aug 4, 2014

Asked hard and for so many times if he will run for President in 2016 by his co-anchor, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in his Sunday TV program often responded that he is “not qualified” but he opened up sharing his vision for a new Philippines if elected as President.

“Di ko interesado, di ko ganahan, ug wa koy kwarta. (I’m not interested, I do not like it and I have no money),” he replied to insistent questionings of his co-anchor Atty. Geraldine Chiu in view of the 10 million signatures gathered by the group pushing him to run for President.

The mayor said running for President needs P10 billion to P15 billion.

“Asa man ko ana? (Where will I find that?),” he asked although he acknowledged there are businessmen who approached him tendering willingness to support him if he runs for President.

From Duterte 2016 Movement, the group led by R. Castillo barangay captain Mar Masanguid has lately changed their name to Duterte for President Movement after rotating in Mindanao despite the mayor’s statements of decline and non-interest since last year.

But the mayor on Sunday’s edition shared his “vision, not a political platform” if he becomes a President.

Should in one year’s time after sitting as President he could not see real reforms through the normal functions of the President, he said forgive him he would be forced to close the Congress, and declare a revolutionary government.

Moreover, the mayor said he would privatize all government-controlled corporations including the GSIS, Bureau of Customs, retire all the generals except the 40 among them “who are the best and the brightest” and as to the Left and Nur Misuari, “if they want a coalition government, so be it.”

He added if NDF chairman Luis Jalandoni wants a top government post, “I’ll put him in DAR” and CPP-NPA chairman Joma Sison n DSWD. “Mag federal government ta.”

The mayor also responded to the tag hurled by Manila politicians that “he is extremist”, saying he could be called by that “but look what happened to Davao City?”

He said he has more things to do on the thought that he is the sitting President, and “the caveat for everybody is at the end of my term there should be real changes” done for the country. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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