“General Segovia” is The Firm’s 2016 mayoral choice for Samal Island- IGACOS dad

mar 6-12, 2014

It’s neither between the leading mayoral wannabes who’s the bet of the politically influential firm every politician in Davao del Norte knows of.

Considered frontrunners for 2016 mayoral race are Councilor Alberto Ortiz and Vice Mayor Al David Uy.

“He’s General Segovia,” tipped a councilor from the camp of the Vice Mayor Uy.

The Uy-allied councilor retorted: “Dili ignorante ang mga taga Samal nga moboto sa dili taga dire, sa wa magpuyo dire.”

Both Ortiz and Uy have been living in the island.

That certain general has yet to be searched and found by the Rural Urban News.

Who’s he?

But then, last week additional names surfaced as potential mayoral runners by 2016: Boy Sarmiento, Dodong Garcia, a Villa-Abrille, Councilor, Dan Gervacio to add to Arman Sanano and ex-Mayor Roger Antalan.

Political whispers on the mayoral wannabes in the island seem to grow louder each day.

In an interview before, last-termer Mayor Aniano “Aning” Antalan went ballistic saying that “di na ko modagan kay mismo ang mga tawo masuko nga modagan ko”, a departure what he said in December last year that he would run for vice mayor.

He said he’s already old and he’s better on for retirement from politics, a fate shared by his elder brother, ex-Mayor Roger. Outgoing Mayor Aning is 76 years old already.

The incumbent mayor was said to be discouraging too much Roger from running as he might be forced to spend for logistics, with “Roger being an Antalan”, for which he has scarce. “Mapugos si Aning pagsuporta kang Roger ug maapektaran siya, but puros na man pod sila tigulang.”

“Mayor Aning’s two children by his second wife are still of the young age. Maayo man si Roger kay may doktor na,” said a pundit.

The mayor accordingly became a widower during his second term.
Sanano, on the other hand, had been losing as mayoral candidate in past 2 elections.

Gervacio on the other hand being an independent, neophyte councilor in the last 2013 polls was tagged by several pundits as “magpahinog pa”. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)



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