Comval barangay thankful for APEX’s P2 M contribution to IRA

aug 22, 2014
The punong barangay of New Barili, Maco, Davao del Norte has been grateful that the Apex Mining Corp. that is operating in his barangay is contributing about P2 million share to the Internal Revenue Allotment of the barangay.
“As our IRA increased tremendously, our barangay has developed and we launched many projects and programs for our people,: said chairman Policarpio Omega. 
He said out from it the barangay managed to construct a P1.5-million school building, fund the continuing honorararium of 20 barangay health workers, and augment the livelihood and free coffee tree seedling programs of the barangay.’ 
Since the recent years his seedling dispersal  has been boosting coffee production in the barangay.
As he thanked the Apex company, he also prayed for the continuing unhampered access of small miners in the Minahang Bayan neighboring the Apex mining site. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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