Mayor Duterte hopes safe conduct pass rule for communist leaders be clarified

mar 30, 2014

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that the rule on the safe conduct pass among top communist leaders needs to be clarified following recent arrest of the Tiamzon couple, top communist leaders.

“There’s a written agreement about that and I heard of it from former Justice Secretary Bebot Bello,” Duterte said in his Sunday TV program, referring to the safe conduct pass given to negotiating top communist leaders during peace negotiations.

“I hope these things be sorted out immediately,” he said adding that the safe conduct pass would mean there would be no arrest of communist leaders “until we succeed to have peace.”

“Beyond their arrest, if we want to initiate talks with the communist rebels, Sison and Jalandoni would always be important persons in here,” he said.

Jose Maria Sison is the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) while Fr. Luis Jalandoni is the chairman of the CPP’s political wing, the National Democratic Front of the Philippine (NDFP).

The peace negotiation between the government and the CPP-NDFP is currently on impasse due to the disagreements from both sides following on-and-off peace negotiations for long years since the Cory Aquino administration.

Government negotiators accused the CPP-NDFP as not serious about the peace process and that it is just using the peace talks to free its captured members like Benito and wife Wilma Tiamzon who were nabbed recently by the Army in Cebu.

Benito Tiamzon was said to be a head of the CPP and its armed wing the New People’s Army, while Wilma Tiamzon was a top ranking central committee member and CPP finance officer.

The CPP in December 2013 accused the government for insincerity of PNoy administration and announced that it “will wait for the next administration for peace talks.” (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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