IGACOS has P443.79 M in its budget prep for 2015

aug 2, 2014

It is budget call time again for local government units these days for the fiscal year 2015 and for the Island Garden City of Samal it has P443.79 million to budget and spend for next year.

IGACOS city budget officer Jemelita Camasong bared that the city would have budget of P375 million from Internal Revenue Allotment and P67.79 million from local income or a total budget of P443.79 million.

During the budget call forum with city department heads last Wednesday, Camasong explained that city’s budget would have to align with the national parameters and city government’s thrusts as well as comply with existing budget national directives and circulars of the Dept. of Budget and Management.

IGACOS budget would have to align with the Aquino administration’s five key result areas that underpin its development agenda, which are: anti-corruption, transparent, accountable and participatory governance, poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor and vulnerable, rapid, inclusive and sustained economic growth, just and lasting peace and the rule of law, integrity of environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

“Our programs, activities and projects should align to these five priorities areas,” she said.

Also to consider is the guideline on enhanced Grassroots Participatory Budget Process or GPBP (formerly Bottom-Up Budgeting or BUB), the Aquino administration’s top to bottom approach in allocating resources to ensure the inclusion of funding requirements for the development needs as they are identified at the local level, Camasong echoed a national memorandum.

On the other hand, city planning and development coordinator Engr. Mario Pacaldo bared that the city administration of Mayor Aniano Antalan would have local development thrusts for 2015 that include the construction of new city market and transport terminal, multipurpose gym, more pathway for the port, seawall for Kaputian beachpark,  coastal park development, farm-to-market roads and the mayor’s livelihood programs.

“We’’ll no longer have road graveling for steep roads, as these would be scoured and washed out by floods. Instead, we’ll opt for concreting of farm-to-market roads in slope areas,” he said.

Based on DBM’s Local Budget Memorandum No. 68 dated July 1, 2014, the 144 cities in the country would share from the total P89.20 billion IRA shares based on their population, area and income.

On the other hand, the 81 provinces, 1,478 municipalities and 41,889 barangays would share from P91.02 billion, P132.95 billion and P76.67 billion worth of IRA, respectively, as computed by the DBM.

In the budget calendar for LGUs based on the Local GovernmentCode, after the budget call forum, where budget proposals of department heads are solicited, technical budget hearings and consolidations would then be made. After which the local chief executive prepares his budget message and submits the same to sanggunian the executive annual budget not later than Oct. 16.

The sanggunian has until Dec. 31 to approve the annual budget.(Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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