aug 6, 2014

Total prohibition of plying motorcycles without plates ordered following flagging down of military operative Sunday 
Following report on a flagging down of a military operative using motorcycle without a plate past Sunday midnight, Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon has asked Monday intelligence operatives from the military and from other law-enforcement agencies to also use motorcycles with plate numbers when in the city to avoid being misinterpreted as bad elements.
This as the mayor ordered total prohibition of motorcycles carrying no plates from plying in Tagum City in his aggressive drive to contain the increasing crimes committed by motorcycle-riding criminals such as carnapping cases of single motorcycles that have been happening since the recent months in the city.
Rellon directed the city police and the traffic management force to flag down and hold violators and effect seizure of motorcycles without plates.
A report said that an operative from a military unit stationed in Tagum City was flagged down by alert motorcycle-riding City Finest police elements but  fortunately the operative immediately raised his hand and shouted he is a member of a military resulting to the radioing of his identify to his unit for confirmation.
Minutes later a military squad on military vehicle came to fetch the operative ostensibly to make a show that the flagged down operative is one own of their own.
There was no altercation between the two groups reported though as the operative was released by the police to the arriving military group, a source said.
“I call on them to coordinate with the chief executive on this important matter. I call on military battalion commanders, platoon or squad leaders to check and apprise their elements,” Mayor Rellon said, fearing a case of misencounter between two peaceful forces in his city in the future.
On this note, he added that he is “bound to reactivate a military-police composite team” which would especially take charge in handling cases where a military or police element is involved in incidents on drunken brawl or involving public alarm.
“If a militaryman is involved, the one who would negotiate is a military man. If a cop is the one involved, a cop would negotiate,” he explained.
This he would take up in the command conference he would call with the provincial and city police chiefs, and their respective operation deputies, as well as with battalion commanders of 60 and 72nd Philippine Army Infantry Battalions and other military and law-enforcement forces stationed in or near the city, Rellon said.
He emphasized though there was no report in the recent months on military elements going wild, “maoy” in vernacular, on merrymaking during their off-duty hours.
Tagum City, being a servicing central hub at inner north of Davao Region, is traditionally frequented by people on nighttime merrymaking as it boasts abundant rest and recreation (R & R) facilities such as lively sexy and gay bars, videoke and disco pubs and drinking joints along with its brisk night market offering barbecues, foodstuffs, ukay-ukay wares and nighttime booze.
Meanwhile, Tagum City PNP chief of police PSupt. Solomon De Castilla disclosed in separate interview that there is no high incidents of crime recorded in the month of July in the city.
As to motor carnapping, he said that this crime can be contained with active community support.
He cited that there was a case that a carnapper was arrested by the police but the victim later backed out from pursuing the case as he agreed for an out-of-court settlement for a fee of P25,000.
He added that in police record motor carnappings were made “by individuals” for money and no longer the type where the motor carnappers only wanted to sow chaos in the city as they went into carnapping and shooting rampage then left behind the motorcycles they forcibly got from owners or drivers.
They were already neutralized, PSupt. De Castilla said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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