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Despite CDA’s cease order, DANECO-CDA group holds special assembly

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By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

Despite a standing cease-and-desist order from the Cooperative Development Authority, the  group of former officials of the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative who have been separately holding on Daneco’s Tagum office pushed through the special general assembly of member-consumers last Sunday, Oct. 21 at a school in Tagum City.

During the assembly the group known as Daneco-CDA, for wanting Daneco to be converted into a stock cooperative under CDA, secured support from Bayan Muna partylist Rep. Teddy Casiño, ex-Senator Agapito “Butz” Aquino and partylist groups from cooperative sector.

Guesting on the assembly, Rep. Casiño warned that the National Electrification Administration’s takeover to Daneco is a prelude to takeover by private corporations “which are only after for huge profits.” He said that under a cooperative scheme, Daneco could be exempt from paying taxes and other fees and would allow member-consumers to avail of cheaper power rates.

Aquino, on the other hand, stressed on the benefits of cooperativism and encouraged member-consumers to strengthen their cooperative.

The Daneco-CDA group has been the subject of a cease-and-desist order of the CDA after the latter temporarily suspended last Sept. 28 Daneco’s CDA registration following an amended writ of preliminary injunction issued earlier by the Court of Appeals against the same group.

However, Atty. Glenn Blair Carnicer, legal counsel of the Daneco-CDA group, charged that the CDA’s order as illegal, done without investigation and thus done without due process.

The group have been filibustering and physically defiant thus far to sheriff’s execution of court order based on the writ of preliminary injunction (WPI) issued by the Court of Appeal.

The first CA’s WPI last August affirmed the power of NEA to dismiss erring officials of an electric cooperative and the CA’s amended WPI in mid October prohibited “the respondents, their agents and representatives from exercising their powers as directors of Daneco.”

The special assembly, the second the group called this year, managed to elect new set of officers different to those 10 officials who were dismissed by NEA last July 30 after they were found guilty of grave misconduct and gross neglect of duty stemming from some 11 allegations in an administrative complaint filed by a group of member-consumers October last year.

The new set of officers vowed to pursue what the old set of officers started, bemuddling the issue on accountability and leadership of the group although the old set of officers and their political backers were suspected by the opposing group to have only introduced new leadership in trying to evade and skirt the NEA and court and quasi-judicial orders that hounded them.

Reports said the Daneco-CDA group claimed that the assembly held at Tagum National High School at Manga, Tagum City was attended by more than 13,000 members, but some estimated that there were only more 3,000 attendees.

The Daneco-NEA group called the special general assembly “illegal” owing to the standing orders from the CDA and the CA. Days before the assembly, the Daneco-NEA group reportedly distributed tens of thousands of leaflets to households asking member-consumers not to attend the activity. 

Sources said that the new officers were also elected “not by thousands but hundreds of votes” only from those attending the assembly, as the winning members of the board of directors representing the Mawab and Tagum districts had only garnered more than 40 votes and more than 200 votes, respectively. 

The special assembly is the latest that has drawn another tug-of-war between the two contesting groups.

Tuesday last week, the holding-out Daneco-CDA group deployed boom trucks barring the entrance and exit gates of Daneco Tagum office at Tipaz, Magugpo East, Tagum City as reportedly they were fearful of possible “forcible entry” of the Daneco-NEA group of officials who remain to control the Daneco main office in Montevista, Compostela Valley.

The deployment followed after Daneco-NEA group made a press conference. This group had tried twice in the past to make management takeover but the holding-out Daneco-CDA group foiled them.

The Daneco-CDA group has been physically occupying the Daneco Tagum office since July and has been holding on its management and separately collecting power bill payments.

The Daneco-NEA group through its legal counsel Jeorge Rapista, said in a press conference that CDA “found merits on the complaint” filed last June 25 by a group of member-consumers who wanted Daneco’s CDA registration revoked.

But Atty. Carnicer charged that the CDA’s order by its chairman Emmanuel Santiaguel ia “a void order, (which) has no force nor effect.”

Earlier, Carnicer bared that all of those dismissed by NEA were no longer performing their functions. Reynaldo Bandala, appointed OIC general manager, who was subject of the CA’s amended PWI was said to have been replaced lately by a Engr. Gerald Osorio, reportedly a pro-Daneco-CDA employee. On the other hand, Daneco-NEA has its different OIC GM, Benedicto Ongking, who was appointed by NEA.

As this developed, the Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AMRECO), a group of all power cooperatives in Mindanao, had acknowledged Daneco under the supervision of NEA. Its president Sergio Dagooc told reporters last week that they were calling member-consumers of Daneco to patronize only the Daneco under NEA and not the Daneco-CDA group.

Last April 30, 2012 the NEA’s five-man Board of Administrators chaired by Dept. of Energy Secretary Jose Rene Almendras dismissed all the 9 respondent directors and a former OIC GM after they were found guilty of grave misconduct and gross neglect of duty.

Dismissed were board president Dean Briz, board treasurer Ananias Darjan Jr, and director-members Brendo Ceniza, Miguel Fermil, Roberto Binasbas, Eugenio Ramonida, Roman Calicdan, Roberto Alam, and Engr. Dan Gervacio, and the former OIC GM Felix Hibionada.

In that order, NEA only suspended former OIC GM Nelson Balangan for 30 days after he was found guilty of simple neglect of duty. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

NEWS: Daneco prexy slams NEA’s delay in publication of vacancy of GM post

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By Cha Monforte

jan 14

The board president of Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative has slammed the delay of the National Electrification Administration in acting on the board of directors’s resolution asking it to publish in national newspaper the notice of vacancy and search for regular general manager so applicants can be drawn nationwide.

