Massive organic production of famous Samal mongo to be launched

May 31, 2014

A massive production of the famous and the best Samal mongo through organic farming will soon be launched throughout the island of Samal in Davao del Norte.

Gregorio “Boy” Sarmiento, owner of Seagrass Beach Resort in Penaplata District, said that a private support group he coordinated would be funding for the mass propagation of mongo, which is known to grow as “quality grain when produced in Samal Island.”

He said the plan is now being finalized with the cooperation of several interested barangay councils.

Sarmiento said that the support group, composed of socially concerned private businessmen of a civic organization, would complement the mongo production with support programs and incentives for the farmers such as provision of appropriate organic farming technology, product marketing assistance, fuel discount cards and educational support for the farmers’ children through their farmers’ organization.

Barangay Guilon punong barangay Edgardo Bastillada said that they are optimistic to the plan of massively producing the Samal mongo, saying it would spread like a wildfire that would greatly complement and help marginal and indigent farmers in the island through intercropping with their already existing plants.

“The Samal mongo is known to have the best taste as it is so milky and oily when cooked,” he said.

He added mongo stands for the “smallest m” that would make Samal Island be even known throughout country and the world after the island’s other m’s- its mariculture and mango production.

The first planting time of supported mongo farmers is scheduled in the coming August. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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