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NEWS: Ex-cop Tagum mayoralty bet says: “I don’t believe on surveys”, “I most credible among us four”

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By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

april 5

Saying that he is no pushover in the current Tagum City’s exciting electoral race, ex-police investigator and businessman Cesar “Kuya Cesar” Cuntapay asserted that he is “most credible among us four” who are running for city mayor.

He was referring the four as to be consisting of him, City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy, ex-Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza, and Congressman Arrel Olano, less the obscure candidate Charlito Amespero, who is reportedly a bugasero.

In an interview, Cuntapay said that his candidacy, although he is running alone without any slate and is lacking of logistics, has offered nothing except his “credibility, moral and spiritual values” over the other city mayoralty candidates even as he hit alleging that each of his rivals has a credibility problem.

He said that as he is running “not for personal interest”, he has with him the “quality votes from conscientious people and those spiritually guided who will deliver my winnability”.

Cuntapay also claimed that he is being supported by “people from the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and those from the Silent Majority- from the landed gentry, those in the transport groups, professionals and multisectoral groups.”

He also said that a lot of people are volunteering to help his candidacy at present, “this is providential, kay nag-abot-abot ang akong mga amigo” like priests, doctors and lawyers whom he said have given him advices in his current running.

“By giving the people hope and aspiration, that would already be enough for me, I’m happy for it,” he said.

“I’m a leader with commitment, sincerity and consistency,” he added.  

In the same interview, Cuntapay also downplayed survey results saying that he is in the first place a non believer on surveys that are self-serving and are immediately accepted by others whenever the results are favoring them.

“I do not believe on surveys made by someone else… what should preoccupy candidates is just to work hard during the campaign, do your thing as I’ll also do mine,” he said.

Cuntapay is bred under the tutelage of strictly disciplinarian Ilocano parents. At young age, he was educated in an exclusive school for boys, and had studied in a seminary for one year in college, before he became a barrister (graduate of bachelor of laws) and a policeman serving first Manila then to his home city of Tuguegarao , where he retired. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINYON: Red carpet treatment

