OPINION: Daneco-NEA alarmist

june 17, 2014

By Cha Monforte

It seems that the amount used as the reason (or alibi) of Daneco-NEA to cause for a franchise-wide blackout is just small. It is only P8.14 million monthly, and it’s peanuts to Daneco-NEA or even Daneco-CDA. Any of the two factions can easily pay that amortization of the restructured P275 million (of the total P576 million power obligations of Daneco as one entity). The website of NEA now says that the Daneco-NEA has been diligently paying its power obligations, while the Daneco-CDA is not paying its share. Daneco-NEA and NEA project supervisor Godofredo Guya have not been frank into saying that Daneco-CDA is not paying its share of the power supply burden. For when they ask Daneco-CDA to pay its share, they are recognizing the protagonist they want to be annihilated in the first place. It’s NEA Manila which does the talking. Daneco-NEA has been sending letters to officials about Daneco’s PSALM obligations per encoded data of its finance officer as noted by its OIC GM Benedicto Ongking. The problem here is they did not attach or juxtapose a photocopy of PSALM demand letter indicating the impending action of disconnection in case of delinquency. It’s all Daneco-NEA’s claim. That’s why I tend to believe on the charge of Daneco-CDA that Guya and the appointed Daneco-NEA board officials are “bluffing” based on “bloated financial obligations” which they accordingly did last year for the DOE to forge an agreement that had only made Daneco-CDA stopped its collection activities. Last Monday, in aphone interview, Ongking confirmed they did not yet receive any document from PSALM about the disconnection. He claimed that last Feb. 25, 2014 they receive PSALM demand letter that already lapsed 10 days after they failed to pay what had been demanded to be paid. It was February and Daneco-NEA had already secured a restructuring of the power obligations due for March 2013 to April 2014. It appears now that it is only P301 million that has not been sought for restructured, or Daneco-NEA had been paying parts of this? Daneco-NEA now appear to be panicky already that by bloating obligations and not showing PSALM’s demand letter it becomes alarmist. It’s napangka or bokya in Filipino. Some critical sectors including a board member said that the latest blackout announcement of Daneco-NEA is but a “palupok”. Particularly, the appointed and rubberstamp Daneco-NEA board are a bunch of alarmists. It’s Daneco-NEA’s accountability when its own panic is shared to the public, creating larger instability and unpeace.
There’s no blackout, folks, as it would become a mortal sin of Daneco-NEA being the leading faction in this long-running Daneco war. But reports said that the Daneco-CDA has been expanding its loyal membership base through reconnection of electric meters from what Daneco-NEA has disconnected. How true is the report that Daneco-NEA is surrendering and would not be contesting PSALM or DOE in making power disconnection so that an emergency situation comes in out from the blackout and hence annihilate Daneco-CDA for it has no more power to reconnect? But what about if the Daneco-CDA would reconnect what the PSALM would disconnect?
But I would say now that the two Daneco factions have loudmouths. It comes no surprise that they are noisy these days. But maybe a total blackout may come and Daneco-CDA is brought for judgment. When blackout moment comes amid a continuing rotational brownouts, that would be the time that the loud mouths of the two factions have to eat crows.
Davao del Norte Board Member Dr. Fred De Veyra spewed out fire and brimstone over Daneco’s continuing war between Daneco-NEA and Daneco- CDA in my interview with him last Thursday. I strongly sensed his disgust was directed to both the sets of the officials of the two factions. The board member, chairman of the SP’s human rights committee, obviously could no longer take much further what he has been seeing to Daneco he served very well when it was yet one entity during the 80s and 90s. He slammed for the so wasteful, so costly, so foolish infighting who’s legitimate or not between the two factions.
There is now a need for member-consumers to rise up to the present disarray of the erstwhile one Daneco. Rising up would mean they can move and stand like petitioning electorate for people’s initiative or recall. That can be if there’s a devil advocate movement or group to initiate. I heard one which is driving a petition to convert Daneco into power corporation registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission. May they lead this time when there’s already fatigue over this so costly, so wasteful, so foolish Daneco war that seeks only to destroy Daneco as an institution.
BM Dr. De Veyra is right when he slammed that Daneco has been on losing streak of its finances due to this costly infighting. Both factions maintain their own set of employees and management and board officials. There are two sets of expenditures instead of one. With it, naturally Daneco would lose financially. Because officials of both factions whet the appetite for continuing Daneco’s war as it’s them who mutually benefit out from it, Daneco has to lose as a result. If ever the blackout comes true with the claim of the Daneco-NEA that PSALM will disconnect its power supply to Daneco anytime this month, then Dr. De Veyra is right to say that the member-consumers have no sin and could not be blamed for this mess, not their low payments to their electric bills, but due to the continuing war that was started and sustained by both of the officials of the factions. When that darkness comes, Daneco’s 150,000 member-consumers should rise up and protest against the foolish officials of both the Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA including NEA project supervisor Godofredo Guya. Don’t blame us but you all Daneco officials! Dr. De Veyra said.
The Tagum City Council’s committee of the whole made its committee hearing on the Bird Park controversy closed door at Molave Hotel last Thursday. May there’s already a result of it after the hearing. The tagged fall guy was there. Will heads or a head only will roll in the committee’s recommendation?
Davao del Norte SP Floorleader, Board Member Hernanie Duco wants that all the official matters and measures in his office would be acted and referred speedily to committees. I sense BM Duco of Carmen is efficiently doing his function for board members to avoid getting caught delayed with the 30-day reglamentary period for the SP to act on measures of lower sanggunians.

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