Dean Briz, Daneco BOD president, said yesterday in an interview that the Daneco board  approved the resolution December 12 last year and forwarded it to NEA national office in Manila last December 21, but as of press time, no action yet has been made by NEA on it.

“That’s the problem with NEA and the 15-day period for NEA (officials) to make an action has already lapsed,” he said.

He charged that the NEA officials can be answerable for violating Republic Act 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees).

The law obliges all public officials and employees, , among others, to act promptly on letters and requests. within fifteen (15) working days from receipt thereof.

Briz charged that there seemed to be “conspiracy” in implementing the required publication of the notice of vacancy of the GM post. He did not name names.

He said that currently Allan Laniba is still acting as officer in charge (OIC) GM since after the death of former GM Edgar Savellano mid last year.

“(Daneco) will shoulder the cost of publication. Thirty days after the publication, acceptance of applicants is closed, then NEA will screen the applicants and submit to the Daneco its list, and we will select and approve who will become the general manager” Briz said on NEA’s rules on GM selection.

He added that after the Daneco board selected the GM, NEA will then further evaluate the selected GM and make “background checking”, and if NEA found him to be worthy, “then NEA will confirm and the GM becomes probationary GM for six months,” within which the Daneco board “can still terminate him” if he is found not fit to the position. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)

OPINYON: Problema sa Daneco

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oct 15

Ni Cha Monforte
May dakong problema ang mga konsumante sa Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative. Kini mo ang matag karon ug unya nga brownout. Matud pa sa bag-o nga presidente sa Board of Directors nga si Dean Briz kulang ang supply sa kurente nga moabot sa di momenus sa 10 megawatts gikan sa National Grid Corporation of the Philippines. Matud pa ni Briz ang kanunayng may brownout mao ang mga lungsod sa Laak ug Monkayo. Nagsingabot na pod ang power crisis nga makaapekto gayud sa atong mga probinsya. Usa kini ka dakong problema sa katawhan busa dakong hagit kani sa atong mga lideres, labi na kadtong nagaposisyon na nga mahimong Presidente sa nasud.
Kining National Gird Corporation (NGCP) mao na ang pribadong kumpanyang mi-takeover sa paghatod sa kuryente sa tibouk nasud nga kanhi gigunitan sa National Transmission Corporation kun TransCo sukad niadtong miaging Enero 15, 2009. Usa kani ka consortium nga gilangkuban sa mga kumpanyang Monte Oro Grid Resources Corporation (MOGRC), State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and Calaca High Power Corporation (CHPC). Gi-bidding man gud sa gobyerno ang franchise sa pagmentenar sa transmission network kurente sa tibuok nasud subay sa programang privatization ug kining consortium mao ang midaug. Singkwenta pa ka tuig ang termino sa prankisa sa NGCP.
Hagit kani sa kasamtangang opsiyales sa Daneco sa pakigsabot sa NGCP aron katagaan kita ug permanente ug stable nga kuryente kay ang problema sa kasamtangan anaa pa man sa power transmission ug delivery, ug dili pa kaayo sa power generation, kung atong ikonsiderar nga may mga dapit sa Mindanao nga gamay ra ang power demand. O basi nagsige pa gihapon sila ug away kabahin sa isyu nga kinsa ba gayud ang mahimong general manager sa Daneco human mipanaw ang kanhi GM Edgar Savellano.
Tabi lang Daneco BOD president Briz paki esplika lang kung nganong mi text ka man kang OIC GM Allan Laniba kung aduna bay siyay permiso nga mobiyahe sa Manila. Didto na si Laniba sa kauluhan dihang imo siyang gipangutana pinaagi sa text. OIC GM biya si Laniba ug matud pa dugay na nga may BOD resolution nga di na gikinahanglan nga mangayo ug permiso ang GM sa BOD kung siya mobiyahe. Gikinahanglan nga may independensya ang Daneco management sa pagdumala sa kooperatiba matag adlaw kay basig wa nay mabuhat kini kung matag karon ug unya, ug pati sa mga gagmay nga mga transaksyones gikinahanglan ang permiso sa BOD. Yuna pa, di ba policy-making lang ang papel sa Daneco BOD? Mora mag nagapanghilabot na ang mga apil-apilong Daneco directors sa management sukad na OIC GM si Laniba.
Apan sa laing bahin, mora pog tama kini pag-inistrikto ni Briz kay kabalo biya ta nga sa panahon pa ni Amacio hangtud kang Savellano gamhanan gayud ang GM sanglit morag di na makit-an sa mga tag-iyang konsumante kung unsa gayud ang mga transaksyones sa Daneco. Nan, ang pagpaklaro sa mga minilyong transakyones sa Daneco o kung unsa gayud ang tinoud nga estado sa pinansya sa kooperatiba maoy indikasyon nga ang bag-ong BOD presidente ug bag-ong OIC GM gusto nga ipatumaw ang prinsipyong transparency alasng sa kaayuhan sa kooperatiba ug sa iyang mga konsumante. Mga sir, kumusta na man ang mga disbursements diha? Napakgang na ba ang mga kawatan sa Daneco?
Morag natakdan na man gud ning Daneco sa sakit sa atong burukrasya sa gobyerno. May mga tawong gusto nga mag weder-weder, o kung anaa na sa posisyon mo take advantage pa pod aron magpakadato. Miestorya lang kita dire sa sakit sa organisasyon ug wa ta mitumbok ug tawo, buhi ba o patay. Hangtud wa kitay ebedensya, kutob lang kita sa obserbasyon sa mga panghitabo. Pero kining mga panghitabo tinoud biya. Daghang nadato nga mga opisyales sa gobyerno- mga kongresman, gobernador, mayor ug uban pa tungod sa ilang paghupot ug public position. Ug kutob na lang kita sa obserbasyon.