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Ni Cha Monforte

Red carpet treatment

Tataw na gayud nga grabe ang suporta nga gihatag ni AGR – Anthony Rafael G. del Rosario (AGR) sa tandem ni Senador Noynoy Aquino ug Mar Roxas. Gitawag nga red carpet treatment ang gihatag sa Kapitolyo sa Mankilam, Tagum City niadtong Biyernes sa launching sa Noynoy Aquino for President Movement (NAPM) sa Davao del Norte. Matud pa, daghang mga politiko ang misugat kang Nonoy ug Mar, samtang init gayud ang pag-welcome sa kanila ni Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, ang amahan  ni AGR. Matud pa libre usab ang kaon sa mga misugat nga mga estudyante ug katawhan sa klase-klaseng sektor.
Seguro out of courtesy lang isip amahan sa probinsya nganong mihatag ug usa ka red carpet treatment si Gov. Del Rosario, nga taga Lakas-CMD Party, ngadto sa mga kandidato sa oposisyon. Una nang miingon ang gobernador nga di niya mapugngan ang iyang anak nga mo-oposisyon tungod kay iyang girespetuhan ang kagawasan sa iyang anak sa pagpili kung kinsa ang iyang suportaran pagka-Presidente ug pagka-Bise Presidente.
Human sa pagbisita nila Senador Noynoy ug Mar Roxas sa Liberal Party sa Tagum City, mibaniog dayon ang mga estorya nga nag-oposisyon na ang gobernador ug miuban na kani sa panaw sa politika sa iyang anak. Apan dili pa kani makonpirmar dayon ug gani may taho nga nag Lakas-Ramos wing ang gobernador. Kung mao kani ang posisyon sa gobernador, posible nga ang liderato sa na merged nga Lakas-Kampi-CMD o ang Lakas nga Malacanang wing makuha na sa mga Floirendos ug Lagdameo. Hangtud karon matud pa aduna gihapoy konplikto tali kanila ug sa Del Rosario.
Pagarpar sa politikang yellow si Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad kay matud pa nahimo kaning mayor sa Tagum tungod kang Presidente Cory Aquino. Morag nakapuntos ang bokal niadtong pag-abot nila Noynoy sa Tagum tungod sa kabaga sa mga tawong miapil sa NAPM. Tama na segurong mobulag na si Lagunzad sa Lakas ug mag Liberal na. Ang nakaapan man gud kaniya kay kusganon siyang maka yellow karon sa pagsuporta kang AGR apan dako pod nga makaadministrasyon kay sigeg deklarar nga dakong loyal lagi siya kang Gov. Dolfo. Consistent lang siya kay may alegasyon man gud nga balingbing ug doble kara na gayud ang politika ni Lagunzad sa una pa.
Mas maayo pa ang gibuhat ni AGR nga miresayn gayud sa Lakas sa iyang pagdeklar nga modagan sa Kongreso isip independente nga kandidato. Karon tataw na siyang oposisyong dako. Ang nakaapan lang pod kay wa pa miresayn siya isip empleyado (provincial sports coordinator) sa kagamhanang probinsyal samtang gigamit niya ang Kapitolyo sa paghatag ug suporta sa mga kandidato sa oposisyon.
Nakit-an usab si Compostela Valley Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy didto sa Kapitolyo sa Mankilam nga misugat usab kang Noynoy ug Mar. Apan sa iyang pamahayag sa usa ka text message kanako, miingon siya nga miadto lang siya tungod kay giimbitar siya ni AGR ug sa iyang igsoong Mayor Rey Uy sa Tagum, ug anaa pa gihapon siya sa Lakas. Pasabot nga wa pa miabak ang gobernador ngadto kang Senador Manny Villar nga modagan pod pagka-Presidente- hangtud niadtong Byernes.
TINALIGSIK: Formidable ang tandem ni Dr. Miller Alaba, ang kanhi mayor, ug Atty. Mario Sapilan, No. 1 councilor, sa Maco, Comval. Gikataho ang Alaba-Sapilan tandem nga moparang batok ni Mayor Voltaire Rimando ug Bise Mayor Charles Suelto. Puros Top  1 councilor ning si Alaba ug Sapilan…. Kanhi Gov. Joecab Caballero “either for governor or for congressman pa rin”. Ayaw na na dugaya uy kay daghan na naghinam-himan sa Uy-Joecab or Amatong-Joecab fight. Kinsa kaha sa duruha ang makagasto sa 2010?….. Mideklarar na nga modagan pagkamayor sa Tagum ang retiradong police investigator Cesar Cuntapay. Matud niya sa “Histoganay sa Onse” nga TV program sa Skycable-Tagum modagan siya aron paubsan ang taas nga mehurasan sa syudad ug aron protektahan ang Tagum consumers…. “Di tinoud ang balita nga si Maragusan Mayor Cesar Colina sa Comval na-suspended ug gipolitika lang kani,” matud pa ni Atty. Daniel Campoamor, kinsa close friend sa mayor. Nabaniog man gud nga tungod kay daghang namatay sa bardown sa Pamintaran gold rush area ug wa kahimog aksyon ang mayor mao nga nasuspended. Di diay kani tinoud. (Alang sa inyong reksyon, e-mail:, text: 09392218348)

OPINION: Give what is due to Cesar

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By Cha Monforte

Newly chosen Tagum Press Ombudsman, businessman Cesar Cuntapay doesn’t think so  that the city will be much affected by the current global financial crisis.  In his point of view as the chair of a consumer’s group in the city, he said that “Tagum can stand on its own feet”. He said that this is seen in the way the city taxpayers are religiously paying their taxes with subservience even under the high and so much taxation schemes of the city government. “They are left with no choice except to pay taxes,” he said.

Cuntapay visibly equates the city consumers he wants to protect to the paying taxpayers. He must have been bedazzled by a question from the local press. He has the right to say that, but isn’t taxes meant for the good of the people? So that we could have so much funds for development if we could squeeze further the people, especially the cheating businessmen to pay their right taxes to the government. Just give what is due to Cesar- he has a right to still open his mind now when the electoral mood is forthcoming- it’s almost December, regardless that he lost in his crack for the congressional post the last time. But I find many of his opinions to be ranging from rational to practical if not- cool huh?

Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario during the last time he blamed the pole-vaulting growers with harsh words -short of saying dah gigabaan lagi mo! – was optimistic that the province could be spared by the global depression for being a largely agricultural province. Our provincial economy is not much tied to the workings of international banks. This is a blessing although when the Press Secretary Jess Dureza said we have to prepare for the storm, he might have meant that the storm would come in seeing our share of OFWs returning home in droves to be with us by Christmas or early next year when their employers could no longer withdraw their deposits as banks abroad close shop and stock exchange markets tumble one after another.

