OPINION: Malacanang of the South


by Cha Monforte

The Malacanang of the South in Davao City is great proposal. After all it’s the President himself that is the source of power. He represents vox populi. The seat of power comes secondary. A coup ending in seizing up a palace without the top occupant is hollow. In a flat world of high-tech communications, the President is given the access to be omnipresent to the nation even if he chooses this city of the south as the new capital by holding office here in most of the days in a week.
So it’s doable pala eh for all TV networks and media headquartered in Imperial Manila to report news on our President-elect headquartered in Davao City without hitches and glitches. ABS-CBN showbiz reporter Mario Dumaual has just sent his superb report on excellent barong and gown designers in Davao City, Mindanao. Goosebumps appear at last over how the imperial media highlight now the affairs of the metropolitan city in the nation’s periphery, Mindanao, the backwater sub-region of PH. If PDut will always stay in city during his reign, expect his contemplated project of three major train lines across PH realized as practical Manilans wanting to see and talk with their President come here by trains due to excess air passengers. With the giving of importance to Davao City as like the country’s new Metro Manila, spatial decentralization is effected as by poetic justice is served to long neglected Land of Promise.
Strike while the iron is hot. The CPP-NDF-NPA should grab now the 4 departments (DAR, DENR, DOLE, DSWD) offered by PDut. Get the 4 depts while talking peace, arms’ disposition shortly later. The 4 are big depts. It’s like a tenth of the government chopped up for a partial coalition. What about this 1/10th coalition movement so that peace will reign forever in our country? The clamoured genuine agrarian reform will first be launched under Joma’s leadership as DAR-DENR-DOLE-DSWD consultant, before that nationalist industrialization you said. Slowly but surely there will be victory counted on few years and terms than the longest 4 decades you have.
The Philippine Consulate officials and employees in Dubai are accordingly a bunch of arrogant people! Filipinos asking much needed help from our Dubai consulate are shabbily treated and usually ignored. “Mga arrogante mga walang modo mura mi mga walay pulos,” riled one OFW who pm’d me on my Facebook. President-elect Duterte needs to shake the Dubai consulate up upon his assumption to office. Meantime, outgoing PNoy should know about this arrogance taking place in the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, baka pwede pang malinis pa nya ito.
It was maybe that PDut’s heart pulsates to be more a Moro in his linealogy that Borloloy, our ROTC corp commander 3 decades ago in Msu Marawi, has become to be the first MSU Rearguard who becomes the PNP Chief, and surely Sir Salimbangon (“drop like a log, look like a tiger”) and all those who ate there @ P180/month from Rajah Solaiman Hall are now having our best laugh. Congrats MSUan Borloloy, one star General Police Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa!
TAGS & HASHES: Congrats to all winners and losers in the last polls in Davao del Sur and Davao Occidental. The fact that the election was so peaceful compared to the past, all need a pat on their backs ….. MetroNews Mindanao is your newest hometown weekly, subscribe and happy reading!

published in MetroNews Mindanao, a weekly in Davao Occidental and Sur


2 Responses to “OPINION: Malacanang of the South”

  1. rogen ann nuto Says:

    Former mayor duterte, now the president, has the freedom to chose whether he will or he will not put his office in davao city. some says that there will be a tendency that he will be focusing more on davao rather than in manila. I say, is manila only the place needing attention?
    thank you for this blog it keeps track on the latest happenings in our country. May God give you more strength.

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