Mayor Duterte asks businessmen to do more beyond putting up CCTV

aug 25, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has asked businessmen in the city to do more beyond putting up CCTV cameras to secure their establishments and prevent criminals from doing crimes. 

Even as the mayor is not keen in amending the city’s CCTV ordinance, tagging it as “about nil or nothing”, he said that the CCTV is “no longer a mechanics for crime prevention but for crime review.”
“Maybe they are just wasting electricity for the CCTV, but anyway the CCTV- recorded footage after the crime has happened can be used by police investigators,” he opined.
Especially for the big malls which have security guards, he added, the guards must go on roving around and be equipped with handheld radios for them to quickly inform others in case they have seen a crime occurring.
The problem lies on the greater number of small businessmen who have no guards after they installed their CCTV system, he said.
He urged them to be still vigilant, take other security measures and at least have a licensed .22 caliber handguns to be used against robbers and holduppers.
“Dapat pusilon na sa ulo ang holdupper (they should shot the head of a holdupper),” he said.(Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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