Daneco-CDA consultant Lariosa: “A bluff”

june 17, 2014

Opposing Daneco faction under the Cooperative Development Authority or Daneco-CDA group immediately tagged Daneco-NEA’s report of heavy indebtedness as the cause of impending blackout as “a bluff, a lie.”
Daneco-CDA media consultant Nilo Lariosa took a swipe against Daneco-NEA saying: “There is no such thing as an order from PSALM or from DOE to disconnect. They are bluffing because they could not show any document. It’s part of their continuing pangilad sa katawhan (cheating to the people).”
He said that the Daneco-CDA had earlier “secured a status quo ante order from Regional Trial Court Branch 95 in Tagum City directing Daneco-NEA including PSALM, NGCP not to do inimical actions against the interests of Daneco-CDA and its member-consumers.”
“If ever they have that order to disconnect they should show that to the people,” Lariosa added.
Also, Daneco-CDA spokesperson Oliver Autor said that Daneco-NEA officials made “a new bluff threatening consumers of total blackout like what they did last year.”
He charged that Daneco-NEA has resorted anew to threats based on bloated power obligations so that member-consumers would have to pay their electric bills to Daneco-NEA.
He said that last year Daneco-NEA officials threatened member-consumers that the power obligations had already reached more than P700 million when “in truth it was only more than P300 million.”
Earlier, Daneco-CDA board president Engr. Albert Omega also earlier contended that PSALM could not arbitrarily cut its power supply without the hearings of Energy Regulatory Commission.
Omega claimed that ERC was no longer entertaining Daneco-NEA because the body accordingly wanted only to deal with one Daneco entity. (RUN/cm)

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