feb 20-26, 2014

If the 2016 election for governor would be held today in Compostela Valley, Bobong Amatong loses and Ramil Gentugaya wins.
That’s if the alliances of elected officials made respectively at by the two gubernatorial wannabes at press time would be the indicators.


“Kulelat si Amatong sa alyansa,” local political pundits said.

The raw count up on political leaders allied as of Wednesday would say it’s an uphill battle for last–termer District 2 Congressman Amatong to win over ex-Vice Gov. and now two-termer Board Member Gentugaya.

Last January a news broke out that last-termer Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy had decided to run for vice governor in tandem with Gentugaya, who would run for governor by 2016.

The news is a public knowledge already especially to the Uswag Comval Party’s leaders, supporters and followers down to the barangay level.

Amatong though has been urged to instead run for board member to make a sacrifice like what Gentugaya did in 2010 than wage a costly and uphill gubernatorial bid even while Uswag Comval Party’s stalwarts, leaders and supporters are reportedly girding to nominate Gentugaya than Amatong as UCP’s standard bearer.

In 2010 polls, Gentugaya, who was then graduating as vice governor, slid down to run for board member and gave way to now second-termer Congresswoman Maricar Zamora “as a sacrifice than break the unity” of Uswag Comval Party (UCP) should he insisted so in running against Congw. Maricar .

Uswag Comval Party’s nomination though has yet to be made and Amatong has not yet bolted from the formidable provincial political aggrupation, the Uswag Comval Party (UCP) that had ended the reign of ex-Governor Jose “Joecab” Caballero and frustrated in the last two elections his attempts to re-enter to Comval’s political scene.

Amatong at press time still remains to be a member-official of UCP but reports said his relationship with the UCP’s top honcho and kingmaker Gov. Uy has already turned from bad to worse even as the latter has reportedly vowed to defeat an Amatong this time.
Uy in 2004 election ran against Bobong’s father and legendary leader late Prospero Amatong and was defeated in the congressional race with only over 1,000-vote margin. At that time, Uy was allied with Caballero who won the gubernatorial race against former Congressman Roger Sarmiento.

Rural Urban News sources say now that Bobong Amatong has only sure three incumbent mayors in his side, namely: Nabunturan Mayor Romeo Clarin, Mawab Mayor Evalina Jampayas and Maco Mayor Alviera Veronica Rimando-Arancon, while Laak Mayor Rey Navarro can swing to the side of Gentugaya if his daughter and former SK federation president Ramsha Rhesa Navarro is included in the board members’ slate of Gentugaya for the 2nd District.

The province has 11 municipalities and six incumbent mayors have reportedly opted already to side with Ramil in an earliest positioning for the 2016 election.

Sources said the mayors who have already opted to have made thumbs up to the gubernatorial bid of Ramil are Montevista Mayor Topoy Jaictin (first term), Compostela Mayor Lema Bolo (first term), Maragusan Mayor Loloy Colina (last term), New Bataan Mayor Boy Balbin (who’s last termer and is included in the 2016 board members’ slate of Ramil), Pantukan Mayor Roberto Yugo (first term) and Mabini Mayor Hadji Amir Muñoz (last term).

Monkayo Vice Mayor Junjun Brillantes, in an interview with the Rural Urban News, said: “it’s still too early to talk politics as this will hinder us to continue working in serving the people. We recognize both of them.”

The Ramil-Chiongkee tandem would be flanked in both sides by reelectionist Congw. Zamora for the 1st district and now first-termer Board Member Jayvee Tyron Uy, who will be fielded to run for the 2nd district congressional post.

At press time, Amatong has not yet made up a planned congressional aspirants and board members’ slates for both the 1st and 2nd districts nor he has already a planned vice gubernatorial tandem.

Reports said that Uy-Gentugaya’s planned District 1 board members slate is to be composed of now Vice Gov. Manuel “Way Kurat:” Zamora, first-termer Board Member (BM) Jojo Jauod, Atty. Jude Lopoz, outgoing Maragusan Vice Mayor Emmie Colita, New Bataan Mayor Balbin or poblacion kapitan Willy Ang, the younger brother of Dolfo Ang, who ran but lost to Mayor Bolo in a closely fought mayoral race last election.

For District 2, reportedly eyed to compose the planned board members’ slate are incumbent BM Dodong Humol of Nabunturan, former FABC president Rupet Gonzaga of Mawab, outgoing Mayor Muñoz of Mabini, Ramsha Navarro of Laak and Chino Sarenas of Pantukan. Chino, son of former Mayor Tok Sarenas, ran but lost to Uy-supported Yugo in the last election.

Negotiation is still in the works though but in case it fails particularly with Navarro, Gentugaya’s district slates with an incumbent governor as the vice gubernatorial tandem make up a powerhouse provincial slate, local political analysts said.

It’s also doubly difficult for a mayor to turn his back and side with Amatong as he or she would certainly be facing a mayoral rival put up by the UCP. “Butangan siya ug kaatbang.”

An example is Mawab. Last-termer Mayor Evalina Jampayas would have his husband and ex-mayor Samuel Jampayas slugging out for a mayoral comeback but this early outgoing Board Member and ex-Vice Gov. Ruwel Peter Gonzaga is to be pitted by the Uy-Gentugaya group to be the mayoral rival of a comebacking Samuel.

Reelectionist Mayor Clarin of Nabunturan would be rivaled by Vice Mayor Mario Angelo “Dodong” Sotto.

Reelectionist Arancon of Maco would be rivaled by either first-termer Councilor and PCL representative Raul Timogtimog or now last-termer BM Cesar Richa.

Navarro is being egged out to run as the vice mayoral tandem of his wife FABC Fely Navarro who is groomed to run for Laak mayor.
Pundits further said that Amatong, too, could have a hard time elbowing for endorsement and bigger campaign kitty of the Liberal Party of President PNoy as the provincial LP president is Gov. Uy.

That’s also true to presidentiable Jojo Binay as its regional top honcho is a friend of Uy, pundits added. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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