aug 8, 2014

Political officers of the Island Garden City of Samal Mayor Aniano Antalan and former Mayor Roger Antalan have said that the Uswag IGACOS (U & I) Party is “a strong force to reckon with”, that would chart and push the further development of the island under the leadership of the Antalans.
The mayor is on his last term and it is rumored now that he would be running as the vice mayoral running mate of his elder brother Roger who would try a comeback for mayorship in 2016 under a local party, the U & I Party, that is to be registered this month as a local political party with the Comelec Manila.
The mayor had reportedly broken his political ties from District 2 Congressman Anton Lagdameo following sudden resignation of his long-time city administrator Cleto Gales.
In an interview, U & I Party press relation officer Ernesto Quidlat said that their party with the mayor elected as the executive committee chairman and Roger as secretary general would push for greater and consolidated unity among the people and further development of the island.
At the initial, the party has already 700 committed member-leaders with all of the island’s 46 barangays already having U & I party chapters, and the three districts, each with district council’s set of officers and working committees.
Quidlat said that the party formation started with the advocacy during the three-term mayorship of Roger, “then it bacame a movement and now a political party.”
The party had its first islandwide assembly last July 23 at Philippine Human Resource Development Center at Barangay Catagman.
Most the barangay captains and many city councilors attended the historic gathering.
“Definitely U & I Party is a force to reckon with in the coming 2016 polls considering the political institutions of the Antalans and for what they have both done that resulted to the great development of Samal Island,” Quidlat said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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