasan sa syudad ug aron protektahan ang Tagum consumers…. “Di tinoud ang balita nga si Maragusan Mayor Cesar Colina sa Comval na-suspended ug gipolitika lang kani,” matud pa ni Atty. Daniel Campoamor, kinsa close friend sa mayor. Nabaniog man gud nga tungod kay daghang namatay sa bardown sa Pamintaran gold rush area ug wa kahimog aksyon ang mayor mao nga nasuspended. Di diay kani tinoud. (Alang sa inyong reksyon, e-mail:, text: 09392218348)