Wearing skimpy two-piece attire is Constitutional- Mayor Duterte

july 20, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte sees nothing is wrong with wearing two-piece attire in public.

In his regular Sunday TV program, he said “it’s Constitutional”, singling out the issue on the wearing of skimpy attire of young girls during a rave party which an event organizer planned to hold in next month’s Kadayawan Festival.

The mayor based his opinion in what people have been wearing in the beach including the two-piece attire which he said is not against the law.

“Whether in a beach or on stage, what’s the difference? What’s the beef?” he asked.

“Tama sila, it’s freedom of expression, as long that they are not naked,” said Duterte, also a lawyer.

He added the constitution has very broad provision that allows persons to do what they want to do unless it goes against public morals.

“The contemporary time is our standard. Is wearing bikini really bastos? Will it generate lust? In our generation’s time, it’s not immoral to wear (that),” the mayor stressed, adding that he had an experience when he travelled Brazil while still a congressman, in seeing all the women “from lola down to apo” wearing no bra at all in a wide beach there.

He also said that he was afraid the city is treading on unconstitutional grounds if the issue of wearing of skimpy attire in public goes in court given the city’s women code prohibiting it in formal presentations, although he said he understood the calling and advocacy of women’s progressive groups such as Gabriela and women councilors in the previous City Council.

Last week, some members of the City Council have charged to an event organizer applying for permit that previous rave parties in the city had young girls showing their bras besides the alleged violations to the city’s anti-smoking and 1 AM liquor ban ordinances and use of prohibited drugs of some party goers during the merriment.

As to report on intoxication, smoking and use of drugs during the event, Mayor Duterte said it is the “work of police to apprehend” and not the organizer unless she is the one selling prohibited items.

He advised the organizer to settle her obligation balance in her previous event with the city treasurer.  

Rave party organizer Kat Dalisay was thrust in a center of controversy when she posted in her Facebook an advised “to wear long sleeves instead” during rave parties and a “violation of freedom of expression” to the intimated prohibition of wearing of sexy attire during the event.

 She posted “hypocrites”, visibly alluding to the City Council committee members who heard her application to hold a rave party.

Dalisay’s application for permit is still pending even as she was invited to shed light in the coming session of the City Council on Tuesday.

She immediately apologized in her Facebook shortly after Vice Mayor Paulo Duterte made a statement over the issue defending the City Council and apparently displeased over the calling of the latter “hypocrites.” (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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