Five BOC Gensan execs relieved for foiled smuggling of 4 brand new Prado vehicles

mar 8, 2014
Investigation is still ongoing on the foiled smuggling of four units of brand new Toyota Prado vehicles while five officials in the General Santos sub-port of the Bureau of Customs Port of Davao were relieved from their posts as they released the vehicles sent from United Arab Emirates bound to Manila without the lifting of standing alert orders.
BOC Davao spokesperson Fatima Espino in an email said that the while investigation is ongoing District Collector Ernesto Aradanas ordered relief of “the customs officials assigned at the sub-port of Dadiangas who allowed and facilitated the release of the subject motor vehicles.”
Espino identified the relieved sub-port officials as deputy collector Atty. Aniceto Sanchez Jr., acting principal appraisers Quinciano Pavadora Jr. and Jamalodin Macadindang, customs examiner Moctar Amer and cargo control officer Ansari Saransaman Pundug.
They were placed “attached/unassigned with the Administrative Division, Port of Davao.”
The shipment from United Arab Emirates first arrived in Dadiangas sub-port last January 13, 2014 in a 2×40’ container van with a consignee identified as Ayumi Rose Marketing. 
On February 11, 2014 the BOC Davao’s Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) placed the motor vehicles on under alert order on the suspicion that the  same  were imported in violation to a customs law. 
However, Espino added “without the necessary clearances and/or lifting of alert orders as required” the shipment was immediately loaded and transferred in 4×20’ containers en route  to Manila.
Aradanas in Feb. 21 issued a Warrant of Seizure and Detention (WSD)  to the shipment and in Feb. 24 the motor vehicles, already loaded in 4×20’ containers were seized and held by CIIS operatives at the North Harbor, Manila.
Aradanas then ordered the operatives to secure the shipment and ensure for the immediate return thereof to the sub-port of Dadiangas. 
Meanwhile, Aradanas also issued 4 Alert Orders “covering the remaining 7 various luxury motor vehicles to determine whether or not the proper duties and taxes have been paid, while the other motor vehicles were declared abandoned for failure of the consignee to file an import entry.”
Espino said that the initial result of the investigation showed that “many violations and deviations from customs rules and regulations relative to the processing of importations, especially involving motor vehicles and motor parts have been committed in the Sub-Port of Dadiangas in the past which indicates brazen disregard of authority and existing customs laws and procedure.”
“The higher intention of the new District Collector (Aradanas) is to implement due and immediate reforms in the organizational manning, systems and processes in the SubPort of Dadiangas.  The main objective of the on-going investigation is to rid the SubPort of unscrupulous employees and to highlight the fact that these acts violative of customs laws will not be tolerated,” she said.
Aradanas assumed last Feb. 3 as the new district collector of BOD Port of Davao, whose jurisdiction also covers the sub-ports in Parang in Maguindanao and Mati in Davao Oriental. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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