P100 T cash reward for 11 missing cocaine bricks only for Judases- Mayor Duterte

mar 30, 2014

The P100,000 cash reward money for those who can provide information to those who still possess the 11 missing cocaine bricks which are part of the P364-million contraband seized the last week still stands as an offer, said Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

In his Sunday TV program, the mayor clarified that the reward money would only be given to those who would do a Judas to their companions who still continue to hold on the cocaine bricks despite that other workers already returned what they got.

The reward money is for those who know who got the cocaine bricks, Duterte said to differentiate for those who simply return the contraband without being punished.

He dropped one name, who has a bald head.

“I warn you, by the sheer quantity of the cocaine brick you possess, you will grow old, rot in prison. You will be in prison in almost your lifetime,” Duterte released a tough declaration on TV.

“It’s not thief, but the possession of the drug,” he added.

Bricks of high-grade cocaine were discovered by port workers attached in the ceiling of one 40-footer Maersk Sealand container van at the Sumifru Wharf in Tibungco, Davao City.

Each of the brick, weighing about 26 kilograms, is estimated to have a value of P162 million.

Authorities said that the container is bound for South Korea, and that the packages were not intended for Davao City.
The cocaine bricks were accordingly mobbed by an undetermined number of wharf haulers who thought the bricks as food packs.

The Sumifru security manager tipped off the discovery to the authorities, and combined elements from Bureau of Customs police, CIDG and PDEA operatives subsequently seized 24 bricks on the night of March 22. In the following day, BOC Davao police operatives made follow-up operations in the wharf and seized 27 more bricks of cocaine.

However, Mayor Duterte clarified that there was a total of 64 cocaine bricks in the shipment, and first there were 40 missing bricks after the seizure of 24 bricks.

On that night, as the Sumifru workers were prevented to go out without being checked on order of the mayor, 21 more bricks were returned by wharf workers who were told they would not be apprehended or sued.

Within three days since the other Sunday, eight more cocaine bricks were returned, hence a total of 11 missing bricks. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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