PNoy’s rah-rah boys feed “hogwash”advices on term extension issue- Mayor Duterte

aug 25, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that the rah-rah planners of President PNoy are feeding him “hogwash” advice in the call for his term extension through charter change. 
In his Sunday TV program over ABS-CBN Davao, the mayor said that they are feeding the President “hogwash” advices in putting up a reason of “saving democracy” for PNoy’s term extension.
He said they should put up instead valid reasons like the need to continue the President’s good efforts as a reason to amend the Constitution than that.
“Limpyo man gyod na’ng pagkatawo ni PNoy (The character of Pnoy is clean),” he said.
The trouble is the kind of advices the President has been receiving from them like that one, he added. 
As to the issue on the President’s getting a new term, the mayor said that in street-smart reasoning that cannot be done as the term “term” is “attached to the person” in saying that Pnoy could no longer run.
But after saying that, Duterte shortly took a swipe to a “former congressman”, whom he said as “di ka na kadagan.. gipost niya akong… pahuway ka na, laos ka na dodong (you can no longer run, he posted my… hey you should take a rest, you’re past of your limelight).”
He added that cases are coming to run after the “former congressman.”
The mayor has been known to throw frank verbal potshots and cuss words to the media that are often beeped on TV.
But the ABS-CBN failed to beep the mayor’s statement last Sunday that “dapat pusilon sa ulo na’ng madakpan nga holdupper” in his talk on the issue of the city’s CCTV ordinance. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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