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On the wait for next Monday

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Aug 26-Sept 1, 2010


By Cha Monforte

The verbal skirmish between the two boardmembers from Panabo City has seemingly begun. Last Monday’s session of Davao del Norte provincial board was the turn of Boardmember Janet Gavina. The other Monday was of Boardmember Alan Dujali. On that day, finally, after much seeking, PCL provincial president Janrey Gavina, son of BM Janet, in an interview did answer and denied the vote-buying charges, or shall we say implicit (yet too obvious) attribution of BM Dujali to alleged vote-buying that resulted to the defeat of reelectionist Kapalong Councilor Helario “Larry” Caminero, or in the other way of saying, the victory of BM Janrey. But wait,  we still have the next Monday to wait for a possible expose of BM Dujali as he vowed he would tell “what they have done” relating the PCL election.

BM Janrey Gavina has already denied the allegations. There were just sketchy reports on vote-buying allegedly made “someones” (as there were many bagmen according to another boardmember) from the Gavina camp, and that he didn’t know of the reported three bundle wrappers for P1,000 bills that were swept from Room 17 of Lakan’s Hotel right after the Aug 13 PCL elections.

So again, meantime, we’ll wait for the next Monday as there would be no session of the provincial board in the coming Monday, the 30th of August, this being a rare 5th Monday and a holiday- for BM Dujali’s possible dropping of a bombshell. Will he comes out something? Like a damning proof, or a whistle-blower from among the bought councilors  (who knows there would be a miracle and who knows this is true), or bundles of money like what I’ve seen in the past on TV when Sanlakas partylist representative Renato Magtubo returned bundles of lobby money from bribe-giver who wanted his vote in exchange of his vote in a bill being lobbied by a vested interest group? As they say, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Someone might have failed to sweep the dirt on the rug. But it is clearly coincidental that things have been happening at the provincial board at a time when Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is away in alien shores. It’s more seen as a blessing in disguise than it is seen as the mice are playing when the cat is away. For one,  Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, who is the current acting governor, will possibly take a hands-off policy on the issue as he belongs now, albeit temporarily, in the executive than in legislative. But good graces for fearless Tita senior BM Shirley Belen Aala, the current acting vice governor, since she has the brunts to take and steer, and she may let the axe just fall.

The SP’s blue ribbon committee can’t just be written off like the way the P36-million bad debts in Daneco were written off sometime ago by the previous board of directors who possibly feared for the unknown. But who knows Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad might go ballistic like what he did when he actively lobbied his insertions to the measure giving the governor blanket authority to sign for any contract with a national government agency up until December 31 only this year, but when the voting was called for by SP Secretary Dennis Dean Castillo, BM Lagunzad suddenly abstained (and we in the gallery saw him making tuya-tuya with his swivel chair). I mean, a twist can be possible when BM Dujali sings what he knew about the concluded PCL elections. We really have to wait, and a button for suspense has just been switched on. Usual gallery occupants who wait for free snacks for the only gracious SP we have long known of to be so considerate to members of the media throughout DavNor and Comval areas always woe for a day when there’s holiday that eats up a regular Monday or when there’s a 5th Monday. In either of this case, it means no DavNor SP session on Monday, and therefore no free snacks for gallery watchers.


Flashback: I already saw Tita BM Shirley Aala locking horns over issues with the “creme de la creme” of debater SP members in the 90s during the time of the undivided Davao del Norte- like ex BMs Crisanto Maniwang, Flor Garcia, Nonoy Cualing, Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora, Vir Boiser, Artemio San Juan. The incident that I can’t forget in that SP was when Tita BM Shi returned from official trip from Teipei and made her report to the SP about her latest travel for a women’s conference, afterwhich late Nonoy Cualing interpellated and asked her, “what pasalubong you bring to us then?” Had it reminisced to her and Tita BM just had a good hearty laugh of it, and said, “Nonoy was really a speck-and-span person. I was then a neophyte  legislator and I always brought with me the book on local government code.” We knew then that verbal skirmishes between and among members of that SP at times erupted and seemed to be much intense.

That time, Vice Gov. Baby Suaybaguio Jr was then the reigning mayor in the then municipality of Tagum. During his stint, he caused for the rising of today’s busy Toti terminal.

What’s this group that before their drivers and bodyguards, they took oath as new set of officers for their liga? The two lechons were not consumed, the hotel rooms reserved were not all slept on by the liga members, who returned to their respective towns past the twilight. It would have better if all the staffers of the liga members were invited to witness the affair. But sadly, the event organizer, the newly elected president of that liga failed.

