Police looks into 2 angles in mayor’s killing in Compostela Valley

may 30, 2014

The Compostela Valley provincial police is looking into two angles in the killing of Laak town Mayor Reynaldo Navarro last Wednesday at Asuncion town in neighboring Davao del Norte.

PNP provincial police director PSSupt. Abraham Rojas said in radio interview that possible angles that the police is looking into are related to politics and to illegal logging.

He added that police investigators are still in the thick of their investigation to the case as of press time.

Mayor Navarro, 62 years old, was ambushed by some five armed assailants Wednesday at around 8:30 A.M.Wednesday while his convoy of two vehicles was cruising Kilometer 9 at Barangay Sagayin, Asuncion.

The mayor’s back-up escorts managed to fire back resulting to the killing of two still unidentified assailants.

The mayor was hit in several parts of his body causing his instantaneous death while his driver Estelito Pacano and security escorts Glen Ochoco and PO1 Rey Llones sustained gunshot wounds.

Injured in the crossfire were civilians Crespolo Matawa, Sr. and Paquito Sonocarte.

Hours after the ambush, Col. Lyndon Panesa, spokesperson of the armed forces’ eastern command, said there were strong suspicions that communist rebels were behind Navarro’s ambush.

As of press time, the NPA has not yet claimed for it.

Last May 23, the NPA posted in its website http://www.philippinerevolution.netaccusing the mayor as “lying as logging is rampant in Laak villages”.

The communist group through Aris Francisco, NPA spokesperson for Comval-North Davao- South Agusan areas warned the mayor and other “local reactionaries” not to continue making “big business out of the remaining forest resources, (as) the NPA will impose measures to protect the environment and peasants.”

Navarro is on his third term as Laak mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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