may 12-18, 2014

In an unprecedented case of the present body, the IGACOS City Council adjourned Monday, April 28 past 9:30 A.M. with an obviously irritated Councilor Larry Colmenares moving for adjournment for lack of quorum. It was seconded by Councilor Alberto Ortiz. Protempori presiding officer Councilor Samuel Rosario then banged the gavel.

The body lacked only one councilor to make a quorum, although Councilor Glenn Colmenares was already “downstairs”, within the City Hall vicinity.


“He came late when the adjournment was already made. He has no more business,” said Rosario in an interview.

“Sayang gyod, daghan untay concerns nga i-take up,” he added.

Before the adjournment, there were only 8 councilors on the floor. The rules of procedure of the IGACOS City Council provides for 9 members to have a quorum. They are expected to begin the session at the strike of 9 AM.

If the vice mayor is absent, the protempori presiding officer would preside the session.
Rosario said he first called for 15 minutes of recess, noting the lack of quorum, then another 10 minutes more of recess.

And when the second recess ended, it was then that Councilor Larry Colmenares moved for an adjournment. 

At press time, it could not yet be immediately known if the legislative body had made a make-up session for the adjourned session for lack of quorum. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)



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