Davao del Norte Provincial General Services Officer Samson “Sammy” Sanchez, in an interview, defended his current position saying that he did not ask for it since Governor Rodolfo del Rosario had him sit there based on trust and confidence. He added he’s more than qualified for the job being a holder of third-level Career Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE) and Master of Public Administration (MPA). In 1991, he added, he was the assistant provincial administrator during the time of Gov. Prospero Amatong. “I’m the only CSEE here,” he said referring to the whole Capitol. Sanchez, also the chairman of Bids and Awards Committee of the Capitol, has been snipped at for various allegations and issues. The other year nasty and malicious text messages spread alleging about him and Provincial Administrator Rufo Peligro.An SP committee later dismissed the allegations in text messages as unfounded and without basis. (e-mail:

NEWS: “Tit-for-tat” junking remains for Lagunzad, Aala

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“Noynoy pa rin, way lubotay, daug o pildi”- Cee O

 april 6

TAGUM CITY – “It’s tit for tat,” said reelectionist City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy here in describing his continued junking of co-Liberal partymates, reelectionist Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad and comebacking ex-boardmember Shirley Aala.

Without mincing his words, the city mayor, in an interview, called the two candidates as “opportunists”.

The Rural Urban News tried but failed to reach Lagunzad and Aala for comment.

Uy said: “Gisagop man unta, pero diay mga oportunista! (They were carried by the slate, but they’re actually opportunists)”.

He reiterated again that the Lagunzad was caught with hands inside the cookie jar when he distributed rice “coming from (Congressman) Olano”.

Aala on the other hand was reportedly junked by the mayor after her son, former councilor Tristan “Bong” Aala crossed going to the political fence of Olano (independent Lakas-Kampi-CMD), from the independent group of former Governor Gelacio “Yayong” Gementiza.

The younger Aala deserted his mandate as councilor a year before the last 2007 elections when he went to Japan and worked there. He returned home only last year.

On the other hand, when asked on the presidential bet he is supporting, Mayor Uy said: “Everbody knows my politics- way lubotay, I’m true and true supporting Noynoy, daug o pildi.”

He added that on the contrary it was Lagunzad and Aala who made political lobotomy stabbing him.

Meanwhile, thousands of leaflets of last-termer city councilor and candidate for boardmember Joey Millan (LP) have been distributed by his volunteers in the city.

Surprisingly, Millan’s campaign leaflets however still contain the names of Lagunzad and Aala and no name of Mayor Uy. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINION: Rump company for Nonoy’s sake

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By Cha Monforte

sept 17
It’s foremost queer, nay unique or maybe a subterfuge depending on one’s jaded eyes that a governor’s son would call for an obviously anti-administration campaign, that is his vocal support to the presidential bid of Senator Noynoy Aquino, right inside the backyard where his father sits as the top honcho of the threatened administration party now- the Lakas-CMD or Lakas-Kampi-CMD, whatever that is in Davao del Norte.
That was Anthony G. del Rosario (AGR in political nick), the former vice governor, did last week in declaring his vocal support to Noynoy at a media forum right inside the Capitol at Mankilam in Tagum. From that cue, Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad called for the same for Nonoy but not without leaving a caveat of getting first an imprimatur from the governor whom he professes to high heavens as he’s too loyal of (as though he alone is too loyal to the governor in the Capitol. What about the members of the cordon sanitaire gob?). There were also two others, an appointed one from Carmen town and the other, an elected one from Samal island, who drew a rather blurred line against the coming Lakas presidential timber as seen in a photo-op with AGR for Noynoy’s sake.
Now the Malacanang’s political operators are not again that naive. AGR’s political statements clearly mean he already burned the bridges with Arroyos, for siding with the Good than the Evil. And if Evil is Malacanang to critical writers and commentators, the Palace’s Big Brother eyes might have been already furious for the governor’s continued silence to his son’s statements and political activities that are now rocking the boat- that he is steering without an assembly of Lakas tripolantes.
The public visibility cast by such rump company of Noynoy’s supporters closely connected to the governor, who up until now is still a Lakas partidista, to borrow the oft-repeated line of last-termer 1st District Cong. Arrel Olano, only smacks an image of a divided Capitol. But pundits say that Gov. RDR can’t yet jump ship to the opposition, despite that he no longer has a “Tadeco to protect”  as leaving the administration party would open up the Lakas-Kampi-CMD up for grabs by and control of the Floirendos, the acknowledged kingmaker in the province’s District 2, leaving RDR vulnerable in his reelection bid.
For such, the spectre of seeing the governor to be mum over his son’s political stance, coupled with the spectre of him holding on at bay a political inertia, foremost of not calling for a big assembly of Lakas and Kampi leaders and members as this will exclude AGR, has now generated second guessing game in the Capitol and entire province after AGR’s health became the first that cracked up.
But this is obviously putting pressures to the governor, one from Malacanang, and the other from his partymates and the voting public as seeing him sticking it out with Lakas-Kampi-CMD, and putting no one as standard bearer for the 1st district congressional post, obviously to reserve it to AGR as possibly an adopted candidate, who is already with the opposition for now, is a height of political trickery and duplicity. This would not really sit well with an ultra-envious Malacanang, while there is this dignified option of following the path of AGR now, or putting the latter on gag order while he’s inside and working at the Capitol. Or better still, AGR has to resign as provincial employee and put up his own private political headquarters somewhere else outside the confines of the Capitol.
A private citizen AGR? Why not! That’s fine to many Noynoy’s supporters around waiting for a leader to rally for them for Noynoy’s sake.
BLOGBITS: BM Tony Lagunzad is a Coryista. He was appointed the OIC mayor in Tagum after EDSA Uno. But he was defeated by Vice Gov. Baby Suaybaguio when he ran as regular mayor, while seven of his OIC councilors won….. Now he’s at it again, wanting to jump first while asking somebody to hold him not to….. Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy did not mince his words in my last Monday interview of calling Daneco OIC GM Allan Laniba as “not right (person) to be there”. Way Labad na ana si Laniba mayor. I mean he’s also ready not to become the full-pledged Daneco….. Comval Boardmember Maricar Apsay has now a contender for the congressional post in the District 1- Atty. Jun Lopoz, former Ombudsman for Mindanao lawyer, university professor, former community organizer, ex-student activist, who has been on private practice for over 10 years. His slogan: kursunada! His battlecry: “lipay, lingaw, daug!”…… Comvalenyos are getting thrilled of Atty. Jun- Kursunda! than giving the congressional post to BM Maricar without a fight. That’s what an election, piniliay is- dapat may pilion ta! (For comments, email:

