OPINION: Why not Board Member Alan “Aldo” Dujali for congressman in Davao del Norte District 2?


Board Member Alan Dujali (2nd District, Davao del Norte)

mar 13-19, 2014


By Cha Monforte

Why not Board Member Alan “Aldo” Dujali for congressman in Davao del Norte District 2? He won as independent candidate for board member for two times already-in 2010 and 2013 polls. He carved a good name as good politician. He graduated city councilor of Panabo City. He has a family name recall- Dujali. If Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon won against well-oiled machinery in the last polls, why can’t the people make another popular will for BM Dujali?
BM Aldo doesn’t hide his being a member of Magdalo group led by Senator Sonny Trillanes. He is against pork barrel. He can be a good congressman, a true legislator without the hated PDAF that afforded congressmen to build their own rest houses, hotels, businesses out from stealing people’s money.
It’s high time people elect true and effective congressmen without a pork by 2016 polls, by the candidates’ credentials, honesty and capacity to legislate, and not out of one’s wealth and doleouts. It’s the brain and heart of the next congressmen that matter.
The rift, war between Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA continues. I don’t know how this war would end. There’s no closure, end in sight. While they are at war against each other, the two factions are further destroying each of their collection efficiency ratings.
They are trading barbs now on the so-called flexi collection. That’s actually a hangyo-lugi form of collection. Each of the two recently denied and threw the charge that it is its rival Daneco which collects P500 only from delinquent member-consumers and those paying would already be spared of power disconnection.
Now Daneco that is seen by the power supplier PSALM as only one, in so far as its power obligation is concerned, has come to a lowest point of a bad business practice. When that P500 hangyo-lugi collection becomes already a normal bad habit of the member-consumers they would already think that they better have to relax when due date comes as anyway wouldn’t be disconnected of electricity and would only be leniently treated with a P500 hangyo-lugi mode of consideration.
It’s clear that they engage in that hangyo-lugi collection scheme, they are competing on who could sway and gain the most number of member-consumers. They themselves are the ones sinking Daneco to further losses and inevitably PSALM disconnection, blackout and darkness.
Right-thinking Daneco’s member-consumers should act now before it’s too late. We should now convert Daneco as a private power corporation registered not with CDA, or dependently under the NEA, but with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Top political leaders who have been displaying larger neutrality to Daneco issue since the Daneco War began, like Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and his son District 1 Congressman Anthony del Rosario should now intervene or exert their influence to make President PNoy decide on the fate of Daneco, before Daneco’s power supply obligations would balloon to unpayable levels and make Daneco bankrupt, hence, the blackout of Daneco’s franchise area.
In this Daneco War, officials- intervening and non-intervening alike- have either made sins of commission or sins of omission.
Franklin Gentiles, the one opined by Panabo City Mayor Atty. Jose Silvosa, Sr. as the one most qualified to be the next mayor is accordingly not one of the likes of Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario. One wag claimed that weeks ago the governor thumbed down the name of Gentiles, with the wag saying that Gentiles had already the opportunity then in 2007 to be the next Panabo mayor but he suddenly backed out for a reason known only to him. So Silvosa became the mayor and is graduating now in his third term. “Ah ang gusto ko yong bago, ayaw ko yong pabalik, balik,” the governor was quoted as saying when he and some board members were casually conversing each other relating incoming 2016 election. It was just a passing political talks. May that wag had not put words in the gov’s mouth.
Octavio Valle, a former councilor of Tagum, claimed he was endorsed by former Cong. Tonyboy Floirendo Jr to be the vice gubernatorial tandem of outgoing Cong. Anton Lagdameo. Was he dreaming? He’s not a new face, ayaw ko yang pabalik-balik, if I may use those words.
If that is true, maybe the governor still longed to see Rico Peligro sit as the next mayor of Panabo City. That wag, my source, said further that the governor did not like Panabo City Vice Mayor James Gamao to be the next mayor. In 2010 polls, the Del Rosario camp actively backed up the mayoral bid of Rico Peligro against the reelection of City Mayor Silvosa, who was backed up by Tadeco (in its known political sense in the province). But Rico, too, is not a new face, ayaw kong pabalik, balik (ug pildi).
Further the wag also claimed that the governor doesn’t like seeing Gamao and his nephew Councilor Janrey Gavina in tandem as the vice mayoral wannabe. “Ah kana gyod political dynasty gyod na,” said the wag, not the governor.
#TAGS & HASHES: Tagum City Councilor Bong Aala is one councilor who takes positions even if it is unpopular one. He can oppose measure whenever there’s a need for him to take a stand and draw a line. He’s a nice councilor, while there is one councilor in Tagum City Council who sometimes opposes and grandstands. Why sometimes? Because he’s a known most-travelled councilor. He just recently lost in his bid for a top post in a national election of councilors’ officers. With his defeat, may he no longer travel so many, many times and leave his constituents dreaming about for his much-needed presence…Happy 77th Araw ng Davao. In the 70s I recalled being brought by my late mom every Araw ng Davao. We travelled whole day on the rugged road riding the CBC bus, and traversing the risky, slippery zigzag dirt road by the Mawab cliff…. It was during the great moments of Marcos as a popular leader. I can still recall the large PH flags and balloons flying at the PTA grounds with the oversized photos of Marcos and Imelda at the background. It was jolly moment. … And I can recall a bit on Marcos “Iginuhit ng Tadhana” film being shown at the PTA grounds where the Araw ng Davao big celebration was held… After the Araw, my dear mom brought his children to frolic in the Summer Land pools, or play and dine at D’ Garden. There were yet too few great places to enjoy in the 70s in Davao City, very much unlike now in the city’s modern era of malls, hotels, condos, restos and pubs the people with long pockets can choose from where to frolic and enjoy. (for reactions, email: chavmonforte@gmail.com)


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