OPINION: Mosibat dayon kay mahadlok ma-tolicitan sa mga pobreng tolicitors

mar 6-12, 2014


It’s a certain “General Segovia” who’s the bet of The Firm every Davao del Norte politician knows of and fears at for its anointment and campaign kitty. Huhumm. That was a verbal tip made by one of the city councilors of IGACOS. That councilor is not Alberto Ortiz. He is older than Ortiz and is allied with Vice Mayor Al David Uy. With it comes a startling question? Will a person not living in the island though he is reported to have property there win the hearts and minds of the populace in so short a time?
Maybe that older councilor is correct when he said: “Dili ignorante and mga taga Samal nga moboto sa dili taga dire, sa wa magpuyo dire.”
At this early, I find City Councilor Alberto Ortiz a fine gentleman and a non-trapo politician. He did not come to Samal Island as a politician. He is living in the island for 7 years now. That’s a long period already. He was attracted to the island’s freshness when he retired as executive of the Metro Drug company that he acquired a 3,000-square-meter lot by the seaside and put up his rest cum retirement house.
In my long years of news coverage now I met a politician who admits he is a politician. Councilor Ortiz is one who can define who a politician is in most simple meaning. He said a politician is one who sincerely helps people. He sincerely embraces people, the poor no matter how smelly they are or even those having skin disease (kagid) without shuddering.
For Councilor Ortiz, politics is helping people. When he started living in the island he did not know that he started to become a politician when he started helping people in the community where he built his resthouse. He dispels the easy misinterpretation of people that a politician is equivalent to corruption and power. Politics, indeed, is basically good. It is only the bad people who make and turn politics bad. And Councilor Ortiz is a good politician. That’s the reason why detractors of Ortiz who are allied with bad politicians always belittle his good politics.
Now there are bad politicians in Samal Island. They are those those who were elected due to vote buying. They are those great pretenders. They are those who have been in power for long and yet have not been able to make development to the island as Samal remains to be largely undeveloped despite its great eco-tourism and business potentials. They are those who have not made good governance in the island. They are those who have enriched from public office. They are the trapos. They are those who make sipsip to reigning incumbents. They are those who make pretensions and pakitang tao. They are those who speedily disappear after sessions and drive off with their cars from the SP building. Sila ang mga politiko nga mosibat dayon human sa session kay mahadlok ma-tolicitan sa mga pobreng tolicitors!
The campaign to privatize and make Daneco a private power corporation is snowballing. More Daneco member-consumers are realizing the folly of pretending a cooperative. Both the Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA can’t offer big annual shares to them except the P100 pamilite given during annual general assembly. Now they are moving a signature campaign to privatize and register Daneco with the Securities and Exchange Commission to make it Daneco-SEC/Daneco Power Corporation (Dapocor)/Daneco Corporation (Danecor) to finally stop the hostile war between Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA that bleeds money from both of their respective coffers to where money of the member-consumers go to while the obligations to power supplier PSALM is always increasing month by month. They fear that sooner a long blackout due to PSALM disconnection will occur amidst the rotating brownouts member-consumers painfully experience day by day.
One netizen who’s an LGU employee posted in his FB that Tadeco top honcho and ex-Congressman Tonyboy Floirendo will run for comeback in 2016 polls to his old post as congressman of the 2nd district of Davao del Norte. That’s a welcome development, if ever it is true as that netizen likes to crack jokes and post rumors, sexist and naughty-finger remarks in his FB.
#TAGS & HASHES: Davao del Norte 1st District Board Member Fred de Veyra will run for vice governor- if drafted. Dr. De Veyra belongs to the breed of good politicians like outgoing Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio, Jr…. Why not as a town mayor by 2016 for Maco Councilor Raul Timogtimog? The councilor is working hard serving constituents in his first term. Outgoing Board Member Cesar Richa can be his good tandem as vice mayor wannabe…. VG Baby Suaybaguio has a good pondo of votes in Tagum City and in the first district. VG Baby is an ex-councilor, ex-vice mayor and ex-mayor of Tagum before he became vice govenor of four terms now. Tagumenyos would naturally give landslide votes for him. And his appeal as a fine gentleman and good politician is spreading in the first district. Don’t ever belittle Baby’s sting and magic. It can cost one’s a billion peso of fortune if someone wants him defeated in gubernatorial race in 2016 polls…. Laak Mayor Rey Navarro is now backing the 2016 gubernatorial plan of BM Ramil Gentugaya? I saw him and BM Ramil and Gov. Chiongkee Uy together at SM Lanang Premier in a weekend…. With Mayor Reynav’s backing, outgoing 2nd District Cong. Bobong Amatong is left holding only 2 loyal incumbent mayors in the province- Mayor Romeo Clarin of Nabunturan and Mayora Evalina Jampayas of Mawab …. Meantime, the Brillanteses of Monkayo are staying yet neutral in the present Comval positioning…. Last-termer Davao del Norte Gov. Dolfo del Rosario will run for mayor in Samal Island. That is if he has no rival, he gisted in an interview with me in the immediate wake of tropical cyclone Agaton at the Mankilan Capitol. “Tatakbo ako kung wala akong kalaban”…. He said though as an additional gist, “tama noh wala pa akong picture facing the beach” in reply to the offered scenario that it’s good seeing him leading and ruling infront of the fine beaches of Samal Island….One mayor coughed out twice and drank glassful of water while delivering his City of the Nation Address (SOCA). His audience visibly understood him as he apologized. He played it cool at the podium. But he has no budget for publication… Chief executives are given until the end of this month to render their SOCA/SOPA/SONA…. They should have budget for publication of their state reports for the public to read and scrutinize their sanitized reports…. It’s an act of being transparent when state reports are published. The address is a mere formal event to hear the report with few invited officials. What about the public at large mayors?…. If you publish you’ll get good transparency and accountability ratings. Maybe publication of state reports in newspapers should become an indicator of DILG’s Seal of Good Housekeeping Award…. Rest in eternal peace my dear friend- Tagum City Budget Officer Dean Briz. He succumbed to cardiac arrest last Feb. 25 at 52. I covered him well when he presided the board of directors during the then one Daneco. I remember Sir Dean well when the budget office became ex-Mayor Cee O’s governance warroom. He leaves his loving memories to be cherished by his wife Fe, and children Deana Fe, Fean, Fiona and Dean Ricardo. (for reactions, e-mail:chavmonforte@gmail.com)


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