We pray there would be no alien, strange repercussions to our local economies by the next movement of the present world in fear of depression worst than the last one in the 30s. Like what if what our vast banana markets abroad would be affected by the present financial storm, and domino effects would sooner come threatening to crash down our Davnor and Comval banana plantations to smithereens? In such unwanted spectre, our tens of thousands of banana workers will be thrown out from their jobs and livelihood, massive hunger would come, high crime index would further rise while the banana barons and growers, pole-vaulting and non pole-vaulting alike, will lose their dollar income sources. In such doomed afterthought, the fortress Tadeco collapses as well as the banana exporting firm that remains to the del Rosarios will go banana. Then banana economics determines Davnor politics. What if the global storm barrels through the world out here with two political kingdoms made out from the rubrics of bananas? I’m facing a blank wall on this except on new realignment of political forces and a changing of political landscape in the province, our number 1 banana exporter. (For online edition, visit my blog at:

NEWS: Cuntapay chosen as Tagum Press Ombudsman

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oct 13

TAGUM CITY- Members of the Davao del Norte Press, Radio and TV

Tagum Press Ombudsman

Cesar Cuntapay: Tagum Press Ombudsman

Club, Inc., (DNPRC) have unanimously adopted and chosen retired police investigator and now businessman Cesar Cuntapay as a Press Ombudsman.

A press ombudsman is one who receives and hears complaints from the public for mediation, settlement and institution of disciplinary action to mediamen who committed abuse or unethical decorum in the exercise of the profession. He also serves as arbiter and mediator in the conflicts between mediamen.

The DNPRC reached its decision to adopt and choose Cuntapay primarily due to his fairness, objectivity and independence, said Gregorio “Loloy” Ybanez, DNPRC president.

Cuntapay is also the current chairman of the Tagum City Consumers Association, Inc., considered as one of the most active consumer groups in the region. It actively and proactively works with the Dept. of Trade and Industry.

For his part, Cuntapay said he was humbled by the designation of Tagum mediamen and called for vigilance and integrity for an independent and watchdog media in the city and Davao del Norte and Compostela provinces.

The re-launching of DNRPC press forum is one of the group’s series of activities in celebration of the Press Freedom Month in October which will culminate in a Press Freedom Gridiron Night, a comical spoof theater act on burning issues of the day, and Media Fellowship Night and Disco on Oct. 31. For ticket reservation and inquiries text or call nos. 09203114040 or 0929378077. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

NEWS: BFAD not checking products with possible melamine in Tagum City stores

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oct 13

An official of the Tagum City-based Bureau of Food and Drugs satellite office bared Saturday that they are not yet checking food products being sold in stores in the city even those already tagged as laced with melamine without the directive of the BFAD central office.

Speaking during the “Ipalanog sa Katawhan” press forum of the Davao del Norte Press, Radio and TV Club, Inc., (DNPRC) last Saturday at Cevannah Bar Café and Restaurant, Engr. Cely Hortiza said that even those brands already identified by BCAD national office to be laced with melamine they still have to await for specific order and guidelines on what particular batch or lot where the adulterated products belong before going to stores to take them out from the shelves.

Hortiza is the chief of the food and chemistry section of the BFAD Satellite Laboratory for Mindanao, the only one BFAD laboratory in the Mindanao where laboratory analysis is made for samples taken by inspectors from the five regional offices in the island.

She said that at press time only at least three food products have yet been tagged by the BFAD national office as laced with melamine.

“We are still awaiting results from Manila BFAD laboratory from the over 100 samples taken by inspectors in the region from various food products we sent there for melamine content testing,” she said.

“We still have no particular machine for it which costs about P15 million,” she said.

Hortiza, a chemical engineer, said that melamine is supposed to be non-food ingredient, “a mixture to cement” that if taken by non-adults like children could result to death owing to their “low tolerable level” on the melamine content. “Taking it will result to manggahi ang inyong atay,” she said.

She also said that the it is not the role of the BFAD to check the nutritional facts of all products that enter the country like those China-made foodstuffs, adding that BFAD only conducts special tests when there is adverse happening like the previous cases involving China-made food products mixed with the carcinogenic “magic sugar” and the one mixed with the paper cartons. “These are all motivated by profit motive.”

On unsanitary food products being locally sold like the sidewalk lechon that gathers so much dust by the noontime, Hortiza said has BFAD has no police power to seize it. “Rather it belongs to the sanitary inspector,” she said.

On the same gathering, Cesar Cuntapay, president of the Tagum Consumers Association, Inc., said that in their recent monitoring their group has not yet heard complaints relating melamine from China-made products being sold in stores and malls in the city. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)