Gov. RDR clarifies Tuwid na Daan Party organizing in his 7th SONA

april 1, 2014
By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News
Clarifying  the last part of his lengthy 7th State of the Province Address on Monday afternoon, Davao del Norte Governor said that the Tuwid na Daan party he plans to organize soon would serve as a “clearing house” to select who are qualified among interested political leaders including those who might not be members of the provincial-level Liberal Party which he headed.
“Sa ngayon, it’s a movement and will eventually register as a local party, maybe a regional party,” he told provincial reporters after the SOPA. 
The governor rendered his SOPA before more than 1,000 people at the RDR Gym for almost two hours and traditionally hammered his lengthy accomplishments in various areas during the first year in his current third and last term. 
But before he ended he unveiled his plan to organize a Tuwid na Daan party to sustain good governance and clean government as espoused by the Tuwid na Daan principle of the Aquino administration.
He added that considering that many are running for top posts in the next elections the Tuwid na Daan party “will be a clearing house who will be qualified to run, it may screen Liberal Party members and others who need support.”
For now the province based on the results of the last elections appears to be politically divided between the Del Rosario bloc-led LP in the first district and the Floirendo bloc-led Kusog Baryohanan Party in the second district. Each of the two blocs has but all ally and loyal mayors and some ally independent elected officials in lower posts in its respective district turf.
In the last May 2013 elections the Kusog Baryohanon only supported Vice President Jejomar Binay and a mix of senatorial candidates, both from the administration and opposition. The provincial LP supported all the LP national candidates. 
But the governor clarified that the Tuwid na Daan party is just a local one and “it would still support the national candidates of the administration” apparently in reference to the 2016 polls. 
Asked on who is the potential candidate for governor in his mind, Gov. Del Rosario was cautious saying, “dahil Liberal ako syempre yong official candidate ng Liberal. Sa ngayon ang member ng Liberal ay ako, si AGR (his son second-termer Cong. Anthony del Rosario of the first district), si VRS (Vice Gov. Victorio “Baby” R. Suaybaguio, Jr ) and Cee O (former Tagum City Mayor Rey  “Cee O” Uy), pati ang mga mayor.”
“Dapat magpakilala muna sila, ang iba,” he added visibly referring  to other incumbents eyeing to run for the top posts like the governor and the mayor.
So the Tuwid na Daan local party appears now to be the formula aimed to give ease to select local candidates, whether LP or independent or not,and to avoid hostile wrangling among incumbents in the run up towards the filing of candidacies for the 2016 polls.
The governor also said the since Vice Gov. Suaybaguio is “the senior LP member” he is fitted to be the provincial coordinator of the Tuwid na Daan movement while “there would also be district and municipal coordinators.” 
Interested to become Tuwid na Daan members would file their applications to the offices of the Vice Governor and of the mayors, he said.
By 2016 polls, the gubernatorial post is considered vacant as the governor would be facing a term limit.
Vice Gov. Suaybaguio, also a last termer now, has earlier declared his intention to run for governor, saying he has “no choice” after serving vice governor for four terms already.
Reports have been circulating that second-termer Board Member Alan Dujali of the second district would run as vice gubernatorial tandem of Suaybaguio if Dujali would not run for the congressional post. 
Dujali though is independent, neither a Kusog Baryohanon nor Liberal Party member. He won as largely independent candidate in the 2010 and 2013 polls.
Last-termer Cong. Anton Lagdameo of the second district is also reported to be running for governor.
The governor though said in gist he might run as vice governor or for mayor in Samal Island “if people are really clamoring for me to run there” and “if kaya pa ng katawan (ko).”
Then he turned serious saying that really the Tuwid na Daan of President PNoy needs to be continued and that people need to elect and support people who think of and choose the straight path in governance. 
“Daang matuwid is making serious reforms, para diretso na, daang matuwid dapat ipagpatuloy, samahan ninyo ako nitong daang matuwid na partido, isang partidong pag-iisip ay daang matuwid,” he said.
For his part, Vice Gov. Suaybaguio welcomed the plan to launch the movement and organize the local party adding that he has been used to supporting the governor besides that the party clearinghouse mechanism for candidates’ selection could produce again a good governor to ensure continuity of the province’s gains, good governance and development. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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