CR business of LGU is certainly profitable, Panabo City grosses P2.3 M

mar 12, 2014

Operating a comfort room as part of the economic enterprises of local government is certainly profitable and does not give red figure to public coffers.

Panabo City alone in last year grossed a whooping P2,300,855 out from operating seven public toilets in the premises of the public terminal and market.

If averaged, the figure is about P191,738 monthly or about P6,400 daily.

The seven CRs are manned by nine contractual laborers having a combined gross pay of about P2,000 daily.

Panabo City economic enterprise department manager Nemesio “Boy” Rasgo, Sr. said that the revenue from CRs contributes almost 5 percent to the total revenue of the city’s economic enterprises, which has four major revenue sources, namely: terminal operations, market operations, cemetery and slaughterhouse operations.

In the terminal operations where the “CR business” belongs, it contributes
15.4 percent to the total.

Rasgo bared that for 2013 all the city’s economic enterprises realized a total revenue of P47,375,524.23, effecting a collection efficiency of P141 percent from its target collection of P33,602,500.

For this year, Rasgo has scaled up his department’s target collection to P50 million.

His department is manned by 112 personnel- 45 and 18 of whom are regular and casual employees, respectively, and the rest is job-order (contract-based) workers. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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