BOC Davao seizes P4.1 M misdeclared plywood from China

july 2, 2014

Bureau of Customs Port of Davao District Collector Ernesto Aradanas yesterday, Wednesday led the opening of five container vans that have plywood shipments from China and misdeclared by the consignee as only more than P1 million when they were supposed to be more than P4 million in all.

The container vans, four 4 x 40  footer and a 3 x 40 footer,  earlier seized by Davao port’s customs authorities lay aground at Tefasco Wharf in Tibungco, Davao City when they were opened before reporters.


District Collector Aradanas said that the shipments were consigned to Jessenelle Trading and came from China via M/V Mell Semangat V-021.

Last June 26 alert orders were requested on the shipments by customs agents, to which Aradanas acted favorably leading the assigned customs examiner and other customs officers to conduct 100-percent examination on the shipments.

“They found the contents as declared in the import entry. However, the Office of the District Collector doubted the declared weight of the said shipments and directed that the same to be subjected to Magna Scale to ascertain the correct volume and weight,” said BOC Davao public information and assistance chief Suharto Sumayan.

Finding the shipments misdeclared, on the next day, June 27, customs officers seized them following Aradanas’ issuance of warrants of seizures and detention.

The shipments arrived in the wharf last June 7 with bills of lading and declared weight of only 23,000 kilograms, but it turned out to weigh 33,140 kilograms, thus a discrepancy of 10,140 kilograms for each container and difference in duties of more than 30 percent from P213,737.19 declared amount which ought to be P820,623.11 for each shipment, making each shipment automatically subject to seizure in favor to the government.

With the customs declared value, the five-container shipments ought to be P4,103,115.55, than a total of P1,068,689.5.

However, last June 24 a certain Miss Angela Cando of Malate, Manila and proprietress of the consignee in an affidavit said that she “was not aware of the said shipments supplied by XIAMEN YIRO Import and Export Co. Ltd.” and alleged that the consignee in Davao City did not order any plywood from her.

She further disclaimed “any participation with regards to importations” of XIAMEN YIRO company.   

Aradanas, in short media talk after the opening, urged businessmen to conduct their business without violating customs laws, adding that the Aquino administration has been continuing to launch serious reforms without let-up in the customs bureau. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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