NEWS: Mayor Cee O: “No cause for alarm”

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On rise of killings in Tagum

oct 14

Tagum Mayor Rey Chiong Uy in a report of DXDN Radyo Ukay in Tagum early morning yesterday said that the city’s statistics on killings reported by the police “is no cause for alarm” adding that that those “salvaged” or killed were bad elements in the society, “mga kawatan, holdupper, snatcher, akyat bahay… so walay dapat ikaalarma.”

Asked in an exclusive field interview the other day by Ruel Dagsangan, anchor of Radyo Ukay’s early morning newscast program, the mayor added that the city in fact had been banking on its good peace and order situation in receiving continuing confidence from people for its continuing development.

In the same Radyo Ukay report, Vice Mayor Allan Rellon condemned extrajudicial killings in the city saying that the “root cause of the problem” should be addressed to in an effort of helping the police solve it.

The mayor’s and vice mayor’s statements came close to the heels of provincial police reports on the rise of crimes against persons particularly shooting incidents in the city that accounted the bulk in the reported cases throughout Davao del Norte.

Provincial police director PSSupt. Benelito Bianzon bared a total of 54 shooting incidents from January to October 10 in the city last Friday’s Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s human rights committee hearing-inquiry initiated by Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad, the committee chairman.

The crime statistics included the still unresolved slaying of long-time serving former Mankilam barangay captain and kagawad Noel dela Cruz.

PSSupt. Bianzon however that police has solved 23 crimes and a lot of petty crimes like stabbing, hacking and others and recovered many loose firearms in their Operation Kapkap.

But he also bared on increasing death threats which he said the police has been meeting difficulties in responding to all requests for protection considering the limited number of police personnel.

In that committee hearing, the police director admitted difficulties and loose ends in stemming off the rising crime index in the city primarily owing to the lack of police personnel to secure the high city population even as he said that the province is still generally peaceful.

He called on for active civilian support while asserting that police has all been doing its work to secure the populace.

Also in that hearing, Bianzon downplayed reports on the presence of death squad operating in the city, but he admitted the police is looking into reports on hired killers. PSSupt. also cited various causes and motives in the rise of shooting incidents in the city.

The hearing led to various initial proposals in addressing the problem of criminality which the SP committee had documented.

Boardmember Lagunzad said that extrajudicial killing is a human rights violation and vowed to continue his committee’s probe. He planned to conduct activities with barangay officials to address the problem.

Also present during last Friday’s committee hearing-inquiry held at Lakan’s Place were Boardmembers Jose Recarido Federiso, Ely Dacalus, Artemio San Juan, Salvador Royo, and SK federation president Dennis Café, Tagum City police chief PSupt. Dario Gunabe, CIDG-Davao del Norte provincial director PSupt. Rowena Garma, and some members of the family of the slain Dela Cruz who shared their fearful plight to the committee. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)