Davao Norte board member slams wasteful Daneco war

june 13, 2014
Davao del Norte Board Member Dr. Alfredo “Fred” de Veyra (1st District) slammed the continuing infighting between two Daneco factions as “too wasteful” that has only its 150,000 member-consumers “suffer all the more”.
In an interview, the board member, who had served for long as a member of the Daneco board of directors in the 80s, minced no words: “Nganong nalugi man? Kay sige man sila ug away! Puros ang Daneco-NEA ug Daneco-CDA ug gasto’g dako sa ilang way pulos nga away. (Why the financial loss? It’s because of their continued infighting. Both factions spend much for their foolish quarrel)”
Board Member Dr. Fred De Veyra

Board Member Dr. Fred De Veyra

The apparently disgusted De Veyra blasted both the two Daneco factions, saying that “it is no wonder that Daneco has been on losing streak because of their infighting and division as they have their own respective set of employees and board of directors to pay for while they have to spend much for the court and attorneys’ fees including their media campaigns.”
 “Mao nang lugi! Way sala ang mga miyembro kung tinoud nga ma-blackoutan ang Daneco sa PSALM (That’s why they’re losing. It’s not the fault of the members if there’s blackout),” he said.
He called on the Daneco member-consumers to rise up in peaceful initiative to finally end this “foolish and wasteful infighting between two factions” as even the Dept. of Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla tried but failed even to stop it.
Meanwhile, Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, Jr. is reportedly moving to ask President PNoy Aquino to finally intervene to Daneco’s disarray.
Wednesday last week, NEA project supervisor Godofredo Guya and Daneco-NEA officials in a press conference  warned of an impending blackout throughout the franchise area anytime this month of June citing a purported “go signal” of the Dept. of Energy for PSALM to disconnect its power supply to Daneco.
But opposing Daneco-CDA media consultant Nilo Lariosa, in separate interview with this paper Thursday took a swipe against Guya and Daneco-NEA officials, saying, “Di na tinuod, way nadawat nga order to disconnect. It’s a bluff!”
Daneco’s conflict of having two factions fighting so hostile against each other for legitimacy started in mid 2012. It has put the once single Daneco in disarray. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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